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  1. Thai schools, government offices, and medical providers will list your age based off your birth date - counting the same way we do. I've met the occasional Thai who lied about their age, but that's different.
  2. Not true. Thais count age the same as us. Source: I have two Thai kids.
  3. tko


    The beach in Ban Phe, Rayong before the hill is kept spotless.
  4. It may have changed, but I used my Netflix account that I started in the US in Thailand for a couple years, using a vpn. Then just before they rolled out worldwide, they started blocking vpns. I checked out the Thai Netflix, and found the catalogue in Thailand was sparse compared to US Netflix (<4%), so I cancelled. Like others above, I've found alternate sources for acquiring video entertainment. From what I'm reading, with so many content providers (Disney, CBS, etc, etc) launching their own streaming services, I'm not sure how much Netflix will be able to license going forward.
  5. I've been doing my 90 day reports online anyway. They're approved immediately and I won't have to worry that I'm not up to date when the amnesties end.
  6. And the other shoe has dropped. All the persons who scanned into the mall when the infected Egyptian visited have been ordered to self quarantine until 24 July, and contact the Rayong Public Health Office - I assume for monitoring. Fortunately for us, they released the detailed timeline and he visited the day after my wife and daughter's visit.
  7. Are you intentionally being obtuse? I'm worried about the reaction of the authorities. They're already shutting schools that had nothing to do with this. No one knows what they will do with the contact tracing lists of people who visited the malls.
  8. Yeah, you (deleted). Have you seen how they shut down the country at the start of the pandemic? This was almost over here, now both my kid's schools have been shut down again. Thanks to contact tracing, everybody who visited that mall should be concerned about the reaction to this.
  9. My daughter's school in Rayong has just sent out a message that they're closing back down, for at least another week. I expect due to this. It's not clear from that report, but the Thai language reports say that they arrived at night on the 8th and left for China early the 9th, arriving back at night. So I'm hoping that the day they visited the malls, etc, was the 10th, because my wife and daughter went to one of the malls he's listed as visting the 9th.
  10. I've paid the Thai price at Nong Nuch and Underwater world using my Thai DL, so for some places it is a discount for locals like you see elsewhere in the world.
  11. I've been in the markets for decades, but I'm a buy and hold guy. For a little while during the 2008 crash I day traded a bit. I made money but too much stress. I prefer to do my research and go for solid long term stocks and funds that pay dividends. Sometimes I get it wrong, and dump those for tax write-offs, but in general it's worked well for me. After now after five major market crashes in my investing life time I've also learned to let it ride. You haven't lost anything until you sell, and in the mean time they're paying dividends.
  12. I think that's the issue. Different offices with different rules. I've done my extensions at Surin until Buriram got their own office, and now Rayong. All three want the letter to be within 3 days of the visit to immigration. That's helpful because the bank I use is in a mall and opens at 11:00, and there's always a crush of people at opening. It can take an hour to get the letter, so half the day is gone already. One thing they added when I started using the Buriram office was there had to be a transaction on the account the same date as the letter. I don't know if Rayong requires that but to be safe I do a transfer from the account before I go to the bank for the letter.
  13. I guess I've been fortunate. I always go get the bank letter the day before. I bring all the forms and copies printed and signed. The most that ever happens is that they add something like an acknowledgement of the penalties for overstay for me to sign, and I'm generally in and out in under 30 minutes. It helps that my medical emergency fund is well over 800K and is always there, untouched for years. I do route my incoming spending money through that account so they can see activity on the account.
  14. When I was a kid after a move our new phone number was the same as my birthday in DDMYYYY format.
  15. tko

    Muang Rayong

    The restaurant on the beach is below The restaurant on the beach is about 4km southwest of the pier, it's in Ban Phe district but not in the town. The other restaurant I showed on the river is in Muang Rayong, around 20 km west of Ban Phe.
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