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  1. Zeb

    So who knows who this guy is

    That was the "style" some years back IIRC. Well in some places anyway 🙂
  2. Yep. From memory there is also another booth with a name fairly similar to SuperRich.
  3. I checked out SuperRich late last year on arrival. Had to wait 40 mins plus then when I got to Pattaya found rates on Buakhow only very slightly under SuperRich. It may have just been that day and others report a different outcome, but I won't bother with them again. I had only checked it out as the place I was staying wanted payment upfront on arrival.
  4. Hi Guys An occasional mention of how the 'Battling 'lil Aussie Dollar" ie AUD is going would be appreciated. Ta 555
  5. Tastes like chicken ? 555
  6. Zeb

    LOS Monger Slogans

    TIT Diamonds in the Rough Cheap Charlie Balloon chasers A Pig must Die Up to my nuts in guts Getting dirty water off your chest Throw a leg over Pattaya Spinners Veteran (BG's) past their use by date Coconut Bar The 6 Hairypoon Swampy Pattaya Flying Club Pattaya Blues How many todays to go? Two week millionaires
  7. Zeb

    Makha Bucha Day

    "Interesting" - saw in an article somewhere else saying that, in part, some of the booze restrictions on public holidays are aimed at reducing the road toll. May or may not be correct of course. Just stock up and have a few coldies around a pool etc, I guess.
  8. Thai Hotels have to tell immigration what falangs are staying with them for how long and passport numbers etc. Many also take a copy of the photo page, maybe to backup the info they advise immigration.
  9. Zeb

    Average fertility rate in Thailand.

    About 1.7 is replacement level. The Thai population is also aging rapidly. The declining share of working age population will affect economic growth. As of 2016, 11% of the Thai population (about 7.5 million people) are 65 years or older, compared to 5% in 1995. By 2040, it is projected that 17 million Thais will be 65 years or older – more than a quarter of the population. Together with China, Thailand has the highest share of elderly people of any developing country in East Asia and Pacific. The primary driver of aging has been the steep decline in fertility rates, which fell from 6.1 in 1965 to 1.5 in 2015, as a result of rising incomes and education levels and the successful National Family Planning Program launched in 1970. The working age population is expected to shrink by around 11% as a share of the total population between now and 2040 – from 49 million people to around 40.5 million people. This decline in working age population is higher in Thailand than in all other developing East Asia and Pacific countries, including China. http://www.worldbank.org/en/country/thailand/publication/thailand-economic-monitor-june-2016-aging-society-and-economy
  10. Zeb

    Share Tips...

    Two suggestions and 1 Caution - 1) Consider Index Funds or Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) rather then individual stocks. You do need to do your homework though on these - look for low cost reputable ETF's that invest in actuals rather then paper. But more broadly you should come up with a broad plan covering the how, what, when etc. It sounds a bit daunting initially but also reveals the type of things you should know before committing your hard earnt to the markets. Stuff like how will you measure success or failure. at what point will you say I got this one wrong and sell? You might want to have a look at some article on the following site. I have no association with them just have been on their email list for some years - http://www.alphaim.net/ This is a recent article - http://www.alphaim.net/power_newsletter.html 2) Have a good look around here - Plenty of free article etc https://stockcharts.com/articles/ Take your time, think about it ? The caution ? - Consider where we are in the current economic cycle, plenty of Economic Clocks and articles around. Attached is one from Brit, James Montier from GMO a Boston-based fund manager with $US99 billion in funds under management, co-founded by highly regarded veteran Jeremy Grantham (another Brit with US citzenship I think). The article is titled - Late Cycle Lament: The Dual Economy, Minsky Moments, and Other Concerns Finally I'm just pointing you to general ideas etc nothing more - its up to you BTW a google Finance link to that Energy referred to by the OP - https://www.google.com/search?tbm=fin&ei=OJlgXJG4KcHnvASkvb2oDw&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgecRozi3w8sc9YSm9SWtOXmPU4OIKzsgvd80rySypFJLiYoOyBKT4uHj00_UNK3OMMyxLijJ4AAkYMKg8AAAA&q=LON%3A+UKOG&oq=LON%3A+UKOG&gs_l=finance-immersive.1.0.81i8k1.16280.16280.0.17964. Good luck - please do your homework and preparation carefully. GMO the-late-cycle-lament-minsky-moments-&-other.pdf
  11. Zeb

    Share Tips...

    For what its worth etc Shadow Trader gives his opinion for next week -
  12. Zeb

    Who do you use for booking flights

    I have used Skyscanner but the best result prices generally are not available when you try to book or have additional charges of some sort. Also searching online for info about some of the booking agents with the best prices can reveal complaints etc about them. So...I book direct with my chosen airline, generally its Thai Airways. It can be marginally more expensive but at least I'm more comfortable with them and I know where I stand.
  13. The old quote goes - Just the way it is I guess
  14. Zeb

    Do You Drive in Pattaya?

    Nope I don't. Motor Bikes are pretty cheap to hire, but I don't bother. Baht Buses do the job for me.
  15. Will take a look, but doubt if I'll ever go there after that, unless there is something pretty special about it. I'd expect more of the same as Central Mall etc with some variation. Will see when it opens.