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  1. Gogo report from April 17, two days before the big Songkran day. It's not a typical gogo night in Pattaya as many regulars are staying away from nightlife due to the actions of so many that don't realize that water tossing is supposed to stop at 6pm. It was just giant water guns on Walking Street last night rather than buckets of water so it wasn't all that bad for me. Fahrenheit - about half the staff is there. They are dressed in special Songran outfits which look like something your grandmother would be comforable wearing. Not sexy. Seats covered in plastic. They plan to be open on the 19th which I think is bad for the staff who have to make it to work (not easy) and can't enjoy the big party on the 19th. Few customers as compared to a normal evening in the place. I imagine there will be even fewer customers and girls on the 19th. They should close and save on the electric bill. Dollhouse - not many ladies or customers but my favorite was there so I had a good time. They will be closed on the 19th. Electric Blue - reduced number of dancers and none of my three favorites were there. My friend found two girls he liked and had a good time with them. Windmill - full but not packed. Two favorites were there and I had a good time. Windmill just does one thing wrong: if you are buying a girl a drink and she has to dance then she can't come down and sit with you after 5 minutes or so. She has to stay up there the full 15 to 20 minutes. That usually convinces me to leave and go somewhere else. At places that allow the girl to come down early (like Dollhouse, Electric Blue, Palace, etc) I end up buying a lot more lady drinks and that's what the bar's there for. I'm happier and the bar is happier. Are you listening Windmill? Shark They had a good pole show going when we went in. I haven't seen one like that in ages (since years ago at the Queen club). There were some cuties but only one girl of the bunch was topless. Teerak This has the best girls in town at the moment. Young thin nubile topless girls .. if you're into such a thing. Word has gotten out however. It's a small place and our group could not find a seat. Packed to the brim. We even tried twice hours apart but packed both times.
  2. You see it all the time now. The asian men pick a girl and she often picks out a friend or two. The mamsan comes over with a pad of paper or calculator and shows them a number and they just pay it or agree to pay it without negotiating. They take a few girls to a disco like Hollywood where they drink more and all but one girl is jettisoned with one going to the room with the customer. I think they feel if they haggle on the price it will make them look bad in front of their friends. So they just pay. Girls actually get in trouble for accepting less than the "bar rate" and many mamasans want the payment up front so you can't do less unless you meet on their day off. Gogo pricing has evolved over just a few years from a bargain to something comparable to what the Japanese and Koreans pay at home (which is no bargain). Evolution is not always successful and in the animal kingdom some species evolved into something that eventually died out. The gogos have evolved into something requiring Japanese and Korean customers so they are in danger of dying out if those customers stay away. I'm speaking of the traditional gogos. The hands on places are still doing well since you can have some fun for the price of a few drinks. barfines and ST/LT rates are not so important.
  3. Now they do it because the Japanese and Korean guys will pay it without blinking an eye ... in fact I think those guys feel better about overpaying because it feeds their ego that they got a real prize they can brag about to their friends.
  4. Went to a few gogos last night and the winner is Teerak on Walking Street near Soi Diamond. Lots of cute spinners (which are now very hard to find as most gogos seem to employ the larger ladies now). Last night there were two groups (they call them 'floors') of models and one of coyotes. What distinguishes the models from the others is that they dance topless and it costs 200 for a lady drink. Insane barfine of 2000 baht (sadly typical nowdays) and one girl wanted 3000 ST and 5000 LT. Tiny place so you're up close with the ladies. A good place to watch the show, not so good for takeaway.
  5. Thank you for your interview and your report on that interview. At the end the official states that the good thing about the 800k in the bank is that you now are prepared to take care of emergencies. I would have liked you to probe a bit further on this as I find it confusing. If a month after your extension based on 800k in the bank you get in an accident and the hospital wants 100k to make you better you have a problem. You have 800k in the bank so you could immediately given them the 100k. However if you were to do so you would be violating the provisions of your retirement extension. Even if you put the money back before the 90 after extension check they will notice that the balanced dipped below 800k. Surely this will get you in trouble at the 90 day check or when you want to renew your extension next year. Does immigration see that they are asking people to save money to support their retirement yet are not allowing them to use it 5 months out of the year (and only half of it 7 months out of the year)?
  6. A great series is Love Death and Robots. It's a series of short unrelated animated films. Very entertaining and if one isn't to your taste it will be over soon and you'll be on to the next one.
  7. Mr DIY at the Avenue will open on Sunday March 31 according to signs posted. It's a big store and a a big win for The Avenue. Central and T21 have nothing like it.
  8. When I first read the rumor that they were opening another mini mart I groused that there needs to be a practical store at the mall like a Mr. DIY .... and sure enough that will come true. I'm happy that's what's going in there... but I wonder if Mr. DIY is overextending itself. There's one a short distance away at the Royal Garden Mall and a slightly further distance away at the Harbor Mall and Tuk Com....
  9. what if the business is owned by the BiB? In the past there's always been a gogo or two open during the dry days..... but I couldn't spot a single one on Walking Street and adjacent sois last night.... maybe next weekend when the ban covers 1.5 working days some places will open earlier than the law specifies...
  10. I've also donated to a BM when I determined that unexpected expenses of medical treatment was more than they could afford. Kev has never said that he could not afford the treatment. He planned well for his retirement and felt he could self insure. He has never implied that this is not the case. I was hoping that Kev in his second video would have said "I appreciate all the donations but I can afford this treatment which is why I felt safe self-insuring. Please don't send donations and those already sent to me will be sent instead to <insert name of charity>" That would have been a class thing to do.
  11. Sergio's at the Avenue has some great pizza and the best Calzone by far in the whole area (and maybe all of Thailand based on my experience). However Sergio's doesn't have pizza by the slice so that would be an attractive addition to the Food World.
  12. I've got 800k that I can't touch sitting in the bank likely for the rest of my life and that amount may grow if immigration is as unfamiliar with logic as Sir Fondles. However if I spend 1 Million baht I can get a 20 year elite visa which has some extra privileges... So that starts to look quite attractive.... http://thaielite-express.com/elite-superiority-extension/
  13. If the point of starting the 12 month extension with 800k in the bank to spend over the year then yes it makes sense to increase it as the cost of living has gone up. However you're explicitly not allowed to use the 800k and can only use 400k for 7 months. Requiring more money in the bank that you can't use doesn't make any sense in terms of ensuring you have enough money to live out your extension period in Thailand.
  14. At this time I'd advise anyone against doing the monthly bank transfer route until we have an idea of what they are looking for here. Some have mentioned that the transfers have to be on the same date (or nearly so) and that you have to prove that the money came from overseas. Ultimately I fear that the bank is going to have to get involved in certifying this in a letter. We haven't crossed that bridge yet and I'd advise letting others cross first and see what happens to them.
  15. The 65k isn't locked in. You can live off of that. But if you prepay for the year and have 800k in the bank you can't live off of that. What's the logic in that?
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