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  1. Bring a paper and make yourself comfortable.
  2. About getting old...... Maybe it is time we get a section of the forum dedicated to rollators, walkers, sticks, crutches and wheel chairs 😐
  3. I have been that all life. Countless times when in bars I have walked off to the loos, found the toilet, opened the door, and then... slam... the door got thrown right back at my face as the loo was occupied by a girl 🤣
  4. I would be negative if half my passengers chose to sit on top of the roof and not inside the cabin.
  5. Felice Gimondi, 76, died following a heart attack while swimming at Sicily friday afternoon. Gimondi won the Tour in 65, the Vuelta in 68 and the Giro in 67, 69 and 76. https://www.gazzetta.it/Ciclismo/16-08-2019/infarto-mare-giardini-naxos-felice-gimondi-muore-76-anni-3401725017383.shtml?refresh_ce-cp
  6. Not bad, reminds me a bit of newer Anathema.
  7. I haven't bothered getting a thai number the last few trips. I got free roaming and free roaming data when in Thailand (and a shitload of other countries) from my local phone provider here at home.
  8. Over the years I have visited various chatsites such as visitx, camsathome, chaturbate, livejasmin, myfreecams. For those interested Beebeethai on chaturbate is still active, and Anista from myfreecams is now called Varinya and occationally active, she moved from Khorat to southern california a few years ago and also did some girl-girl on cam with another USA based thai girl. Last year i bought a 3d vr headset to watch 3d vr porn.
  9. Stay in the middle. It is only a short 1km walk between the 2 areas. No problem doing both areas and most things inbetween in 1 night.
  10. WhatsApp? Facebook haters shouldn't use WhatsApp. It is owned by Facebook and will be rebranded in the future as "WhatsApp from Facebook". Same goes for Instagram which will become "Instagram from Facebook". https://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-rebrands-instagram-whatsapp-from-facebook-2019-8?r=US&IR=T
  11. For those who need help with getting "rid" of Bixby (s9 and s9+) Part one: 1) Tap and hold down on an empty space on your home screen untill a menu appears. 2) Swipe right untill you reach the Bixby Home screen. 3) Tap the button in its top right right corner to disable Bixby Home. 4) Tap the back button lower right corner. Part two: 1) Slide down the top menu and tap the cogwheel to open settings. 2) Scroll down to Advanced Features and tap. 3) Find the menu that is called "Bixby Key" and tap 4) Change the setting to "Double press to open Bixby" 5) exit the setting and return to Home. Part three: While part 3 is not needed, it is still a neat little thing to do in case you accidently double press on the Bixby Button on the side of your phone or want to use it for something else. 1) Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 in part 2. 2) Instead of selecting double press tap "Use single press" (not Single press to open Bixby!) 3) A new menu appears, tap on Open app and select the app you want the Bixby Button to open. It won't remove Bixby, but it will stop the annoyance.
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