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  1. 30 seems to be a magic number. I heard from someone that Fahrenheit will be selecting 30 dancers to work when they reopen next week.
  2. Windmill will now open the 10th... they had a big group in cleaning the place today but I suppose need more one day.
  3. The Dollhouse (Pattaya) posted on Facebook that they will be open this weekend.
  4. They are going to be recruiting girls today .... are you pretty enough to qualify?
  5. Pin up opens on Wednesday the 8th Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  6. Tonight I went a checked out the only gogo open on Walking Street: Tantra. First let me say that I admire them for opening up and giving people the chance to earn a living. Pattaya needs more businesses open. Tonight is the first night of a 4 day holiday and Pattaya is more crowded than it's been in months. Lots of domestic tourists. Anyway, back to Tantra. Tantra is a long thin gogo with one long thin stage in the middle broken into three pieces allow people to cross from one side of the room to the other. They wrapped a long sheet of plastic around the poles crating a huge cocoon around the whole stage from knee level up to about head level. There were a few breaks in the cocoon to allow girls to enter and leave the stage. The girls were not topless (although I remember fondly some topless shows at this gogo not too long ago). The girls were not even in bikinis, they were dressed in nice outfits but fully clothed. The girls were not even dancing. They sat motionless on high stools sitting on the stage. That's right, the entertainment offered by this gogo and for which you pay a premium in your drink price is to watch a fully clothed girl sitting quietly on a stool behind a sheet of plastic. And to make things worse I think they got their DJ from a auto parts store since he played solid car-alarm sounds the whole time. Not even a break to play actual music as they used to do when the showgirls got on stage. I know this is a phase and we'll get though this. I don't see why having the dancer dance topless would be so harmful to them or the customer. It would be a whole lot more entertaining. And Walking Street is no longer exclusive to walkers. Cars are parked along the street and motorbikes roam freely and park wherever they want. It's chaos I tell you.
  7. I just finished The Valhalla Murders. It's an Icelandic murder mystery series. One season. Lots of exciting action and twists and turns so you really don't know the whole story until it's done. Lots and lots of snow and funny names for people. It's dubbed in English as well as other languages. The English subtitles don't match the dubbed English so if you listen to the English and read the subtitles it's like watching two versions of each scene. A good way to spend your time sheltering in place. Two thumbs up.
  8. If it's like where I grew up you need to get a construction permit to begin construction.... but then when it's done you get a license to have it operate as a business. Two different things. Of course you want assurances that you'll be able to obtain a license when you're done and I'm not sure how that's done here or if the licensing folks can or will make that promise sight unseen.
  9. I don't know things work around here but I would have expected that one would apply for a license to operate after construction was nearly done so that the premises could be inspected by the authorities before granting a license. Maybe here you get a licence before starting construction. Surprising .... but this is Thailand.
  10. I like his videos. The Thailand YouTube videos are now either live streams which are pointless ebegging sessions and a chance for trolls to make trouble or they are the videos where you show what you did that day. There's no point to those videos either but at least you hope the author took a little time to cut out the parts where nothing happens (which is what comprises most of a live stream). Pattaya Pariah shoots the video and months later after returning home and having time to reflect on his experience comes up with a thesis for the video and expands on that theme with narration. He's not trying to rush through it (so understandably this drives people nuts who have short attention spans). He takes his time since he is in no rush to shoot and edit and produce a video that day like so many YouTubers. Like him or hate him there's no denying that he's an original and for that alone he deserves praise.
  11. I was going to ask about which office you used... but that's in the title. odd about the 50 limit in the morning.. when I did it last year they collected the paperwork in the morning and you came back the next day for the extension. it was a rapid process no matter what your queue number.
  12. I never thought I'd say this but I think Hitler made some good points in the video.
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