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  1. I was out last night. Folks at the Windmill told me about the police raid the previous night and how a manager and mamsan were taken away as well as an under 20 dancer. However it was business as usual last night at the Windmill. in the past closure orders take a while to happen.. it could be that something will come of this raid in the days to come. I found that Electric Blue was also raided that same night but I don't think any staff were hauled away. Last night the ladies were wearing bikini tops and skirts.... nothing showing.. As a result there were just a few customers unlike a normal Friday night.. Then I went to a gogo on Walking Street near the police stand and the girls were topless and bouncing up an down on customers doing lap dances. The inconsistency of the rules here is amazing.
  2. Those in Bangkok really suffer getting an extension. I'm so thankful that the Jomtien office is much quicker.
  3. I this it was the Beach Club on soi 15 that introduced table dancing and then the Shark Club and Beavers came along with the same theme. Others then popped up. Strangely though that type of gogo has pretty much disappeared.... maybe there's a glimmer in Misty's but the girls on the table aren't going commando.. It's a shame.. I found it good fun..
  4. trivia question: What's the last new gogo that opened on the beach side of Walking Street that still lasts until today? People keep trying to open new gogos on the beach side only (apparently) to learn that they can't get a license and fail.... at least that's what been written on the forums. So there must be a last gogo that go in before the moratorium started. And no I don't know the answer. Maybe Taboo....
  5. Yes absolutely. That's what forums are for - to talk about what we see whether good or bad. Ignore those who try to stifle discussion - that makes no sense as no one is forced to read every thread -- but there always folks like that on these forums. I avoided this soi as it felt like I was doing motocross on my motorbike just driving down it. After the repaving it became useful again. I'll be watching to see at what point it becomes unusable again.
  6. When I've gotten my road tax sticker at an inspection station I give them my green book and proof of government insurance (and 300 baht) and then come back in 3 or 4 days and get back my green book and road tax sticker. At these temporary shops in malls like Big C and Central do they print up the road tax sticker on the spot or do I have to come back in a week to pick up my sticker and green book?
  7. I recall a video from vlogger Kev in Thailand where he went to have his newly purchased pre-owned bike inspected and it was rejected due to having blue lights. So I suppose these inspections will help reduce the number of illegal mods people put on their bikes (.. of course after the inspection you could put the mods back on ..)
  8. good info.... but I just got my bike road tax at the inspection station on soi 4 off Pattaya Tai.... I'll use it for my car in October....
  9. The remodel in front of The Avenue is nearly done. They still have to install a new sign. They replaced the elevated walkway and fake stones and grass with a giant concrete slab. They textured part of it to look like wood and another part to look like tile. At least that should make it less slippery when it rains. Now there's more room for the night market that's starts when the sun goes down.
  10. The old favorite Supergirls on Soi Diamond is now becoming Angel... ( When the Japanese guys left Supergirl to go to other gogos it started the decline of Walking Street as they brought overpaying to the whole area like a virus...)
  11. As seen in the news.... the resuming of sending water to most of Pattaya was delayed due to weather.... and now is scheduled to restart at noon today (2.5 hours from now). I didn't notice any disruption of businesses on Walking Street last night... and my condo has no problem as well.
  12. Second time's the charm.. They are planning to shutting off the water for real this time on Wednesday. What we learned last time is that only residences and businesses which don't have a water tank big enough to supply water for a day will be affected by this..
  13. The water shut off has been cancelled..... go about your business as usual.
  14. The water is due to be cutoff most of Wednesday on Walking Street (as part of a very large area of Pattaya). I wonder what this means for the gogos on Wednesday night. Certainly some can get water trucked in but there aren't enough trucks for all the gogos and other buildings in that area (I suspect).
  15. I would say that the original post needed a bit more information. I can't see why a change in management needs to be kept secret (unless it hasn't happened yet and the soon to be former manger doesn't know his days are numbered).
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