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  1. "water sports activities" ... ehmm... You don't need a "dandy beach" for that. 🙃
  2. 450 meters long. Build in G gauge (45mm).
  3. Black Sabbath as jazz.... 1. Fairies Wear Boots 2. Snowblind 3. Evil Woman 4. Behind The Wall Of Sleep 5. Rat Salad 6. Iron Man 7. Changes 8. N.I.B. 9. Paranoid 10. Children Of The Grave
  4. The weather and landscape as seen through a dirty train window in the middle of nowhere
  5. You might want to check your current policies to see if it is covered. It could be that it is covered by your property insurance or homeowner insurance or some other policy that you may have. Just remember to lock it when you place it somewhere.
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