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    The Ashes

    Yep - I'm not defending Smith & Warner, but double standards, nay - hypocrisy from the poms. Michael Atherton, 1994 In the "dirt in pocket" affair, then England captain Michael Atherton was accused of ball tampering during a Test match with South Africa at Lord's in 1994, after television cameras caught Atherton reaching into his pocket and then rubbing a substance on the ball. Atherton denied ball tampering, claiming that he had dirt in his pocket which he used to dry his hands. He was also accused of lying to the match referee. Atherton was summoned to the match referee and was fined £2,000 (£3,900 today) for failing to disclose the dirt to the match referee. England cricket team, 2005 Marcus Trescothick admitted in his autobiography, Coming Back to Me, that he used mints to shine the ball to produce more swing: "It was my job to keep the shine on the new ball for as long as possible with a bit of spit and a lot of polish. And through trial and error I finally settled on the type of spit for the task at hand. It had been common knowledge in county cricket for some time that certain sweets produced saliva which, when applied to the ball for cleaning purposes, enabled it to keep its shine for longer and therefore its swing." He found Murray Mints worked the best.[11] The admission came three years after the conclusion of the 2005 Ashes series, in which England beat Australia, 2–1. James Anderson and Stuart Broad, 2010 In January 2010, England bowlers Stuart Broad and James Anderson were accused of ball tampering by stopping the ball with the spikes of their boots in the third Test Match against South Africa.[21] Broad maintained that he was just being lazy, because it was 40 degrees Celsius in Cape Town that day.[21] Andy Flower said in his defence that "the scoreline suggested that there was obviously no ball tampering."[22] Nasser Hussain, who had captained Anderson, said: "Stuart Broad and James Anderson were wrong to behave in the manner they did and I've no doubt that if a player from another country did the same we'd have said they were cheating https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_tampering Monty Panesar admits to using mints and sun cream for ‘ball-tampering’ while playing for England “It’s not cheating, it’s like bending the rules,” he told talkSPORT. “It’s like when we pay our taxes we always have loopholes. We go to the accountant and he says he can do this and do that, which is all acceptable but just bending the rules. “I used to get a mint, this sugar, and put it in my mouth. I’d be down at fine leg, mix the sugar and saliva together, come up to mid-on pass the ball and start shining it up. “The ball would be hooping everywhere and we would be off the field very quickly and everyone is happy. https://talksport.com/sport/cricket/556894/monty-panesar-ball-tampering-england/
  2. Thought it was a masonic order symbol - well 'originally' anyway ?
  3. I Don't blame them for that.
  4. Rupert Hogg - I dips me lid to you - The Cathay Pacific CEO was asked to provide the CCP with a list of the names of employees who have participated in the protests. He gave them a list with one name on it – his own. Then he resigned his job. https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3765103
  5. Yep - They need some top talent and reasonable prices and a marketing effort to get that message out. But at current GG prices I won't even bother to go inside. No point. Better alternatives.
  6. I have deep fears this won't end well and support the HK people. Sad.
  7. The area in the above pictures showing water etc - shows yet a further problem - that water cannot drain anywhere - there must be a dip in the concrete slab - so it will lay there between the steel grates at either end. If they try cutting a drainage channel they will weaken the concrete slab which covers the 'pond' and that slab may not have been that strong to start with ? Interesting......
  8. AUD was up a bit as well late last week. All about a spot of USD weakening a bit - so it looks.
  9. Yes - thats correct.. I put in some theoretical dates for the promo period, SYD-BKK-SYD. It came up with a fare of AUD $2,150 approx, less 20% discount which meant AUD $ 1750 approx. I normally pay around AUD $750 (give or take a bit) booking and paying 4 months or so in advance. No use at all. Not that I intended to travel those dates. Maybe I could have played around with the dates etc but I doubt it would have changed the price by much.
  10. Give it a couple of hours, stock your hotel fridges etc, take a walk on BR etc... Then hit the Six about 4 pm - so much more just by waiting a bit...
  11. Mmmm. No more walking down Soi Buakhow when it is flooded - will have to get to and stay in the closest boozer.
  12. Looks like that would make the road on the Soi HIGHER then then the road on Soi Baukhao ?
  13. Excellent news - well done!
  14. For many Chinese travelling for the 'first' time Thailand is a preferred destination. Close to home, short travelling time, not overly expensive etc. Importantly most in this demographic are those who having been lifted out of poverty and now entered the 'middle class' and are able to afford to travel. They are not on average income or even median incomes but are better situated and can afford to start to see a bit more of the world, initially in groups - better deals and most if not all organised for them. Still don't think Thailand business operators are making that much from them - but Thais want the much bigger benefits that more Chinese tourism 'promises'. Maybe such promises will be for-filled, but it will be at a price I reckon.
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