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  1. Women are the same all around the world. It's all about money and security. To keep that much younger woman happy, you are going to have to take good care of her. If the guy makes the mistake of laying out everything up front and she thinks she has all she can get, Goodbye. There was an old guy who lived upcountry near where I live. He was married to a stunning young gal who waited on him hand and foot. It took him three years to build her new home, furnish it and to buy her a new vehicle. Then she threw him out. His friends asked him what he was going to do about it and if he would try to get anything back from her. He grinned and asked how many old men lived with a stunning young gal for three years. He said that he still had a lot of money left and that he was going to Pattaya to try to find another stunner just like her. We had thought he was stupid spending big money on her but as it turned out, he wasn't so stupid after all. I don't know if he found her replacement but we never saw him after that. He also mentioned that he didn't want to die with a ton of money in the bank.
  2. I would have liked to retire at age 47 but I knew I'd eventually run out of money and Thailand is not the place to retire on a tight budget. I was able to retire at age 59 and although I'm certainly not wealthy, I don't have to live on a budget.
  3. I had health insurance and the policy stipulated that they would never cancel me because of age. The problem was that nothing was said about pricing me out, which they did when I turned age 65. Since I have a nest egg that can pay more than the limits of that policy, I canceled it. I had a stroke a couple years ago. My wife took me to the provincial government hospital. I had an MRI and so many different tests that I had no idea what they were all for. When they gave me a chest X-ray, I was afraid they were just running up my bill. I told my wife to prepare to go to the bank. After three days I was released. We went to the pharmacy and then to the cashiers office. My total bill including a bag full of drugs came to about 7,000 baht. I should add that I wanted a private room but they were all full so I ended up in the stroke ward. Not pleasant but my wife was there with me most of the time so it wasn't too bad. She made sure that I didn't go hungry. The hospital food was pretty bad. After all these years I am still not a big rice fan.
  4. No different than it is now. Obviously those saying to get a better policy are no where seventy years old. The insurance company priced me out when I turned sixty five years old.
  5. I did read an article about this and a foot note said that insurance is not needed provided you have enough money in a Thai bank. The amount mentioned was 400,000 Thai baht. No other explanation.
  6. Having lived and worked in Bangkok for a number of years, I couldn't wait to retire to somewhere nice and quiet. At one time I seriously considered Prachuap Kirikhan. Beautiful area on the beach. Then my wife convinced me to go upcountry to have a look at her house. I had seen Issan houses before so it took her some time to get me to make the drive. After several trips up there, I forgot about the beach choosing the mountains instead. We have now been up here for more than ten years. I still have a condo in the farang ghetto of Jomtien but seldom go down there. We live in a scenic area of Loei province and I have no intention of moving elsewhere. The older I get the more I hate congestion and traffic.
  7. Way back when I bought my condo, I chose Jomtien because it was no where near as congested as Pattaya was then and is much worse now. Now even Jomtien is too congested to suit me. My condo is on Soi Chaiyapruk . I used to enjoy walking down to the beach. Now that road is built up end to end and walking is dangerous. I have vehicles but on the VERY few times I go into Pattaya, I take the baht bus rather than try to find a place to park. I guess that I don't like this kind of progress, that's why I live in the boonies upcountry. Maybe being an old man has something to do with it. I have seen enough bright lights and city life.
  8. Gary


    Gardening for me is now out of the question. My wife has at least a hundred chickens running free range. Anything that sprouts gets eaten.
  9. Gary


    My wife is not at all keen on having a nice yard. Actually. I'm not either. I'm really good at being lazy.
  10. Gary


    Our yard looks like the Beverly hillbillies. I once laid some sod and it was doing well. I found that it was a lot of work caring for it. One day I went out and found that the wife had built a campfire in the center of it. It never grew back and I decided that having grass simply wasn't worth the effort. Since the house sits on 2.5 rai, my wife is quite handy with her gasoline sprayer and herbicide. I used to run the little Honda weed whacker but I'm no longer allowed to do that. I cut her herbs. They look like weeds to me. Her bitching at me about cutting her herbs irritated me until I decided that I was the one ahead. As long as I do nothing, she is happy. I used to use the tractor and blade to pile up leaves and twigs. It worked well and I was proud of my clever handiwork. I caught hell for that too. She said for me to leave the ground cover alone because it naturally prevents weeds from growing. Another win for me, as mentioned, as long as I do nothing, she is happy. I tried for two years to grow big juicy tomatoes and every effort failed. I had a friend bring different varieties of seeds designed to grow in south Florida. The plants looked great but when the fruit was golf ball sized, the plants withered and died. I tried sterilized potting soil and even planted in pots, full sun, shade and partial shade. I had the same results every time. The wife laughed at me for using an old toilet for a planter. I thought the moisture would be easily controlled. FAILURE!
  11. I'll try nearly any kind of meat but I simply can't bring myself to eat rats. The Thais tell me that rice rats are very clean and not to be considered the same as dirty city rats, I always wonder how they can tell the difference. A rat is a rat.
  12. If you have a lot of stuff to transfer, buy a suitable size USB hard drive. Start the transfer when you go to bed and the next evening start transferring to the new computer. That's by far the easiest way. Transfer to the USB had drive will be finished by each morning and the same with the transfer to the new computer. No waiting.
  13. Years ago I considered moving upcountry or at least having a place to stay up there. I saw a small neat little house with weeds growing around it. I started to stop and my then girlfriend grabbed my arm and warned me not to stop. A guy hung himself in that house and his ghost still lives there. I kept driving.
  14. Gary


    They are still open but Eddie is gone. He sold it. New owner.
  15. Gary


    I love coleslaw and potato salad but finding GOOD coleslaw or potato salad is a problem. Rich Man Poor Man in Jomtien had both and both were excellent. Unfortunately RMPM has changed hands. I think the place is now Thai owned and managed. I have not tried it, yet.
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