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  1. Exceedingly good news Sir. Well done.
  2. I'm on a fishing expedition. Does anyone know of / have experience with, either of these organizations, please ? I believe that back in 2009 one of the originating businesses may have been "OxiGen" Please feel free to P.M. me. Thanks in anticipation. The Proffesor
  3. I believe it is brinkmanship. They ( the Immigration staff ) don't want us to become complacent and assume that we have a right to be here. I don't know if this attitude is encouraged only by the local office manager, or is actually endorsed by Central Government. I had a Retirement Visa for several years before transferring to a Marriage Visa - the latter would support a Work Permit, the former would not. The Retirement Visa became procedural. I had a loose leaf folder that I kept all of the paperwork in, just updating it every year before my visit to Immigration. I have a reasonably equipped home office, so I used to do all of my own copying - but I gave that up in year 3 because none of my copies were good enough - they were either not centered on the page correctly, copied the wrong size, or I'd put 2 double page Passport images on the same A4 sheet of paper. Coincidentally, the 3rd year was when Immigration opened a Copy Shop just inside the entrance door to the Left - any excuse to generate extra income I thought ( pardon me if my cynicism is hanging out ! ). Every time I applied for a Renewal, there would be a change in ( the interpretation of ? ) the requirements, which I just had to Grin & Bear. The change to a Marriage Visa was hard work. It took 2 days. Despite downloading the requirements from the Thai Immigration web site and sliding this "Check List" into the cover of the folder, most of the documents were wrong, or in the incorrect order, or I didn't have enough copies etc etc. On the second day ( a Friday ) it was decided that my Bank Statement ( which I got from the bank the day before, on my way to Immigration ) was 1) out of date, and 2) didn't show any movement in the account. I was told to go back to the bank, Deposit or withdraw THB 1,000 and then get all of the documents reprinted before coming back on the Monday morning. My Visa date was the Sunday, and I was worried about being done for an Overdue Stay if I didn't get the issue resolved that Friday; also, if my Bank Documents dated Thursday were invalid on Friday morning, how was a set of documents dated Friday afternoon going to be accepted on Monday ? So I went to the bank, updated the papers, had lunch and was back in Immigration that same afternoon. Despite having a new Ticket Number and being second in the afternoon cue, I was kept waiting more than 2 hours before being called forward. At which point, everything was painfully re-inspected, before being reluctantly accepted. I was then granted a 30 day extension pending Bangkok's approval of the application ( which actually took just over 5 weeks ). Every subsequent year, I have had to go through the same rigmarole. It is a pain in the arse, but it keeps me in my place ! Illegitimi non carborundum FYI, I keep in excess of THB 400k in the Bank, all year round. I might dip into it occasionally, but the balance is always in excess of the ( currently ) required THB 400k. I don't use an agent; If I've got it done, it's been done legitimately, so hopefully can't be challenged. The OP has my hart felt sympathy, but, it is what it is . . .
  4. The lasagna was also a favorite of mine, and my TW loved the spicy seafood spaghetti.
  5. Can't testify as to Dr Warin, but Dr Cherry is excellent.
  6. Do I spot some ex-Secrets staff there ?
  7. Of all the hospitals in Pattaya, Pattaya International is the one that I prefer top use, when necessary.
  8. Thank-you all for your comments / advise. I'll let you know how I get on, in due course. Cheers The Proffesor
  9. I live on the Dark Side, Pattaya No, I'm not aware of any colouring. The best way I can describe it is when, back in the days of black & white TV's pixalation would be used to hide details, resulting in a ( shades of ) grey blur. The pixilation is like a halo, around the full field of view ( not individual eyes ). Whilst I'm aware of it being there, it doesn't stop me reading or watching TV.
  10. I've been experiencing occasional problems with "pixalation" at the periphery of my vision, for more than a year now. More recently I've noticed that my focal length varies, sat on the sofa with the TV 3.5m away, sometimes I can see more clearly with my reading classes on than I can without. A visiting friend of mine who works as a medical Doctor has suggested that I might have cataracts forming. So, time to go and get looked at. The question is, where do I go ? I'm looking for recommendations as to whom I see, at what establishment / institution - hopefully where the "commerce before care" attitude isn't too prevalent. Your assistance in this regard would be appreciated, please. Thanks in anticipation The Proffesor
  11. All of my license applications have been at the Land Transport Office adjacent to the Regents School. But, TiT; my wife has inadvertently let her car license renewal lapse, so she is going to renew it tomorrow. I asked if she had got her Medical Certificate - she says that Thais don't need one. I then asked her when her motorcycle license expires and she tells me that it is valid until she dies . . . ? !! The inconsistencies are not just at the Land Transport Office. A guy I know ( he died last year ) was working in Chiang Mai for a Company when his Work Permit expired - so he went to the Labour Office up there and renewed it. He showed me the renewal, which was valid for a 2 year period. I've asked our Business Agent ( who handles my Work Permit ) and she says emphatically, there is no such thing as a 2 year W.P. Go figure.
  12. Define "Road Test" I had to drive around the building, through a road cone slalom, and reverse into a parking spot. On the (supplied ) motorcycle, same trip around the building and instead of the parking test, ride across a scaffold plank about 8'-0" ( 2.5 m ) long, that was flat on the concrete ground. Thanks Danny I suppose that at our age, we should be thankful that the mind is only playing tricks and hasn't failed completely - but then, some would say that it is only a matter of time.
  13. I got my first, 1 year, Thai licenses ( motorcycle & car ) on the 28th December 2010 - i came to Thailand with an International Driving License ( IDP - issued by the U.K. post Office ). My Birthday is the 25th December. As the OP says, the effective date of the license is the 1st birthday after it is issued, so my license was valid until 25 Dec 2012. I went to renew them both ( upgrade to a 5 year ) in early December 2012, only to be told that it couldn't be renewed until it had expired, so i went back after Christmas, and got them both renewed / upgraded to 5 years. So, 2017 comes around and I wait until after my birthday to go top renew - only to be told that they've changed the rules ! I should have renewed within the last 3 months of the license's validity. Because I had let the license expire, I had to go through the full gambit of tests, video presentations etc, etc. to get them renewed. They now expire on the 25th December 2022. So, I suggest you check with somebody in the know; if in doubt, go to renew early, rather than late. Best of luck The Proffesor P.S. I'm at an age where my memory is failing, so excuse me if I've got the dates wrong. I do remember that my birthday is at Christmas - I think . . .
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