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  1. Might I ask, " Is there any interest amongst those of us here in Pattaya, in holding a Wake for Phil ?" The other Phil ( Mr Egg @ LePub ) has intimated that he is happy to host the event, and with the assistance of a BM, even provide catering. If there is interest, I'm happy to set it up. If I was clever ( HELP ! ) I'd set up a poll asking :- Are you interested ? If you are, what evening of the week would suit you best ? I'll say no more . . . . . Cheers Proffesor
  2. By eck ! She gets about a bit . . . .
  3. I have the 49" version of this and am pleased with it.
  4. Huge respect for all involved. Very gratifying to know that when the excrement hits the whirlygig, assistance will be forthcoming. I'm curious, what are Puang's and Thomas's plans for the future ? Are they planning on staying in the U.K. or returning to Thailand - post Covid ?
  5. Now there's man who appears to have been dragged up proper ! Very nicely put, Sir.
  6. Happy to help. If you want my bank details, P.M. me. I drop the funds into Bazle's Thai A/c ( he is stuck in London ) he then transfers GBP from his U.K. A/c to TA's. A bit convoluted, but it works and avoids anything other than local bank fees. I should state here I"M NOT LOOKING TO STEAL TOMMY DEE'S THUNDER - Tommy is doing a sterling job, on all fronts. I'm merely offering an alternative.
  7. If you want to send to my Thai ( Kasikorn ) account, there are B.M's ( Thinking Allowed ) in the U.K. who I can fund from Scotland, that will get the money to Puang. P.M. me if you want details
  8. I would make a big effort to get to a remembrance "do" at LePub, and would leave cash in the collection bucket for Phil's family. And if Mr Egg agrees, I'll also make a sensible contribution to food for the occasion. Would have thought that with the number of us that there are, a cash swap shouldn't be too difficult to arrange - funds collected here deposited into a members Thai Bank Account, for said member to then transfer from his U.K. account direct to Phil's missus, or whatever . . . If arrangements are made, please let me know. May he R.I.P
  9. Wot He Said - nice one BritBoy
  10. Without doubt, talk to Tony at MagnaCarta; . their job is to protect your interests. The realtor works for the seller - his job is to get the seller the best possible deal. If the realtor offers to "process" the paperwork for you, I would be highly dubious of his intent. If he offers you a portion of his Commission . . . . ask yourself " Why is he so desperate that he needs to bribe me to buy this property ? ".
  11. O.K. images as promised :- This is the bathroom of a Pattaya town house, built approx 15 years ago. As you can see, it has a toilet, a bath tub ( used only as a shower ) and a wash basin The electric water heater feeds hot water to both the bath mixer tap and the wash basin tap. We are currently working on an identical bathroom directly above :- The bathtub has been removed, together with the toilet and the wash basin. The ceramic floor tiles lifted and the floor "tanked" - the justification for the upgrade was that water was leaking down
  12. If you are in Pattaya and have a serious interest in engaging us to do work, I'm able to take you to various properties where we've undertaken work, to show you the end result. If you're not in Pattaya, and have a specific interest in having us refurb, say, a shower room, we can provide images of work that we have done in different room sizes, shapes and in different "styles". I'm off to work now. I'll try to get images of a bathroom that we're converting to a shower room and post them here, then later, I'll post images of the completed works.
  13. Your kind words are hugely appreciated, thank-you very much. I'm an engineer, not a word-smith. Engineers live in a world of "right" or "wrong" ( and would-be engineers have a third category "good enough" ). My background was in submarine engineering, where "good enough" = people die ! I was somewhat trepidacious about posting such a self promoting text, but commercially, one has to take the opportunities presented; which is why your comment " you seem to have pitched it just right" is so welcomed. Again, thank-you.
  14. Seeing as you asked . . . . . My (Thai ) wife and I have a small Company ( Engineering & Property Services Co Ltd ) based here in the Darkside. I'm an Engineer to trade, so have a reasonable understanding of how things "work". We have Thai staff ( as required to meet my Work Permit quota ), we have a Furniture Workshop / equipment store and we have trusted sub-contractors that cover all the trades that I can imagine you ever needing; which include :- Air Cons Glazing Ceramic Tiling Electrical Plumbing + water tanks, pumps et al I.T. Dec
  15. The attitude that I adopted was " If I'm asked a question, I tell the truth. If they make an assumption, I don't correct it. I don't volunteer information". I was in Thailand when it became time to "claim" my UK Pension, so I claimed on-line, answering the questions asked. I have no reason to travel back to the U.K. since the contract that I was working on was terminated ( some 5 years ago now ). Financially, it isn't worth me booking a flight back ( leaving aside the Covid difficulties ) just to try to claim the entitlements I would get by purporting to be a UK resident. Yes, I
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