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  1. I didn't take these but they show the Harbour etc off well -
  2. An important question - What are prices like ? (It is close to Walking Street after all) How much for a SML ? Was the booze cold ? Scooters women are generally pretty good - so I'll check them out for myself next trip. Wish them well. I like the Scooter Bars.
  3. Hard to even work out what they are trying to *do* apart from improve drainage. Someone else said there is a large diameter drainage pipe running under Soi Baukhow - is the aim to put a better drainage connection from the above soi into the Buakhow one ?
  4. I got there just on 6 pm last night and many punters seem to arrive about that time or within the time it took me to finish my first beer. The Soi came to life pretty quickly 🙂
  5. Why would a business risk the wrath of the BiB? Just not worth it, easier all round to just obey the spirit of the law as well as the detail. Just around town last night the BB's, Beach Road, Soi 6 all the other places I past closed up at 6pm went dark everyone off the premises. As you indicate most people have put in place alternatives to have a drink. For some reason I tend to drink more when there are restrictions on alcohol sales.
  6. I know what you mean. Some years back when I used to use Bell's Bus service, the pick up shuttle service from my Pattaya hotel was running late, they picked me up then a group of indians who kept giving the driver hell about being late. An indian woman went on and on and fucking on about the van being late and the Thai driver was becoming agitated to the extent he could have had an accident, possibly injuring us all. It wasn't the drivers fault there was very heavy traffic all over. Anyway I went right off at the indian woman telling her to STFU, even then she fucken still tried to keep the fucking argument going. Oh avoid getting behind them in an immigration line if possible - high probability of something wrong with their paperwork on my past experience anyway.
  7. I rarely notice chinese in Pattaya but they are obviously about. Indians are another thing - who push in front of me at 7-11, poking me out of their way and being set back on their arses when I dig in the elbows and push them back, way back. Large groups of Indians standing in front of opening lift doors refusing to move or let persons trying to exit the lift to do so. The sight of Indians arguing with Thais on price for almost anything imaginable. FFS. Its nor fair to judge a billion or so people by the ones I see in Pattaya - buts it hard not to do so. Its not fair on Indian people who are reasonable in their dealings.
  8. Removing old overhead wires from the maze north of Tree Town along Buakhow - A ute load of removed old over head wires -
  9. Today they pumped the water out and are breaking up the old drainage cement work deep in the hole they have dug , problem is the steel rebar in the cement work which they are having to oxy cut as they go. Very slow work in the sun -
  10. Indeed. Those options are certainly viable.
  11. Mandatory. The eternal Bar Girl advice from many years ago - "Falang crazy to buy drink for lady he not going to f**k". But heaps of willing attractive woman who will BB with or without a drink. Its really not that hard. GoGos are not the be all and end all. Pattaya has options - just use them and still have a great trip ! 🙂
  12. Thankfully, Pattaya also very adequately caters for those who see no need to visit GoGo's these days.
  13. I feel better dealing directly with the hotel, but have used agoda a couple of times. By the time agoda apply an exchange rate in their favour (wouldn't expect otherwise) there hasn't been much difference in my experience. Never the less others find good specials on adoga which meet their requirements - so its horses for courses. I tend to find a hotel that meets my requirements then generally stick with it, but also keeping an eye out for something better that might come along.
  14. Zeb


    Slice on the 6 do a reasonable job as well
  15. On the site of the demolished Beer Bar complex between Sois 7 & 8 - A new smaller beer bar complex. How about that! New structure setback from the sub Soi a bit - maybe space for tables seats etc out front. A reasonable amount of space left down the site and at the back if it is a success ?
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