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  1. I could also rent it out . 5,000 monthly....Govt electric. Renter pays electric, water, and Nirun service fee(300-450).
  2. Yesitisdakid...Thanks for the great photos. I hope you don't mine if I borrow them from you to use on another post. Thanks again.
  3. The TV was recently replaced with a color Flat Screen TV...
  4. Nirun condo, in Pattaya, for sale. 4th Floor. B1 building. Studio- 26 meters. Balcony faces out towards the A1 building. Tray ceiling with recessed corner lights. Original bathtub. Full Furniture. Asking 720,000 baht with 50-50 split of transfers cost. Condo is in farang name and has been owned by farang for 8 years and can be transferred quick
  5. I would guess that you can buy a small studio, in a new building, for about 1.5 million. You won't be paying the 300 baht a month maintenance fee like you do in Nirun condo. Maybe around 1,000 baht a month ? Hard to beat Nirun for the price and location.
  6. Maybe it has something to do with the location ? I could be wrong. haha
  7. In the last few years these condos have gone up a lot. From 2010-2015 you could buy them for 400-450K baht. Now they sell for 600K-700K baht. Of course, the exchange rate has really made things more expensive in the last year or so.
  8. The plastic is off the sofa. That photo was taken the same day that the new sofa was delivered.
  9. Thread Bump : Nirun Condo, on the 3rd floor-A1 building, is available. 5,300 baht monthly. New furnishings. New air cond., new TV and microwave. 2 door fridge.
  10. This site is starting to take off. Continued good luck.
  11. I have a Ledger Nano S for sale....2,000 baht or near offer, like new...
  12. Thanks !!! I will PM you when it's closer to moving time. Thanks.
  13. I'm guessing you're referring to another site. Yes, a lot of posts about nothing there. Bored members that have nothing better to do than pick apart whatever is posted. Kind of a waste of time.
  14. Is there any flooding problems there ?? Do the houses rent for under 10K monthly ? I am paying 7K, halfway up the hill on soi khao Talo.
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