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  1. Kathmandu

    What Are You Watching On Netflix?.

    Just started it last night. Pretty damn good too.
  2. Kathmandu

    Cash - On the way out.

    Come on Ray. Just tell me who is gonna win the Super Bowl, since you have the crystal ball.
  3. Kathmandu

    Cash - On the way out.

    I'm not taxed anymore or any less. I'm making purchases, which are taxed at the same rate whether via cash or credit. Credit gives me cash back or travel rewards. Government keeping tracking of your spending? Well, that ship sailed a long time ago.
  4. Kathmandu

    Cash - On the way out.

    How does it hols up to dog piss & shit?
  5. Kathmandu


    I actually hit both my bets for a change...Well, with a little help from the refs. ☺️
  6. Kathmandu


    Two very entertaining games to watch.
  7. Kathmandu


    Check those footballs for PSI.
  8. Kathmandu


    Welp, there's the Super Bowl sorted.
  9. That's me too. I'm out of the room when that shit comes on the telly.
  10. Kathmandu


    Looks like it's the Rams and Pats for me. Well I did flip the coin 100 times! 🙂 Seriously, these 4 teams are the 4 best. Any outcome would not surprise me.
  11. Kathmandu

    Do you smell? And what of.

    Old Spice...old skool.
  12. Costa Rica for me. 8 hour flight as opposed to 17+ hours to LOS. BOOM!
  13. Kathmandu


    Eagles putting the boot in right now. But, it's still early and they just picked off Foles.
  14. Kathmandu


    Looks like Mother Nature will come in to play for the Indy KC game. Getting some snow right now.