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    Time to heal

    Hope all is well with Lars?
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    What happened to Gurley? He was so dominating previous years, then just prior to the Super Bowel almost nothing.
  3. Years ago Asian Businessman friend of mine invited me to Pegasus with him and his nephews. He reserved a private room upstairs in the Pegasus. The Pegasus is really plush and classy, was very impressed. The Doorman wore a tail coat tuxedo and the carpet was so thick you literally sunk into the carpet with each step. The private room was very elegant (old French style) with a fireplace. He had a large bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII, the size you see in the airport duty free costing thousands of US Dollars. I don't like cognac, but enjoyed the opportunity to try some of the best. My friend directed me to a room that had ladies, one side of the room had ladies that were only talking companions for the evening, the other side had ladies that were over night companions. Was told I could pick as many as I desired. Not to take advantage of my host's generosity I picked one from the overnight side. She was a little bit older than I would normally take and about 8 on a ten scale. We then joined the group for more fine cognac and conversation. The Lady (Thai) spoke perfect English and a very intelligent conversationist. She told me she spoke Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean. She has traveled to Europe, South America and through out Asia with Asian Business Men. At the end of the evening my host informed me everything was taken care of, so I was not to tip or pay for anything. The sex was good and the conversation very interesting. I was impressed by the intelligence of this lady.
  4. Need to have logon to read NY Times article.
  5. CalEden


    How about that Nick Bosa guy!
  6. CalEden


    How about those Niner's.
  7. CalEden


    How about those Niners.
  8. CalEden

    Time to heal

    Me too!
  9. Stopped by last Saturday afternoon doors locked.
  10. Funny was watching the narrow boat guy on Amazon Prime in Leeds and Saltaire.
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