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  1. I try to eat right, but I do pop one of those multi-vitamins daily just to cover my ass.
  2. Yeah, amigo I know what you mean. I played till I was 38, but the ravages of time, smoking and drugs kind of have a way of catching up to you. Oh well, it was fun and I had no illusions beyond that. Pizza and beers with the fellas after a game was fine with me...Win or lose. I had greats hands but lousy legs! Now at 64 with a hip implant and another on the way, I can barely dunk a fucking donut! 🙂
  3. Hell no. Just wanted to check out your style.
  4. Got a video. 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Post it in the Thailand related to c-19 thread.
  6. She sure has a keen eye for fashion too!
  7. See, this is what living in the boonies does to a man. There is no mandate where I live. 6 feet = a mask. A mask =less than 6 feet. There is a no both. Where did you come up with this nonsense? That's the more troubling question. Hope you don't vote. 🙂
  8. At my age a wet fart takes out a pair of underpant or underpants on a regular basis. 🙂
  9. I'd rather not know about this..It's C-19 we're talking about. Scum everywhere, lots of scams to do with Covid out there.
  10. The last thing that cow should be eating is another slice of pizza.
  11. That's using your head.
  12. Part 1 of the Immaculate reception. Wow what a play!
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