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  1. Please note that, in order to allow our Staff to enjoy Songkran, Babydolls’s Agogo will be Closed for Business on Friday 19th April. We will reopen for business as usual on Saturday 20th April. Have fun but stay safe!
  2. Have you ever met anybody famous? When I was much younger I was working as a cook at the Palm Garden Grill located in San Francisco on Market Street and 6th. Down the street was the Orpheum Theater which had a lot of live shows in it at that time. One night business was slow in walks none other than Bob Dylan with a drop-dead knockout Japanese girl. I cooked dinner for them that night sea bass before they left I asked them if it would be possible if we could get some promotional pictures for the bar and restaurant and he said Absolutely I'll be back after the show. I guess you can figure out he never did come back but that was something I won't forget. Also when I was working in Sacramento kcra-tv was doing a charity event and the rest when I worked at was right down the street Walter Matthau came in had a corned beef sandwich really really nice guy. I'm sure some of you must have interesting stories about who you've met or come across in your lifetime. Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
  3. that was our very first DJ he didn't last long because he couldn't keep the volume at Pleasant level no matter how many times he was told Sent from my LG-H962 using Tapatalk
  4. Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
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