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    EVA fare refund

    Just something to think about. December last year the China Virus was just emerging in Wuhan, China, The flu season in the Northern Hemisphere starts with the cold weather. The airlines appear to be on a collision course with returning to normal and the next flu season.
  2. China has successfully pulled off germ (virus) warfare sneak attack (think of Pearl Harbor WWII) on the world and now plans to make economic gains from it. China allowed people from infected areas that had a high probability of being infected to exit China and travel the world. Then China lied about the severity, lethality and the transmission of the virus to the World. Then the Western Press expunges any reference of the place of origin in the name of the virus (Wuhan Virus, China Virus) for the sake of political correctness. China fails to close the source of the Wahun Virus The Live Animal Markets. Already the source 2 previous Pandemics. Then there's the disappearing Doctors in China. The world should Quarantine China until …
  3. Speaking of panic buying: I went grocery shopping for the first time in two weeks. Last time only toilet paper and paper towel aisles empty. Today lots of empty aisles. The Feminine Hygiene aisle was totally empty. This puzzled me initially (only required every 28 days), then a passing thought put me into hysterics. Could they be using leakproof, form cupped winged Kotex for face masks? Are they using the tampax for nose plugs?
  4. Is there still a lot of Chinese Nationals in PP?
  5. Lanza, be strong and hoping the best for you!
  6. I watched this about year ago. Enjoyed it.
  7. Yes, this is same story but in English and color, worth a watch. Just finished watching City of Life and Death. I had seen it before, but watched it over again. Good the second time.
  8. Thanks may have watched it some time ago. But, will try to find it and watch. Another good Chinese movie is "John Rabe" It is about a German Businessman that saves purportedly 250,000 Chinese from Nanking during the Japanese slaughter. True story.
  9. About 4 years ago I started watching Chinese made Historical War movies. Many of them are quite good. The Chinese remake of The Sand Pebbles (think different name) and the Rape of Nanking/Black Sun are very good movies. Then there is a few about the Chinese underground in Hong Kong during WWII. Netflix is a good source.
  10. Watched Ford v Ferrari on home theater system at full blast. Didn't expect much, found it quite entertaining. Also after watching Midway at full tilt volume. The dive bombing scenes with flack, altitude count down, made the dive bombing process feel endlessly nerve racking. A theatric white knuckle experience. Would be great movie to see in 4D theater.
  11. Did you notice Country: US/China
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