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  1. The iPad is temporarily or permanently off the market. I am letting a Thai neighbors kid play with it until she gets bored. I downloaded many age-appropriate games for her to use. The Thai father was concerned about borrowing it because she might break it or lose it. I told him he owes me nothing if that happens. Now I get the biggest smiles everytime I see her.
  2. Thread Bump...Price is lowered...Send me a p/m with your offer if interested. Thank you.
  3. Probably a good idea... hahaha....when they fix the photo posting problem, I will post it on the other site...No big deal either way.
  4. Send this over to your very wealthy friend, who has no need or interest in making commission money from the sale...That site doesn't let me post photos---I have no idea why...
  5. hahaha....No , I don't think so. Way too much talk about the chanote without even a 5 minute conversation with the potential buyer to see if they have any interest in that location or price. I have the full 'red-bird' chanote and the land office carefully verify everything or they won't make the transfer. I am very familiar with the transfer process as last year I sold 5 rai in that same area and transferred the chanote at the Seka land office.
  6. Yes, this house building land would be best suited for someone who wants to live in a smaller city. Probably his lady will have lived near there in the past and might have her family nearby. Not for the average expat for sure. Nothing like Pattaya at all.
  7. One (1) Rai of land for sale with FULL Freehold Title Deed (Red Bird-Chanote Or Nor Sor 4)... This is the highest and strongest type of land ownership deed...This One (1) Rai of land is located inside the city (Pong Hai) in the Bueng Kan Province(Bung Kan). The district name is: 'Seka'... The city name is: Pong Hai...It is located near Route # 222 ... This land is right on the paved road.... 350 truckloads of dirt has been added to raise up the land so it is ready for building on ....The dirt cost 110,000 baht....There are many new houses being built every month... There are over 16,000 people living in that immediate area and around 2,300 houses. Also the police office and hospital are right there too-very close by...There are many small restaurants and a internet shop, gas station, etc. all in a 1-3 minutes drive...A large new market just opened very close (100 meters) away from house land....Will consider a TRADE for equal value - TRADE ( car/truck/boat/condo/house).. The Price is 575,000 baht....Bitcoin and cryptocurrency OK for payment... It might be possible to arrange for the buyer to give a down payment and to make payments for several years... The land can be cut into 2-3 parts if a buyer wants a smaller piece to build a house on with a smaller price too...I can give more info in Thai or English... Make a price offer. Thank you
  8. I am open to a price offer. Send me a p/m if you are interested in buying and want to talk price. Thanks
  9. Same here. I have never has any problems with it ever. It always worked flawlessly. I am open to a price offer.
  10. Yes, I think you are right. Apple stopped updating them a while ago. Without spending a lot of time trying to find the original papers, I would guess that the iPad is about 7 years old.
  11. White iPad 2 for sale--16 GB + wifi...9.7" screen with no scratches....Works perfectly. Very good condition. Have charger and case. Asking 6,500 baht. Please send me a P/M if you want to discuss price. Thank you. Can be seen around the Pattaya/ Jomtien area. Info taken from the back of the iPad. Model: A1936 ... Serial: DLXH12B1DKNV ... IMEI : 012925008256343
  12. Nice variety of photos, john luke....Thanks !!! I am slowly working my way thru the thread.
  13. Good thread, good food, and good photos. Thanks
  14. Definitely hard on the knees, for us older guys. Maybe carry as lightweight folding chair. Highly Recommended place to visit.
  15. Now, you got me really hungry looking at all these pics of delicious food. Thanks for sharing.
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