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  1. This site is starting to take off. Continued good luck.
  2. I have a Ledger Nano S for sale....2,000 baht or near offer, like new...
  3. Thanks !!! I will PM you when it's closer to moving time. Thanks.
  4. I'm guessing you're referring to another site. Yes, a lot of posts about nothing there. Bored members that have nothing better to do than pick apart whatever is posted. Kind of a waste of time.
  5. Is there any flooding problems there ?? Do the houses rent for under 10K monthly ? I am paying 7K, halfway up the hill on soi khao Talo.
  6. Thanks, I also have some condos for rent. I have a dog. It is surprising slow right now. For the first time in years, I have a Nirun condo empty for several months. The room is very nice and I can't find a renter for 5000 baht. Good Luck with yours.
  7. Same here. I am reluctant to sell it but it is one less thing to move. The problem is I will then buy a new machine at my new location and who knows what luck I will have. This machine has worked flawlessly.
  8. Washing Machine-12 Kilo-LG brand- Perfect condition. Only used 2-3 times a month. Like new-never repaired. Product# WF-T1277TD....Asking 10,000 baht. I can NOT deliver to you.
  9. Check you eyes as that photo does NOT show the mattress. It shows the under mattress part of the bed set that the mattress sits on. The actual mattress is new. What day would you like to come by to see this condo and give your deposit ??
  10. Nirun Condo, on the 3rd floor is available. 5,300 baht monthly. New furnishings.
  11. It has been sold...the man who just bought it said he put in new batteries and the keypad is working perfectly. He got a good deal.
  12. I have no idea about getting a new key cut. It might not be worth the cost.
  13. Do you think I am asking too much ? I might consider a near-price offer. Send me a p/m if your interested.
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