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  1. When's it going to be confirmed or denied officially ?
  2. One ex g/f in England had an Kawasaki ER500 which I thought was a bag of shit, another ex had a Suzuki Bandit 600 which was nice and like riding in an armchair. I always had Honda's, last bike was an RRW Fireblade which was awesome, a mate bought a brand new R1 and we did a swap for a quick ride out, he preferred mine to his new R1 and same with me, Honda pissed all over it. I did buy a Suzuki once but just couldn't take to it at all and I think I only kept it 3-4 months. Oh and Honda Click 125i over here too, never a problem with it.
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    Charles Leclerc has said he won't be doing the taking the knee shit before the race. My new favourite driver ! I hope the rest of them say the same and don't do it. EDIT. And Max too.
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    I'm reading that the little arrogant prick Hamilton is getting ready to throw his toys out of his pram now because there's some drivers who don't want to take the knee before the race. Seriously when is all this crap going to end ?
  6. I made sure this one has proper ink tanks as I know exactly what you mean, last time I bought a cheap Canon printer for about 1400bt, the ink ran out after the ex wanted 50 or so colour sheets printing and the cartridges weren't refillable. I priced up new cartridges and they were close to 1000bt so that hasn't been put to use since then. So I'll probably be binning a hardly used printer soon because of the price of new cartridges. Crazy.
  7. Nah....for a 1000bt that I'd pay for s/t I can buy enough bread, cheese, bacon and cigarettes to last me a week and I like those more so I'll stick with them. Back to the title now of the thread now and a mate that will be going home soon offered to sell me a nearly new scanner/printer yesterday for a lot less than half price of a new one, for some reason I bought it ? I'm going to have to cut down on the bacon, bread and cheese now.
  8. Hahaha, no idea mate, I can't find a bird desperate enough to go with me so I haven't had a chance to try yet.
  9. I bought a couple of boxes of these thinking that the girls would be desperate. They obviously haven't been that desperate to go with me and I still have 2 unopened boxes in my drawer.
  10. Yeah I've looked again and the photo of the Soi he's posted is the newish entrance to MIT, next to the Beer Hubb. The original Soi MIT is where you say it is in between the Kasikorn Bank and the eye shop.
  11. You got mixed up between Soi MIT and Soi Skaw Beach.
  12. I was going to say that too as he was on about the lottery seller selling tickets for the next day.
  13. Not according to his thread on the place over on PA, the money they must have spent on the bar and the rooms above then there's no way it was a 1 year lease. Edit Posted on 1st May by one of the owners of the bar Looking fairly glum for all bars. I note that several bars are packing up in Pattaya and calling it done. I will have to consider my options if it extends further than mid June. Even when we can open the customer base is not there to trade without still making a lose. I think that lose will be for at least 12 months into the future. My lease extends for a further 24 months, so still have that obligation to consider.
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