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  1. Was it the Bangkok Bank branch on Soi Khoa Noi by any chance ? I had the same issue with my card and took it in there to have a word with them and she did exactly the same........and it worked !
  2. Couldn't find that at all but thanks for trying to help. It's not an issue as what you've never had you'll never miss.
  3. This is weird, I've got the back to top button on Edge but not Chrome ?? No idea at all why that would be. Any ideas anyone ?
  4. I've said my piece before about this, who in their right mind from say Spain or Portugal is going to fly to Russia or Germany or Italy to watch a meaningless mid table game ? Look at the so called champions league after 3-4 games, it's not often there's much riding on the last couple of games as the big guns are usually already sorted by then. I've said this before and I'll say it again, tell the so called big 6 in England to f**k off and don't come back, it'd make the Premier league / Division 1 the best it's been for decades.
  5. As far as I know I've never had it , come to think of it I don't seem to have it on any forum, PA Live or here ? Wonder why not ?
  6. My info at the top of the page has gone dark ? And the rest of the page seems brighter ?
  7. Yep probably and Forest have still won more European Cups than Chelski and City combined and more than all the London clubs combined.
  8. Can't argue with any of that and it's sad now to think how much better the competition was before the money kicked in. Look at it now, 1 of 2 teams will win the league in England, 1 team will win it in Scotland, Italy, France and Germany, maybe 2 can win it in Spain just depending on if Barcelona get their act together, if not then maybe Atletico may make a challenge ? Who will do well in the Championship though ? No one knows and that's what I miss most about it all, the uncertainty of it and the competition.
  9. I know this will never happen but my idea is for the 'smaller' clubs to say to the big 4 / big 6 ''ok you lot, you want your european league then f**k off and do it and see how many fans will pay to watch a midweek, mid table, nothing riding on it match between say Anderlecht and Arsenal on a wet and windy night in North London''. Kill the Premier league off and revert to the old way with the football league running things. The football league then says to the remaining teams we'll revamp the new first and second division to 20 or 22 teams and regionalise the third division to North and S
  10. Yep it does appear to contradict what I said about the weather before but even so I'll stick to my guns and say I do miss the constant changes in the weather, let's compare to an ex that you had some good times with but you know that deep down although you miss her sometimes you could never go back as you'd soon get fed up with it. Now about the driving, as I've been out of it for over 10 years there's been lots of changes in that time, first thing I need is to get a medical and from what I'm being told by other drivers is that Doctors aren't doing them, sure there are places that do them
  11. There's a lot been going on behind the scenes here since I started this thread and surprisingly for me anyway there's been some improvements. I was sending emails and talking with my ex boss in England, I asked my sister to check out various other options and also spoke with a couple of people who did the same sort of work that I did before ( HGV 1 driver ). The general consensus of opinion from them was to stay here as the work situation there was terrible now and no-one would guarantee work, the last time I had problems getting regualar work was I think the early 90's ?? In March when t
  12. Did they sell the bars on Soi Pothole ? The rumour I've heard is that they just pulled the shutters down and walked away ?
  13. I watched the Sunderland stuff and thought it was really good, tried watching the Manchester City thing as well but just couldn't take to it for some reason. Just watched the last Strike now and it's good, not edge of your seat stuff but worth a watch. Also watched Honour this week with Keeley Hawes where she's the detective on the missing muslim girl in London who was murdered by her family. I'm guessing there was loads left out of the story so as not to offend our ethnic friends but worth a look.
  14. I know it's not Netflix but I've just downloaded All or nothing : Tottenham Hotspur to watch, first episode was ok so let's see https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11188556/ And also this series called Strike, nice and easy paced and I do like the main characters. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4276618/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
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