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  1. Not the first time https://www.samuitimes.com/fake-eggs-made-of-plastic-emerge-in-thailand/
  2. I was raised as a God for a few years then my parents gave me a little sister upon whom I could unleash my wrath.
  3. Just keep in mind, that you are talking with an intelligent person.
  4. Stanley Ho, The King of Gambling in Macau, 98. https://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/2182745/stanley-ho-patriarch-asias-largest-casino-empire-and-king
  5. No change apart from maybe 100 grams less.
  6. Lirchenfeld


    All my fault too. Too much alcohol. Right arm for me. I had been in WS and was somewhat un-sober, was walking back to my hotel in Soi Honey, when some girl outside a massage shop shouted to me and asked if I wanted massage or maybe just boom boom. Ok I thought and went in. Got undressed and went to the shower, stepped out of the shower and boom down I went. Girl came running to see what had happened. Somehow i managed to scoop myself on my arse from the showers to the massagebed and get up and sit on it. Girl said you hurt shoulder you need tiger balm and she started rubbing that unto my shoulder. After a few minutes I decided to get dressed and leave. It was just too painful. Never paid. Was the cheapest but certainly also the roughest massage ever 55555 Get back to hotel, tried to sleep, but couldn't. In the morning i walked to Pattaya Memorial at Klang. Got x-ray'd, during the waiting i started texting my insurrance company, who told me to say to the hospital that the hospital should send the x-ray's to the insurrance company. Doctor (with huge money signs in his eyes) told me I needed surgery, gave me an arm sling in some cheapish green nylon mesh, told me I could leave, but would be required to come back later that day for the surgery. So I left. 2 hours later my insurrance company phoned me, told me they had arranged flight back home, taxi from hotel to swampy and taxi from airport to my home. Had to wait 3 days before the flight. I never went back to Memorial. Went out the same evening to LK Metro. Met an agogo girl there, and ended up staying with me the next 3 days untill I could get home. I didn't really like going out, I was afraid to bump into other people and hurting the shoulder even more. So we stayed indoors all the time doing nothing, except for her going out to do some food shopping and us watching the Paris-Nice cycling race on TV in the evening. Girl told me I looked like a traffic light, as my shoulder chest and part of my belly was turning red, green and yellow. She fed me, washed me, got me dressed. She even asked if she should wipe my arse, but I told her no. Never asked for money except the barfine on the first night. Got home, with Turkish Airways via Istanbul. Airline gave me a hole seating row just for me and a stewardesse on the flight to Istanbul came and fed me the dinner and the breakfast. Also they gave me a free pass to their lounge on the 4 hour layover at Atatürk Airport, despite the ticket from the insurrance company was just the cheapest of the cheapest single seat. Got to hospital the day after returning home. Doctor there told me they wasn't sure if it really was going to be necessary with surgery, but they would cut me up anyway just to make sure the ligaments are still attached to the bones. They pushed my arm a little bit but all else looked fine. Got a small 2cm incision which has mostly vanished since then. Lacking some upwards movement, but that is it. Old age.
  7. Lirchenfeld


    I am young one that has gotten older. Broke my shoulder a couple of years ago in Pattaya. After surgery and recovery my physiotherapist told me I would never get full movement in the joint again, I was too old for that, and I am from 1976... she was the first to tell me I was old. Girls in Pattaya say i look mid 30's.. but I think they are just being polite.
  8. Taking into account that trams, like trains, has a nearly 10 time as long distance to come to a stop than a car, and that trams run amongst normal street trafic, I foresee a bloody chaos.
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