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  1. Tham

    Cambodian Visa

    I arrived in Phnom Penh yesterday with the E visa - really fast to get through immigration, A mate went for the visa on arrival and it took around 5 minutes, Very good set up.
  2. Tham

    Kanchanaburi, the Long walk!

    Excellent photos - many thanks
  3. Tham

    Seat 61 rail website

    I just wanted to post this for folks who maybe hadn't seen it before, it's a great site for train journey information and covers lots of Countries. https://www.seat61.com/Thailand.htm
  4. Tham

    The ferry from pattaya to Hua Hin

    At least you have the security of knowing a Thai Captain will be at the helm to get you safely there - well worth the extra fare you are paying over the cost of a bus.
  5. Tham

    Bangkok Airways.

    I also like them, If possible I would always use them over the budget carriers here, lounges make things a lot better than being treated like shit by most of the other airlines
  6. Tham

    Sleeping Capsules at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

    Also saw a version of these in Ho Chi Minh airport last month after check-in & security area, I think you rented them in 30 minute blocks - not as posh as those pictures though.
  7. Tham

    Bars closed again ??? .

    Can get a beer in a mug here 🙂
  8. Tham

    Digital Detox

    Sounds like a good plan, I wish all the zombies walking around looking at their phones instead of where they are going would do likewise.
  9. Tham

    Sweet Baby Jesus

    "The one and only...superstar............Barry Upton" - lol - you have to laugh at the intro
  10. Tham

    Any Bang Chang updates?

    Was told last night by sms from a friend in Ban Chang, that the Camel is still shut, the interior is stripped and the walls inside have been bricked up to split it into separate units. Looks like it is gone for good.
  11. Tham

    Do You Drive in Pattaya?

    I owned a truck when living in Chiang Mai and driving there was okay, As soon as I moved back to Pattaya the truck got sold as I knew I would probably get arrested for a road rage incident with all the morons driving here! lol
  12. Tham

    Any Bang Chang updates?

    The rumour I heard was that the new owner is "Terry" who used to run it before the final owner. When he was the owner it was a good bar and good food - I may need to head down for a look.
  13. I used to work in Bang Chang and had a great time there at "The Strip" in the evenings. I was down in July and saw that the Camel Bar was sadly closed - I have however heard that it may be reopening again can anyone confirm this?
  14. Hi all, I have just signed up here and saying hello.