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  1. Nothing "lost" as yet. Not going to give details at this stage, other than to repeat that an agreement has been reached whereby my original investment, plus a return, is to be paid.
  2. One size fits almost all . . . .
  3. Update. After extended negotiations with Executives based here in Bangkok, an agreement has been reached whereby the return on my original investment is to be paid. Thank-you all for your insights.
  4. Ooops ! Don't know what went wrong there ! It should have looked like this :-
  5. Thanks for the various advice. I've now managed ( I think ) to get the Property Registration completed on-line ( the wife has an email that says it has been received ). I'll try using her Username & Login to get into the system tomorrow and see what is required to register the guests - I've asked them to send copies of their Passports in advance of arrival. Thanks again
  6. Amongst our neighbours are two police officers and a lady who's daughter works for Immigration. Have spoken with all 3, none of them have any idea. The 2 police didn't know what I was talking about. Go figure. Looks like I'll have to drag the wife down to Immigration early next week.
  7. Thanks for that. However, it won't accept the information that I'm entering ! I know where I live. I have multiple documents with my address on, but the drop-down box for the sub-district doesn't have an option for "Nonprue", so the entire form is repeatedly rejected.
  8. I have a British husband & wife ( personal friends of mine for 30+ years ) stopping over next week-end on their way to visit their daughter in New Zealand. We're due to meet them at BKK on Friday evening, entertain and accommodate them over the weekend and return them to BKK on Monday afternoon for their onward flight. Do I / we ( the Thai wife and I ) need to do anything regarding registration of their stay with us ( in Pattaya Darkside ) with Jomtien Immigration ? Obviously, we are neither a hotel or a guest house - just a private dwelling with a second bedroom. As such, the property owner ( my wife ) has never had cause to register our address as "Accommodation". Whilst I accept that the easy option is probably to "do nothing", my policy in general is to try to comply with the rules of the Country in which I choose ( though I sometimes wonder why ) to live; and I don't want our guests to get accosted by officials as they try to leave BKK, for failing to have registered their location. Advise please . . . .
  9. So does that mean that the exceedingly nice young man can now retire fully ( albeit prematurely ) ?
  10. The final nail in the coffin. R.I.P. Secrets
  11. To follow-up on my previous posts ( 216 & 234 ) . . . . I went to Immigration on the 25th just after 11.00 and presented my Passport with the Marriage Visa renewal extension stamp dated 25/12/2019, was directed straight to the desk, no ticket required. At the desk I was bounced sideways from Officer to officer to clerk to junior clerk, who shuffled through a pile of paperwork, pulled out a sheet, verified the details and re-stamped my passport, good until the 10th December 2020. RESULT ! Nothing said about Health Insurance Nothing said about bringing proof of THB400 k in the bank at 90 days I said Merry Christmas on the way in, and again on the way out; they said . . . .
  12. Several series of novels, all written by John Sandford ( more than 30 in total ) The KIdd series. An artist and computer tech, who with his colleagues get tangled up in various situations. The Lucas Davenport series. An Investigative Police officer, who specializes in "the hard stuff". The Flowers series. A spin off from the Davenport series. Like all good novels, they can be read in isolation, but there are background themes that develop in progression, so I would suggest they be read in order.
  13. So who would you cast as Reacher ? I always thought Tom Cruise was too short. I would vote for Steven Segal. Apologies if this is considered a Thread f**k.
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