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  1. To make love to a motor card Is what I want to do Porsche or a Ferrari But anything will do If I make love to Morris Does that mean I’m gay I smear myself in engine oil And then I’m towed away Can I cum in your car Well to make love to a motor car That’s what I want to do Don’t care about the colour Black green or blue Don’t like road protestors They wanna take my right To make love to a motor car Afternoon or night Can I cum in your car To make love to a motor car Is all I want to do To make love to a motor car Is all I want to do
  2. They ought to build some dykes to protect the beach from all the water that runs through the city towards the ocean after each and every rainfall. 😛
  3. I prefer to brew my own coffee at home, so I don't have to look at either of the "ladies".
  4. First man to do a space walk Alexei Leonov died today. Aged 85. In march 1965 he exited his Voskhod spacecraft for 12 minutes.
  5. Eating grapes. I am swallowing the seeds in hope that a vine will grow out of my ears soon, so i don't have to pay grapes ever again 😄
  6. How old is old? .... when talking about girl, it seems to depend on how drunk I am.
  7. Back when I was 13 i fell in love with a 14 year old girl from the class level above. She was my first girlfriend. We still regulary meet..... she is my banking advisor today.
  8. Seven is a lucky number. 🙂
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