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  1. Report from my retirement extension today, though at Maptaphut not Jomtien. A sign was posted on their wall that after Oct 31 O-A visa holders had to present proof of insurance to get the extension. When I retired here, it was off an O visa, so insurance wasn't even mentioned. And a shout out to Maptaphut immigration. I came with my TM7 and TM47 pre-filled, bank letter, and copies of passport and bank book made and signed. I had to fill out the one additional form advising of penalties for overstay. I arrived at 10:47 and at 11:03 I was walking out with my extension and updated 90 day report. Having dealt with immigration in 3 other locations, the folks at Maptaphut are the best.
  2. We brought several kitchen appliances, and when I built the house up country I installed a heavy duty transformer we also shipped over in a kitchen cabinet and had the builders route an extra pair of plug sockets down to it. Those sockets are clearly labeled 110VAC, and all the appliances that use it are in the same cabinet as the transformer. Fortunately, as TW lived in the US for more than a decade we don't have a problem knowing which plug to use. Having things like our large Cuisinart food processor ($250 in the US, over $1000 here) and a decent large size tortilla press among other things made it worth it for us. EDIT: We also brought a lot of furniture, because once you go for a container you might as well fill it up. It's funny because a lot of our furniture was hand carved teak tables, etc, that I had originally shipped to the US from Thailand. We could have sold it easily at a good price, but we really liked it so we brought it back.
  3. That's probably true. Fortunately, considering they won't cover heart/circulatory for me, I can quite easily.
  4. Well, as the insurance companies specifically exclude heart and circulatory coverage for me, not much point paying them. I also know someone who had a quadruple bypass (~1.8MBaht) so I have a good idea of how much to keep in the emergency fund, and don't let it get nearly that low.
  5. Like everything else immigration, I expect it depends on the office. When I was still upcountry, I was actually sent away to the bank once because my last transaction was a week older than the bank letter. I had to make a transaction and get a new letter. Now I do a transaction on the morning I go for the letter to be sure, and make sure there is a transaction every month. I don't know if the office where I live now is as strict.
  6. I'm another who decided to self insure. High blood pressure controlled by medication for nearly 30 years and the insurers won't cover heart/circulatory but won't reduce the premiums for the reduced coverage. Plus at my age premiums are getting ridiculous. So I just keep a very healthy balance in a Thai bank account. As an added bonus retirement extensions are a breeze as my balance is well over what is required. I do send my foreign transfers to that account and make a monthly transfer from it to another account that has an ATM card for monthly expenses, because they want to see activity on the account you present for the extension.
  7. I also got the Fortuner 5 years ago. It's basically the Rab 4 comfort package on the super tough hilux truck chasis. We only drive around 12,000km/yr so assuming no accidents this could be the last vehicle I have to buy.
  8. We have four doors, it is unlikely we couldn't reach one from anywhere in the house. Plus the windows are nearly 3m above the ground, so that would be quite a drop. Also construction here is generally concrete and steel, so much less likely to catch on fire than the wood and drywall style house we had in the states. We also took great care during construction with the electrical work to minimize the main cause of fires in Thailand.
  9. Our place upcountry has stainless burglar bars on the windows, a two meter wall surrounding the property, and a GSM alarm system on the house doors which will text and voice call us if one is opened. TW's folks check on the grounds regularly as they keep the grass cut and collect fruit from the trees. Our place down by the coast is in a gated community with two guards 24/7 so the gatehouse is always manned and they do periodic bicycle patrols of the community. The house also has CCTV cameras on on the entrances. Nothing is perfect but hardening a location will generally cause a thief to choose an easier target.
  10. Kasikorn's highest single button selection is 10,000. So I always had to hit "Change Language" "English" "Cash Withdrawal" "Key in other amounts" "Savings" then the amount I wanted. 30,000 max at a time, 50,000 max a day.
  11. I also use that immigration office, and in fact was there today to update my TM30 and get a residence cert for the Amphur tomorrow. We just moved in to our new house. I also appreciate how friendly and helpful this office is compared to the last two I dealt with up country. For example my last retirement extension we showed up at 10:30 with pre-filled forms and documents, and by 11:15 we had the extension in the passport and were on the way to lunch. But I thought you had to be resident in the area your immigration office covers for retirement and marriage extensions. So Maptaphut would only service people resident in Rayong province?
  12. Just got back from Home Pro and they've done away with bags entirely. So now I just take my cart down the escalator ramp out to the parking even if there are only a few items in it and they can go get it.
  13. We just have our insurance agent do it for us when we renew our vehicle insurance.
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