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  1. Silly question here but have you considered that maybe it's not the remote that's packed up but the sensor or whatever in the A/C unit ? Have you actually bought a universal remote and tried it on other A/C units ? I've bought a couple of universal remotes over the years and they've all worked perfectly on various things.
  2. As someone else has said Amorn although they do seem down on stock for some reason, Soi Buakhow market has a couple of places and Lazada has this https://www.lazada.co.th/products/pbeats-universal-ac-mitsubishi-aircon-i316144424-s586016908.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.2.424b487eTA447I&search=1
  3. He may do but it's totally up to him and if I was him the payment would have to be cash, not Paypal. Isn't there anything in the payment details on the listing, usually it'll say what he accepts or doesn't. Just looked at the listing and he seems legitimate but no mention of collection and payment is only through the usual ways. Try again to contact him via ebay is what I'd do
  4. Lucky bastard...Once in a lifetime thing that is.
  5. I think you need to take your alarm to Tukcom and get it re calibrated, that looks like a 100% woman to me.
  6. First photo with the girl in the white dress, she looks like she is perfect, I'd marry her.
  7. This could get interesting. I had a couple disappear during a 'clean up' a while back that were IMHO in no way offensive.
  8. Proof read please Mr Egg ( 17.15 AM ) ?
  9. Correct, it's almost like we should be the ones thanking them for allowing us plebs into their shops to buy things and spend our money.
  10. I was thinking the same about 'customer service' this morning, I went into Foodmart in Jomtien to buy some bread, second time this week and second time money handed over by me and change given without a word or a smile, thank you or anything. I mentioned to a friend about the bread in there, he said he'd been in and bought it before and without any prompting said 'good bread but the cashiers are miserable as hell'. There's a hardware store near me, youngish thai bloke owns it, he's slightly more expensive than a bigger shop down the road but he's so helpful and polite that I'll always go there first to buy things just because of his customer service. He should get a job training those other miserable shits about customer service because there's a few bars and gogos I won't touch now because of the shit service. Land of smiles ? Don't make me laugh please !
  11. Love that highlighted part. It annoys the hell out of me when BM's on various forums keep going on about how sweet and lovely and sexy these women are. One of my exs was 100% pure evil and the only way she could make me happy now would be to die a slow painful death, I'd gladly turn the morphine off to make it more painful for her. But like you say after I got sense and f***d her off she still maintains it was all my fault and she did nothing wrong ! Face...Fucking shite
  12. From the UK I still talk to an ex girlfriend on messenger sometimes, no hard feelings there from either of us. Here in Thailand there's zero contact with a couple of ex girlfriends, they could be dead for all I care, another one we say hello now and again via messenger and the last one still drops by to see me sometimes for 'talking' ! I don't stay in touch with old barfines as it bores me rigid listening to their shit about quiet and no customers and how they miss only me 5555
  13. 100% agree, now in my 13th year here and this year I have barfined 1 girl 3 times ? I've had an ex g/f been coming to see me the last few months but I've got tired of the shit she brought with her so her and all others have been put on the backburner now and I'm more than happy going to bed alone, waking up alone and just going out for drinks with friends and not caring about the girl side of it at all now. Just thought about it and last year I barfined 3 girls. Hardly prolific 5555
  14. And just for you Dave. I'll probably get banned now 5555
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