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  1. Yes, I do read them. If you believe the TAT, Thailand business is booming. Maybe a different kind of booming.
  2. It must be slow around Pattaya as this condo is STILL available for rent. I am surprised that someone hasn't grabbed it up already.
  3. I am not sure who or what you are referring to But I received No outside help from anyone on this forum or any other forum. Believe it or not, on some other forums , I had posters over the years tell me to "forget about it", "That money is long gone" , "it's only a rice paddy that has no value" and many other similar comments. As I was depositing the 500K back into my bank, I thought to myself that it was a good thing that I didn't take their posts seriously. As this land was naturally in a Thai ladies name, I also ignored all the negative 'bad Thai lady' posts.
  4. This land has been Sold. Thanks to all posters. While I didn't make a lot of money I did average a better return than leaving the money in the bank.
  5. Thanks for your post. You make a lot of good points. I try to rent 'long-time', so many customers have or prefer their own sheets. The Nirun fee, now 450-up from 300, is supposed to revert back to 300 next year(Maybe-haha)...If the 10,000 security deposit is a problem, I have lowered it to one month if I feel the customer seems OK. A judgement call. I also wonder if that extra 5,000 deposit is a deal-breaker then maybe the customer will have problems paying the rent on time. Good eye, on seeing the router. I always had internet in the room as I stayed there myself for 8 years. The last customer didn't want internet as he used his phone so I turned it off. I might restart it but these days many are using their phones and certainly don't want to pay another 700 baht monthly for internet. Thanks for your suggestions. I will certainly give them some thought.
  6. Thanks for the post. Some good ideas about the need to remodel. Those are old photos and the flower table cloth is gone. Now it just has the white table which looks cleaner. The sheets are gone too as I only lend them to customers who don't have their own sheets yet. Thanks for the ideas. I should post a few newer photos but I am lazy. haha
  7. Nirun studio condo for rent-Pattaya-5,300 baht with Free Cable TV NIRUN studio Condo ... 3rd floor (A1 Bld)... full furniture, new soft queen size bed(5 foot), new 32 inch flat screen TV, new Microwave, New 2 door fridge, computer desk and chair, fan... New Air cond. and hot water.. Outside patio area set up with sink, water ,electric, table, dishes, bars for hanging clothes to dry.. Rent is 5,300 baht monthly... Includes Free Siphon cable TV.... You pay YOURSELF : electric(low priced Gov't meter), your water usage and Nirun condo service fee(450)... To move in you pay 5,300 baht which is the first months rent and I will hold a Refundable deposit of two month rent (10,000).Total to move-in: 15,300... If needed, I can supply sheets, towels, plates, glasses and silverware... The pool and shower areas has just been totally remodeled along with the common areas... It looks beautiful !!!.. For the convenient centralized location, and reasonable price Nirun Condo is hard to beat... It has a great mix of Thai's and Farangs so there is always someone to talk with . You easily walk to Tesco Express, 7/11, Big-C Extra and there are many bars, restaurants, laundry's, massages all within the complex and nearby.... Nirun is a large Condo complex with 2 swimming pools, 24 hour security, key card front doors, restaurants, bars, internet shops. Like a small city. Located very close to Big-C Extra mall, across from the ShagWell Hotel....I can answer your question in Thai or English...Thank you.
  8. Samsung Tablet. 16 GB, Wi-Fi, Works Great. No scratches on screen. Black color. Model: SM-T560NU . 9.6 inch Touch-Screen Tablet. Asking 2,700 baht or near offer. Can be seen anywhere in the Pattaya or Jomtien area. Google the model # for full details and specifications. Stock Google photo.
  9. The condo has been rented. Thanks to all posters.
  10. Yes, your right in theory But when the renter has a problem you can be sure he will be calling me to help him even though I cannot help him other then to call the unit owner for him. That's why I usually don't want to get involved. It also can go the other way with the condo owner complaining to me for bringing them such a bad renter. Thanks for your posts.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I could do that when it is closer to his arrival date. I usually don't bother with such things as if there is a problem in the condo I cannot do anything about repairing it even though the customer will be calling me. My own condos I repair/replace whatever is bad almost immediately but other owners don't always do the same.
  12. Just contact me when it is closer to your arrival date and I will let you know if I have anything available. Usually you can find one if you walk around and talk with the many shops that advertise condos for rent.
  13. 100% correct. I have one Thai customer that has been renting the condo for 9 years. Had he bought it instead of renting he would have owed it outright by now. He is a taxi driver that shares the room with a friend and also keeps a room in Bangkok, for the times he doesn't have a taxi customer for the return ride.
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