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  1. He went on to leave acting behind and became a cop for the LAPD for nearly 20 years, and survived two close call shooting incidents in his police career. RIP.
  2. Must be a terrible time to be left alone with your thoughts after the passing of your mum. I'm not familiar with the current travel or hotel protocols in the UK, but is it not possible at the current time to so much as board a train to some other city for just a few days to "get away from it all", so to speak, reserve a room at a hotel or guest house and at least give your mind, body and soul, a "holiday" from the surrounding environment you have been staying in? Breath in some fresh air, see different faces, chat with different people, walk down different streets, view different scenery? Are there even accommodations available now in the UK for what I guess would be termed, "non-essential travel"? If that is a no go right now, I meant no disrespect. I lost my father just a week or so before your mum, and for a few days alone in the house, it wasn't the best of times. But at least I had a job to still go to which helped immensely to take my mind off my family situation. Taking to the road can be just the proper tonic to ease the mind. Hope that time can come sooner for you rather than later. For all of us, no matter what our personal circumstances might be.
  3. Just terrible to watch that video and see how lifeless Pattaya is. I sincerely hope that at some point in June, the government will allow for businesses to reopen. But that scene can be repeated all over the world in various vacation destinations and how devastating it has become for those who earned a living and made a life from the tourist economy. Those in government never feel the pain of their own prescriptions. Everyone who draws a salary as a government official in the provinces or nationally, isn't feeling the economic suffering that those in the private sector feel because they are all still drawing a salary, but if they did, if their own pay was also suspended for as long as they vote to keep things shut, especially considering the Covid-19 numbers in Thailand, then you can bet your sweet cheeks, they would allow things to reopen post haste. My feeling is that the beer bar establishments where the expats primarily were customers, will survive and even thrive. But the WS venues that depended almost wholly on the international tourist, will be hurting because as was mentioned earlier in this thread, it will be the host country where these people live that will give pause the most on whether they decide to travel or not, which in turn will lower the potential numbers of tourists who make WS a big part of their holiday. About the number of total bars in the city and wondering how many can actually make it as opposed to closing permanently, just ask yourself a question. On a typical holiday, say 2 weeks, of the several thousand bars in town, to include Jomtien and Naklua, for those who like those locations, in those 2 weeks, exactly how many different bars do you think you will be a customer at? I bet for 75% of us, it's no more than 20. Many of us usually have those 1 or 2 bars we consider our "local", and always stop in those places on a nightly or every other night basis and spend our money there because we are receiving quality service and product at a fair and reasonable price. But after that, we'll split the rest of our drinking scratch among all the other bars. So if those that close and never reopen weren't part of your own piss up stopovers, it shouldn't be that big of a concern. And if they were, then it's easy to find another. Might not have to walk any further than a few steps down the sidewalk or right across the street.
  4. Britboy, thank you for what has to rank as one of the most heartfelt, poignant posts on any forum that I've ever read. My heart goes out to you on the passing of your mum and the very unfortunate aftermath due to the Covid-19 situation regarding any funeral or remembrance service of her life, having to put it off well into the future. The same thing happened with regards to my father's passing in April, nearly a month already. Can't believe it. My sister, brother and step mom hope to have a date set in summer for a get together and remember his life, if our state is fully reopened for business. Such a harsh reality to deal with. I certainly am hoping for the best in your plans to honor your mum. As far as living in Pattaya, I certainly hope to cross paths with you at some point, as I'm hoping to make a trip for about a month just after Christmas, but further along in 2021, be able to return for a bit longer, as I hope to be fully retired before the end of this year. If we do meet, how about in LePub, and we both toast my dad and your mum? And who knows, maybe a few other bm's will be there as well to join in and salute their own parents. Can you just imagine the spirits of all of them looking down and admonishing us, as only parents can do, " you boys don't get drunk and cause any trouble now". Wishing you peace, mate.
  5. 15,000 Indians.....and every damn one of them is running a restaurant.
  6. Mr. Smooth

    So why?

    To the OP....yes, I have noticed the use of the word, "so" when a person starts to answer a question. Probably noticed it over the past couple of years, usually with a younger (under 30) person when being interviewed about whatever. But now I notice it on cable news shows, primarily the opinion shows, and the featured guest, or a member of a panel, uses "so", to begin their answer to the hosts question. Doesn't really bother me too much but yes, it has become part of the phrasing of the language and probably here to stay for the forseeable future. But the thing that gets me and I DO find irritating, is the way the sports media in America all too often start off their questioning of an athlete in the post game interview with the all too idiotic, "Talk about.....". I'm not sure if the British or Aussie sports media also do this during their post game media gathering with an athlete, but it is a constant with the American media. An athlete from whatever team is in the locker room, standing at the podium before the assembled sporting press and one of them asks the player, "Talk about your reaction when you scored the winning touchdown." Now, as is the job of the sports media, they are to ask questions and report on the answers. The phrase, "Talk about" uttered by the reporter prior to whatever act on the field the player executed, is clearly not a question, but rather a slick way to make it much easier for the ink stained wretch who is writing the story, or the columnist who is writing an opinion piece, in time for the deadline for publication in the next days paper, to do their job. It is a technique used to get the athlete to talk enough so that he is basically writing the story for the media goofball so that he doesn't really need to put in much effort in doing his job. It happens all to frequently with the television sports media as well. Ask the damn question in the form of a question. It can't be that hard.
