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  1. Just watched the first episode. I wish I had time to watch it all now as it's got me hooked.
  2. I agree 100%. The dicks that are complaining should really take a look at themselves in the mirror first before they start their bullshit about the girls being 3 or 4 kg overweight, or too old or whatever crap they come out with.
  3. That's me. There's 2 people on here that know who I am and that's because I trust them, I have my reasons for wanting to stay anonymous but having lived here for a long time I have met a few BM's on here in real life. I do use PA but I'd never write anything there as the mom's basement boys would turn anything into a how big is your cock or how many girls a day do you go with. I sometimes posted on PL but that place is just so toxic now it's untrue and we all know the cause of that. Finally I'm 99% certain you and I have never met and I'm sorry if being anonymous offends anyone but it's my wish to be this way now.
  4. Yeah, those were the days, sneaking into the Gents at the Pub to buy condoms and being scared to complain if it took your money and gave nothing back.
  5. The 7-11 near my house are still giving out plastic bags but with no branding on them plus they take them out of a drawer now whereas before they were on the counter ?
  6. And yet Songkran will still go ahead regardless of the situation with the lack of water.
  7. I reckon it's an optical illusion type thing but I can see what you're saying. I'm drawn more to that gut she has on her, is that going to be horrendous baby damage or what ?
  8. Silly question here but have you considered that maybe it's not the remote that's packed up but the sensor or whatever in the A/C unit ? Have you actually bought a universal remote and tried it on other A/C units ? I've bought a couple of universal remotes over the years and they've all worked perfectly on various things.
  9. As someone else has said Amorn although they do seem down on stock for some reason, Soi Buakhow market has a couple of places and Lazada has this https://www.lazada.co.th/products/pbeats-universal-ac-mitsubishi-aircon-i316144424-s586016908.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.2.424b487eTA447I&search=1
  10. He may do but it's totally up to him and if I was him the payment would have to be cash, not Paypal. Isn't there anything in the payment details on the listing, usually it'll say what he accepts or doesn't. Just looked at the listing and he seems legitimate but no mention of collection and payment is only through the usual ways. Try again to contact him via ebay is what I'd do
  11. Lucky bastard...Once in a lifetime thing that is.
  12. I think you need to take your alarm to Tukcom and get it re calibrated, that looks like a 100% woman to me.
  13. First photo with the girl in the white dress, she looks like she is perfect, I'd marry her.
  14. This could get interesting. I had a couple disappear during a 'clean up' a while back that were IMHO in no way offensive.
  15. Proof read please Mr Egg ( 17.15 AM ) ?
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