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  1. And just for you Dave. I'll probably get banned now 5555
  2. I got talking to a mate who is an expert photographer last night, he said pretty much the same as you that it's basically a Line thing, he also said Messenger wipes all the EXIF info too.
  3. I've tried searching the internet for an answer but nothing shows up that's relevant to me so any information or explanation here will be appreciated. How do the numbers on photos taken on a phone work ? My friend ( not my girlfriend ) has been sending me selfies, she's not the sort that's forever taking photos for Facebook or any of that shit and to be honest in the nearly 3 years I've known her she's rarely taking photos. Now for the last 2-3 months she's been sending me photos via Line and I've noticed the numbers of the photos seem to be way out, she sent me some last night and the numbers started at 42024 and ended at 42031. Tonight she has sent me some more and they start at no 42875 which means to me she's taken 844 photos since last night, yeah some of you will say typical thai girl but first of all she sent me the last one last night and said she was sick and going to sleep and she never woke up until gone 3pm today so to have taken 844 photos today just doesn't add up. Can anybody on here explain to me how these numbers work please ? EDIT....Now I'm really confused, I've just looked at the numbers on some photos she sent me at the start of July and they have started at 43963 so higher than now FFS, how do these numbers work !
  4. I was waiting for Pumpuynarak to come in and offer his advice, sorry mate, only joking, I'm as big a dinosaur as you on techie things.
  5. I guess 25 Changs would help them to go with you too ? Just saying like.
  6. Yep, I read that elsewhere and I didn't understand it as I went in there yesterday ( 1st Sept ) and the container area was closed off ? Still TiT so who knows ?
  7. I went in there this morning and it looks like the opposite to me, the containers were closed off and everyone was in the main part where the cashier and bar is. Decent enough food again and for 99bt I ain't complaining.
  8. Couldn't have said it better myself, as a cheap filler it's great but if you want quality forget it. The last couple of times I've been in there they "forgot" the black pudding until I reminded them it was missing, I think they only put it on now if it's asked for as there must have been loads of it wasted.
  9. Looks more like this bloke I think, anyone know who it is ?
  10. Was talking to "Deepthroat" today and December was mentioned for reopening although confidence in that statement wasn't high.
  11. If she has the photos in her gallery on her phone why can't she just send them to you via Messenger or LIne for you to download ?
  12. A bit of a trip report about how things are in the UK compared to here would be an interesting read for some of us.
  13. I'm trying to suss out who or what is Rodin Hood ? Robin Hood I've heard about.
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