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  1. For Single Filers the max adjusted gross income is $75,000. The amount of the rebate depends on family size. The payment is $1,200 for each adult individual ($2,400 for joint filers), and $500 per qualifying child under 17 years old. Rebates are reduced by $5 for every $100 of income to the extent a taxpayer’s income exceeds $150,000 for joint filers, $112,500 for a head of household filer, and $75,000 for single filers.
  2. The History of WWII Podcast by Ray Harris The Warriors In Their Own Words First Person found this on iheart
  3. Yessongs, great thread. When I lived in San Jose I never went over the Hill either. For as much as Rachanee is in the sun she tans very well. Most Isarn girls if they were in the sun that much they would like they had worked the rice paddies for the last 50 years. What province is Rachanee from. Cheers!
  4. I'm of a majority Finnish extraction, along with other scandinavian countries. That explains your socialistic bent. 5555!
  5. Way too soon, so sad for his family. Hoping life comes easy to his young family.
  6. Sounds like the Bay Area/Southern California commute traffic. How about Donnor Lake up the road? I did see on the news that since the virus the San Francisco Bay area people are buying up all the property in Tahoe. Maybe it's time to leave the Cali Bureaucracy Stalog. I'm loving the Pacific Northwest and would never go back.
  7. Just splendid those Yanks! And oh the reaction of the original artists.
  8. Was wondering what Swede was, turnip. I have always wondered what the obsessive fascination is with SomTom by Thai (mainly Isarn) woman. "The War Department" Ms Eden eats it almost everyday. Green Papayas are plentiful in the Northwest Pacific Coast. She uses whole Tilapia Fish internals not removed, rendered down to a stinky brown semi-liquid sludge on the stove for hours. I now make her cook her fish outside on the burner of the BBQ, because of the rancid smell. She spices it down with chili peppers to a barely tolerable heat level on the Thai heat scale. Then this Pattaya exper
  9. Sorry, removed by me.
  10. Was in Walmart they had retro Schwinn Stingray's in the original colors by Schwinn. Very cool $125 USD. When I was a kid the originals cost $99 USD, which too me was a million dollars and beyond my means. On display was the green one which I thought was very cool as a kid. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Schwinn-Sting-Ray-Bicycle-single-speed-20-Inch-wheels/841993718
  11. No doubt a Thai Lives Here: Thai address plaque & Bangkok Budda Statue.
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