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  1. I remember going to my 50 year class reunion. I couldn't believe how old most of my classmates looked. For all you old farts, YES, I can call you old farts because at 74 I'm older than most of you. I do admit that having a 25 year old brain in a 74 year old body sucks. Maybe the worst part is that I have outlived most of my old beer drinking buddies. I really miss those guys.
  2. That's a good point. Most rentals, house or condo are furnished. It's rarely the case that you will see unfurnished condos or houses. When I bought my condo, it was furnished including a TV, pots. pans, dishes and silverware. I did have to buy towels, a computer, computer desk, a TV for the bedroom and washing machine.
  3. My advice is to choose very carefully what you ship over here. Absolutely no furniture or appliances. I shipped only clothes suitable for Thailand. My US job required ties, sports jackets and suits. There were a lot of well dressed veterans because I brought only clothes that I would wear here. Even all the long sleeved shirts were donated to a veterans group. The most important items were my hand tools. The US uses 110/120 volt so any electrical appliances are not worth shipping. I remember unpacking my things and was asking myself why I would ship some of the useless crap. Some of what I considered sentimental items were put away and very seldom looked at. I did ship a high quality Sony boom box. I had to buy a transformer to use it here. My girlfriend at the time took it from the bedroom into the kitchen and didn't bother to use the transformer. She told me that it had a problem because it was smoking. Other than yelling at her for being stupid, it was ruined and went in the trash. You also have to consider that you will probably move several times until you find a place that suits you. It was a hassle dragging all that extra junk for each move.
  4. My wife and I have been legally married for about 14 years. Even after all these years, I still have a plan "B". I have a condo in the farang ghetto that is in my name and was bought before we were married. Since one never knows what a woman will do, even after all the these years, I sleep well knowing that I could pack up my clothes and be out of her house the same day. The Thai law says that my condo would go to my son in the US, for that reason, I have made a will. There were only two things I was concerned about. One was my Thai bank account that is in my name and the condo. When I pop my clogs I don't want her to have any complications. Every thing else is in her name. If you love your wife, you should plan ahead even though You will no longer be here.
  5. I bet he won't call it Secrets.
  6. Why do they want to align themselves with Secrets? I think, at least in my opinion, that Secrets should be buried and forgotten. Make a new fresh start.
  7. You really can't blame the Thai employees. They live from week to week is not from day to day. All farangs are rich so they expect to be paid promptly. A rookie bar owner with limited funds will be in trouble quickly in the this sorry environment.
  8. I have no idea why the place was open such a short time. I suspect that the previous owner/owners stuck the new owner with employee and other liabilities that he didn't understand. In any case, it's a strange situation. I'm willing to give the new owner the benefit of the doubt.
  9. If the bar manages to re-open, it will be one of my first stops. I do believe that anyone who does business with Ben is taking a huge risk and it is very likely that this guy got the short end of the stick. I don't know this guy Paul, but I do hope it works out for him.
  10. I only know Willie Nelsons's guitar. That the one with a hole wore through it and I don't know what brand it is.
  11. Unfortunately forums have a lot of bullshit and even some from people who are not even here in Thailand. There are a lot of wannabes who don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. They are jealous of bar owners and think how lucky they are. I can tell you first hand that it is certainly not a bed of roses.
  12. Wooing Chinese tourists is a tough, probably impossible job. They try to patronize only Chinese owned places. 😜
  13. The shit has hit the fan over there? Please explain.
  14. Years ago, I used to frequent a bar that had good hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries and very good simple hard shell tacos. Once in a while they prepared chili bean soup. If I want a good meal, I go to a good restaurant. The tacos were surprisingly the most popular and priced right with bowls of freshly prepared condiments, The chili was pretty tasty but they always quickly sold out. and didn't have it every day. I think it is a mistake for a bar to try to offer a large menu. Quickly prepared food with no chance for it to be out of date is the best route for a bar.
  15. What I find amazing is that things are very slow and when some former prosperous business goes belly up, there is always someone who thinks they have a better idea and pumps more money into their dream.
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