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  1. Rolling Stones last year in London. They were amazing
  2. Agreed, that fight was epic
  3. Nice. I love FOS, best day of the year
  4. Never seen one before. What size engine?
  5. That K5 is a bit special...
  6. Sounds like fun, must have been mental with the tune . I wrote mine off.... Been looking at the custom RGV500s...As you say big money.... Can't beat that 500 engine, my best bike ever,, although my RGV is a very special bike too...
  7. Ha, I had a RG500 in 89 too, nearly killed myself in it... Would like another...
  8. I've always been a 2 stroke sports bike fan.... Bought this last year and love it
  9. Hi guys, Visited Thailand first in 1990. Been a regular visitor ever since. I live in the UK, long term plan is to be in Thailand during our winter months, then go home to regain my sanity during our summers... Thailand is certainly a very different place to what it was in 1990 but I still enjoy my visits and try not to compare to the good old days....
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