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  1. I totally agree with you on this one, TS. But congrats to you on making it 4 minutes. I think I bailed after 3. I don't know this guy, never met him. I have spent a bit of time in a Nightwish bar or two, but for Gawd Sakes...in listening to this guy drone on and on in that nasally accent, I've heard more excitement in a hostage video! This guy makes Michael Caine reading a column from The Economist sound simply Shakespearean in comparison. At least I have found a surefire cure for those nights when suffering from insomnia and can't get to sleep by 5 am. I'll just type this guy's
  2. Yeah...26 years after first setting foot in Pattaya and vowing that this was the place I wanted to live when I retired, a lot has changed. Still want to return, but maybe for a more modest 2-3 months a year. But under the current circumstances, it looks to be a waste of time to even think about returning any sooner than Aug or Sept of 2021. Personally, despite the best efforts of Blue Streaks photography skills of all those great looking, and mostly empty bars, unfortunately, as well as Phil's "come on down" pronouncements in his thread, I won't bother contemplating another visit unt
  3. My exact thought when looking at that photo. I even marvel at the BIB wearing long sleeved uniform shirts. I'll be slowly walking along the soi or Beach Rd, sweating like a whore in church when coming up on a couple of them and these guys are acting like no big deal, uniforms immaculate, can't even detect any perspiration on their face.
  4. You know, if I set up a tripod and camera, wore a pair of cargo shorts, Jesus shoes and a Singha wife beater, did a little shimmy to a Tina Turner number, and people at seeing that awesome sight, suddenly volunteered to send me cash for providing them with top flight entertainment, and I can pay my mortgage, well then, why not? Everybody needs a side hustle when times get tough. 😁
  5. I went to bed last night looking at the 247 format I had known, only to wake up to a 247 format that had completely changed looks overnight. Just like a few bar girl experiences I've had over the years!
  6. One of the most amazing things I've read in quite a while. Great family genes in the Tyler family lineage.
  7. On my very first trip to Ireland visiting a mate who lived in the small town of Birr. The young lady, the owner's daughter, knew how to draw a perfect pour.
  8. Gary, remind me to never move to Ohio and allow some broad to move in. Jeez, that is some story. Happy you found your bliss in Thailand. As to your "ex" and one of her lawyers, as they say, karma is a bitch.
  9. Toy Boy....so who is going to play you in the movie of your life? How about Liam Neeson? I hear he has some very particular skills that might do you justice on the big screen!
  10. Just before leaving work Monday night, I caught a bit of the local 11 pm news and it is estimated that the fire now in the northern part of the Napa Valley, thanks to the winds, was burning up to 5 acres every minute, having gone from an estimated 10,000 acres Monday morning to over 36,000 by 9 pm. Calistoga, in the northern Napa Valley was under mandatory evacuation as well as parts of Santa Rosa and Sonoma. And as of the latest reports I saw at midnight, this fire was still at 0% containment. This is a rolling inferno. GTFO if you need to.
  11. I wrote about it before on "another" board a few years back but a bar owner I knew who operated the Coral Reef on Soi 8 for probably 15 years, once told me that in his first years as a bar owner there, basically mid to late 90's, there was between 100 and 110 bars on that soi and had 1000 girls working. And Soi 7 at that time was still at least half vacant lots on both sides of the soi. Probably not more than 20 bars total end to end. Soi 8, gave WS a run for it's money, was a destination instead of just a pass through. I have some old pics from those days taken with a $4.99 Kodak recycl
  12. Same here, Pump. Have had many great nights there, sometimes starting the evening at the Tequila Reef for some ribs or great Tex-Mex food, then slowly walking down the soi toward 2nd Road, the girls all coming out to the street doing their best to entice you into their bar. Along with Soi 8, making the loop with just those two sois was plenty entertainment enough to not feel the need to go anywhere else. Can't recall how many ladies I "paid bah" for from Soi 7, but over 20 plus years, plenty I can assure you. Still maybe the single most beautiful woman I've ever seen in Pattaya was Anna,
  13. I'm surprised you just don't blame it all on Trump.
  14. Great thread! Seeing as there are so many British citizens on here, I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Beatles. Though I've seen him 3 times before, if I had only one ticket, it would be Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. The man is a national treasure.
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