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  1. Looking at my visa that I got in 2011 I see written by hand: NON "O" and then next to it is the word "RETIREMENT" rubber stamped next to it. Does the word "RETIREMENT" turn it into an O-A visa? I'm thinking based on this new video that it does not, that existing retired folks are grandfathered in and do not have to get this insurance at this moment?
  2. Someone posted in another forum that he was told that Jomtien would require proof of health insurance from one of the approved companies when renewing an extension at Jomtien. Told by whom was not specified. I figure that the only way to know for sure is hear from those renewing. I don't renew my extension until February but I renew my health insurance in January and I'd like to know if I have to buy outpatient coverage as well.
  3. Has anyone renewed their retirement extension at Jomtien since Nov 1 and if so did they demand proof of health insurance? I've still seen no consistent answer to whether health insurance is needed for extensions so the ultimate answer is what is being asked of those renewing. I have plenty of inpatient coverage myself but for outpatient I insure myself as it's cheap enough.
  4. Since you took the trouble to go all the way to immigration it might have made sense to spend 20 minutes more and get the TM-30 done. That's what we call "future proofing". It's when you need a service from them that they care about the TM-30 (such as residence certificate (in my case), an extension renewal or perhaps even a 90-day check in). There still seems to be a lot of talk about the TM-30 now involving high level folks at immigration. Maybe we'll see this streamlined.
  5. I can report that while people are posting that getting a Residence Certificate requires a TM-30 receipt, I was still able to get a Residence Certificate at Jomtien without the TM-30 (as I'm on a retirement extension). So for now the goal of the petition has been met for those of us using Jomtien. I hope that lasts..
  6. i really enjoyed "The Boys", an Amazon Prime Video.... I got it via a torrent but I may subscribe to Amazon Prime to see other content. It seems that amount of shows available in Thailand (without resorting to a VPN) is much more than last time I looked (my TV has an Amazon Prime application but can't go through a VPN). The cost for video alone as far I can tell is free for the first month, $3/month for 6 months and then $6/month. You can get the full Amazon Prime membership for free for the first month and then $13/month. I don't know if there are any benefits to the full Amazon Prime if you live in Thailand as the key benefit is amazingly fast shipping which I assume helps little for international orders. But back to the TV series. The Boys is highly recommended...
  7. A good guess would be Soi 3 based on the contents of the huge message.
  8. i asked google.. it says An average hookah bowl contains as much nicotine as a pack of 20 cigarettes. Nicotine is an addictive drug, so smoking hookah can be every bit as addictive as smoking cigarettes. Smokers inhale 500 to 600 ml of smoke in the 20 puffs it takes to smoke a cigarette.
  9. I thought the elimination of what I refer to as the "stink pipe" was one of the most vivid examples that things can change quickly here if the government wants it. One day they were everywhere and the next day they were gone. I really applauded that as many bar girls were smoking it just because it was there and becoming nicotine addicts when they never would have become addicts without this incentive. I have a memory of being in the Queen club on LK and it was very crowded with customers and some guy with a bucket of hot coals was making his way though the crowd. If he had tripped and dumped that on the seat cushions it's likely a fire would have started and many would have died in the panic to get out... It distracted me from what was going on on stage..
  10. Thank you for the clarification. I had incorrectly assumed that you were like many here (including me) who live primarily in their own place in Thailand on retirement extensions. In your situation however I concur that it is a good idea follow the law and file a TM-30.
  11. Thanks to the OP for the informative post. I wonder what prompted you to file a TM-30. Did you get into trouble in the past for not having filed a TM-30? I know that technically it's required however while I've lived on a retirement extension in my own condo for many years the folks at Jomtien have never asked to see a TM-30 receipt from me so I figure they don't care at that office.
  12. I was out last night. Folks at the Windmill told me about the police raid the previous night and how a manager and mamsan were taken away as well as an under 20 dancer. However it was business as usual last night at the Windmill. in the past closure orders take a while to happen.. it could be that something will come of this raid in the days to come. I found that Electric Blue was also raided that same night but I don't think any staff were hauled away. Last night the ladies were wearing bikini tops and skirts.... nothing showing.. As a result there were just a few customers unlike a normal Friday night.. Then I went to a gogo on Walking Street near the police stand and the girls were topless and bouncing up an down on customers doing lap dances. The inconsistency of the rules here is amazing.
  13. Those in Bangkok really suffer getting an extension. I'm so thankful that the Jomtien office is much quicker.
  14. I this it was the Beach Club on soi 15 that introduced table dancing and then the Shark Club and Beavers came along with the same theme. Others then popped up. Strangely though that type of gogo has pretty much disappeared.... maybe there's a glimmer in Misty's but the girls on the table aren't going commando.. It's a shame.. I found it good fun..
  15. trivia question: What's the last new gogo that opened on the beach side of Walking Street that still lasts until today? People keep trying to open new gogos on the beach side only (apparently) to learn that they can't get a license and fail.... at least that's what been written on the forums. So there must be a last gogo that go in before the moratorium started. And no I don't know the answer. Maybe Taboo....
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