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  1. I know of a Super Girl on Soi Diamond that turned into Angel a gogo.... I wasn't aware that it was reborn on Walking Street. Where was it before its demise?
  2. The True Wallet is just like a bank account controlled by True. There is nothing physical. There is an app on your phone that shows your True Wallet balance. If you want to pay with True Wallet you click on the 'pay' button on the app and it brings up a QR code and the person at the register scans the QR code and money is transferred from your True account to the merchant. You can transfer money to another true wallet user (using their phone number). You can add money to your wallet from your bank using the bank's app on your phone. When I used True Wallet at a 7-11 I
  3. I visited some gogos last night. I hadn't been in quite a while. Dollhouse -- now includes girls from Electric Blue, Beavers and XXX (upstairs) which are all closed. Incredible lineup, beating their pre-virus group by a mile. They were dancing in the XXX costume (i.e. a bit of gauze around the waist). A smattering of customers (but this was a Thursday, I expect bigger crowds on the weekend). A real barfine is 1000 baht and the short time rental is 800 baht. It's like going back in time. PinUp - plenty of seats available at 10:30pm. Girls dance behind plexig
  4. And I think that Mr Egg did what any mature sane person would do. Diffuse the situation instead of making it worse. i admire him for that. We already have more hot heads than we need. Sorry bro but that's how I see it.
  5. I renewed mine just about one year ago. People were packed like sardines as we watched the video and did the tests. That's not going to happen today which implies they can process far fewer applicants now. I heard about needing an appointment in some news report. I"m not sure if that's true or not. Here is where an Agent might come in handy as they will know how things are running now. Also when you make photocopies of your passport and current licenses (front and back) make sure you sign each photocopy...
  6. you are making two separate applications to renew your licenses so you need two separate piles of documents, each complete without reference to the other. No copies of the residence certificate and medical. If you go to Jomtien immigration and tell them you need two residence certificates they understand why and won't question it. You will need to give them twice as many photos of you (you'll need to give them 4 photos). Also when you go to the clinic and tell them you need two medical certificates they will do it without question. You'll pay twice as much as one. They know the rule
  7. You would be advised to renew at least one day after your birthday as the new license expires 5 years after your next birthday. You thus get a 6 year license rather than a 5 year. You'll need two medical certificates and two residence certificates. you'll need a photocopy (front and back) of your current licenses plus two sets of photocopies of the usual pages of your passport. You don't need to fill out an application for the license. They fill it out and you sign it (or actually I think you sign it first and then they fill it out). The tests are: color, dept
  8. 30 seems to be a magic number. I heard from someone that Fahrenheit will be selecting 30 dancers to work when they reopen next week.
  9. Windmill will now open the 10th... they had a big group in cleaning the place today but I suppose need more one day.
  10. The Dollhouse (Pattaya) posted on Facebook that they will be open this weekend.
  11. They are going to be recruiting girls today .... are you pretty enough to qualify?
  12. Pin up opens on Wednesday the 8th Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  13. Tonight I went a checked out the only gogo open on Walking Street: Tantra. First let me say that I admire them for opening up and giving people the chance to earn a living. Pattaya needs more businesses open. Tonight is the first night of a 4 day holiday and Pattaya is more crowded than it's been in months. Lots of domestic tourists. Anyway, back to Tantra. Tantra is a long thin gogo with one long thin stage in the middle broken into three pieces allow people to cross from one side of the room to the other. They wrapped a long sheet of plastic around the
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