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  1. Nirun Condos (3) A1 building(3rd floor), -B1 building, 4th and 5th floor(Corner condo). Studio- 26 meters. Air cond., hot water, safety lock box, 5/6 foot bed, Flat Screen TV, microwave, Fridge, Original bathtub. Full Furniture. Asking 690,000 baht EACH with 50-50 split of transfers cost. Condo is in farang name and has been owned by farang for 10 years and can be transferred quickly. Rent: 4,500....Full furniture. Gov't electric. I can supply sheets, towels, dishes, silverware, etc...You pay yourself, Govt. electric and Nirun water/service. I can answer questions in English and Thai.
  2. I think all the info and photos are on page 1 of this thread. The second condo is a corner , on the 5th floor, in the B1 building. Sale price: Asking 720,000 ....rent 4,500 baht.
  3. Nirun Condos (2) are available for rent or sale.
  4. Yes I would IF you have 700K in cash, under the seat.
  5. I am not sure what you are asking or referring to....I am posting that this condo is in a farang name for the past 8 years. Two reasons for me mentioning this. #1- As this condo is already in a farang name, it can be sold to either a farang or Thai and need not be concerned about if the building is currently over the 49% allowable ownership for farangs. #2- I belive you get lower transfer costs when the condo is owned for over 5 years. Both of the condos are available for immediate sale or rental. Here is a quote from the advert. "Condo is in farang name and has been owned by f
  6. I have another Nirun condo that I could sell. This is a Corner unit and has a extra side window. being it is on the 5th floor and buy a large open area you get a tremendous amount of wind/breezes. Many of the renters that have stayed there never use the air cond. Several because of low electric usage have not paid any electric bill for months. Asking 720K with a 50-50 split of transfer fees. Before all of the photo analyst experts tear apart the photos, these were taken a while ago. I never bother my renters so I haven't taken any new photos. There is a customer who has been there fo
  7. I could also rent it out . 5,000 monthly....Govt electric. Renter pays electric, water, and Nirun service fee(300-450). Available for short or long term rentals.
  8. I will leave the furniture decision for the new owner as they might have plans to rent out the condo and being it is already furnished he can rent it out without spending any money. If I don't sell it I will rent it out again as I have done for the past 10 years. Being these are very low priced rentals you don't want to spend any more money than is absolutely necessary. While not the best/nicest furniture, I have had no problems keeping it rented for the past 10 years.
  9. There are lifts/elevators in all buildings. You still need to be able to walk some stairs as you must walk up to get to the elevator/lift and also where they stop will require you to walk up/down some stairs to get to your room. It is not suitable for someone in a wheelchair.
  10. I could also rent it out . 5,000 monthly....Govt electric. Renter pays electric, water, and Nirun service fee(300-450).
  11. Yesitisdakid...Thanks for the great photos. I hope you don't mine if I borrow them from you to use on another post. Thanks again.
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