  7. Have those cases been broken down into how many were foreigners that contracted the virus as opposed to Khmer? I have forgotten how many times I have heard on tv by medical professionals that this virus does not survive in high temperatures and if that is true, then it would not surprise me one bit if a huge percentage of those cases were foreigners from cold weather countries, or at least where the temperatures were considerably colder from where they departed from prior to entering Cambodia. Happy to hear that in PP there is at least some modicum of nightlife going on. Having a little to enjoy is better than having nothing open and no place to go at all.
  8. Blues based rock as only the Stones can do. A musical genre that has basically disappeared from Top 40 radio. Mick's vocals sound strong, loved that bluesy harmonica riff tossed in, a solid effort. The video showing various cities around the world empty of any sort of life was very creepy, but sadly a realistic portrayal of current events. I enjoyed it.
  9. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone. To read so many kind words and sentiments, couldn't help but to bring a smile to my face, something I hadn't done much of lately. Very much appreciated. You lads are top shelf.
  10. I lost my dad over the weekend. Though he was a prime candidate to catch the Corona virus, it wasn't from that. He died in his sleep from what I was told by my sister. He had suffered from a combination of several ailments that had plagued him the last years of his life and made his quality of life less than stellar. He enjoyed hearing of my travels over the years and a few stories gathered from many long drinking sessions among expat mates and fellow travelers, especially when in Pattaya. I bought him a beer mug from the Guinness brewery in Dublin when I took a tour and told him what an absolutely gorgeous country Ireland was and the people among the friendliest people on earth I had ever met. As he was half Irish, he would have loved having the chance to see it himself but never did. I think he lived somewhat vicariously through me and many times wish he could have enjoyed a pint with me during those moments. He was 78 and lived longer in retired life than do most men who had a career in law enforcement, for which I was grateful for that. I'm sad I wasn't there to tell him that I loved him and goodbye, but am comforted in knowing his suffering is no more. He will be with me in spirit from now on. I'll miss him deeply. RIP Dad.
  11. I've kept out of this thread though I have followed along at times. These types of subjects usually devolve into pissing contests because someone doesn't care for another's opinion and the venom is let loose by exited fingers tapping rapidly on the keyboard. And that has been the case here. And to further cause massive pain across the board, regarding Thailand, is that about an hour ago, roughly 2 am, Easter Sunday morning, a good friend of mine, a Scottish bloke, living out near Lake Malapalangabetchabygollywow, informed me that from today forward for the next 3 weeks, there will be a complete ban of alcohol sales in order to fight this virus. So now, it is beer that is looked upon with a leery eye at being a major culprit in people spreading this dreaded virus across the landscape. That bottle of Sangsom, according to the Thailand government authorities, has now become Enemy Number One, in the war against Corona. You boys living over there, better save that last bottle of Chang in your fridge, or something a bit stronger in the cabinet, for the first weekend of May. It will be the finest tasting beer or spirit that has ever passed through your parched lips. And how much you want to bet that the virus will still be around?
  12. While on a 2 week self quarantine, I didn't drink at all the first week as I normally dry out after returning home from a trip where I had drank quite a bit. Second week, took me the whole week to finish a bottle of Captain Morgan rum with coke and lime juice. Also had a few bottles of Pacifico beer, This week, being back to work and a bit more normalcy in my daily life, I've gotten home and enjoyed that after work beer or two each evening. And I need to buy another bottle of rum this weekend. And more lime juice. Think I'll go with Sailor Jerry Rum this time out.
  13. I watched several of his videos and always enjoyed his "man about town" lighthearted banter. Seemed like a very decent and honorable guy. The type you would want to sit down and have a beer with. RIP.
  14. My first time in Cambo was last March 2019, spent 3 days in PP at a nice hotel on St.130. I echo your sentiments on the bar scene and the inexpensive cost of drinking in those bars. No idea if prices have gone up since a year ago, but an Angkor draft at numerous bars then was as little as 75 cents, and a Jack or Beam and coke was just $1.50 USD. Happy hour prices for a draft beer at many places was a mere 50 cents! I hope to be back next January, hopefully far enough down the road to allow this coronavirus to run it's course and the travel and hospitality industry to be able to get back up to speed. And the girls to have returned en masse and waiting to show you a good time.
  15. Damn! I stand corrected. Monica Bellucci was 51? Jeez.....must have forgot, not sure if I ever saw that one. Might have missed it.
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