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  1. For many Chinese travelling for the 'first' time Thailand is a preferred destination. Close to home, short travelling time, not overly expensive etc. Importantly most in this demographic are those who having been lifted out of poverty and now entered the 'middle class' and are able to afford to travel. They are not on average income or even median incomes but are better situated and can afford to start to see a bit more of the world, initially in groups - better deals and most if not all organised for them. Still don't think Thailand business operators are making that much from them - but Thais want the much bigger benefits that more Chinese tourism 'promises'. Maybe such promises will be for-filled, but it will be at a price I reckon.
  2. Its not only reduced number of visitors, but those still turning up are increasingly not prepared to 'pay through the nose'. eg a B60 Baht Beer in the Buakhow area tastes as good as an almost B 200 beer on WS. For the price of a WS ST, its possible to have 3 ST's of very acceptable quality on Soi 6. More women to choose from and less 'process' and BS - IMO anyway. Its not that you have to totally avoid WS (but I'm doing that increasingly) - its just that there are alternative pricing points which still allow a good holiday.
  3. Haven't been in Butchers Arms for years, mainly because I never took to their food and that was probably back with another owner. Sad to see them close though, but must say it never looked busy when I walked past. A good central location, but that doesn't pay the bills.
  4. My takeaway from the above and say, Kev in Thailand's experience is maintain my approach. ie continue to have my home in Australia and do say 3 trips a year to Thailand with adequate travel health insurance - I get it 'free' with my credit card anyway for non existing medical conditions and I'm in pretty good health currently. Australian universal free Medicare cover is enough for me here in Australia. Its not perfect (what is?) but if you get serious ill - you will be looked after here. The other problem which seems looming with my frequent trips to LOS seems immigration's harder approach to so called "too many passport stamps" and at some stage I may need to get a visa even for my normal 3 weeks visits if they keep the current approach up. Probably many other people in the same boat ?
  5. Depends who was being executed.
  6. I like Retox food - BUT meals other then Full English Breakfast seem to me to be expensive - so I avoid them apart from Breakfast.
  7. I wonder if some sort of note was made into the computer system when the Brit gent was told to get a visa next time? I'm interested as I've been doing 3 trips a year for a while. Obeyed all the rules etc like a good lil doggie 🙂
  8. I cannot see where this has got a mention so far and wonder if any BM's have run into this situation themselves or know people who have. In last Sundays Stickman Weekly, he reported the following There might be more to this story (no apersion intended to the Brit Gent or Stick) but we just don't know. Two trips a year on a valid visa waiver doesn't seem unreasonable ?? Particularly if the person in question hasn't overstayed and has complied with the law etc. Did the Immigration officer just have a 'bad day' or should we expect more ? OK TIT but would applying for a visa (even though it shouldn't be required) really change anything apart from generating some more income and paper work ?
  9. Article in todays paper - Australian dollar predicted to jump Australia's dollar could jump as much as five per cent by the end of the year, the currency's top forecaster says https://www.smh.com.au/business/markets/the-aussie-could-surprise-top-forecaster-says-the-australian-dollar-is-set-to-jump-20190502-p51j9x.html Lets hope so.....
  10. Industry Reviews “ Forsyth deserves his place among the thriller greats ” The Times “ The pages virtually turn themselves ” Barry Forshaw, Guardian “ The five year wait for Forsyth’s latest sensation has been worth every second. ” Daily Express “ Forsyth has lost none of his storytelling finesse and geopolitical grasp . . . this is Forsyth at his spellbinding best ” Daily Mail “ Ripped from today’s headlines . . . Forsyth fashions our contemporary reality into an assured thriller ” Mail on Sunday “ A thriller that’ll have you checking your PC’s security . . . with plenty of detail on the world of cyber-security and fine pacing and characterisation, Forsyth delivers another lesson in how it should be done ” The Sport
  11. Season 5 of the Bosch TV Series just released as well - another good series. Season 6 also approved for production for release in 2020.
  12. Dropbox. Free version. Can usually go about 1.5 GB in one hit - rinse/ repeat as required.
  13. I didn't take these but they show the Harbour etc off well -
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