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  1. Doubt smoking is on the mind of people that will never step foot in this place for another year or 2.
  2. Kathmandu

    & more oops

    Here's some oops Was discussed on prune
  3. Kathmandu

    & more oops

    Was discussed on prune. lol
  4. Glad to see we're back on track. Yes, South America is/will be the next hot spot. Predictably, The Trump administration is behind the ball. He allowed the European virus to spread in New York too.
  5. I'm considering reporting this post as I feel you are purposing spreading lies.
  6. 🤣🤣🤣 Delta Poll is regularly wrong. But, please carry on. In these challenging times, we all need a good laugh.
  7. Tough chart to read. But it looks like pooled deaths, whatever that means spiked up to a third higher than a year ago. The dotted line appears to be BS. Gotta believe this source is dubious.
  8. These people need to be beaten about the face and neck. https://www.ky3.com/content/news/PHOTOS-Memorial-Day-draws-large-crowds-at-Lake-of-the-Ozarks-570733371.html
  9. MSN is Main Stream News, though the M and N are next to each other. Well, on my keyboard anyway. ☺️
  10. Can't travel to TH anyway, so no relevance in my book.
  11. Have you thought about shedding a few pounds to help out the cause? ☺️
  12. No way buddy. In the USA we already have hot spots cropping up. We are a big country and there are weak borders from state to state, if any at all.
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