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  1. I use Eversure on a world wide policy excluding USA for £47 Policy Number: EE5 Policy Type: Eversure Car Hire Excess Insurance Insurer: XL Catlin Insurance Company UK Limited Geographical Limits: UK, Europe and Worldwide Policy Type: Annual Cover Duration: 31 Days Per Car Rental Agreement Period of Insurance: 26th Apr 2019 00:00:00 to 25th Apr 2020 23:59:59 Certificate Issue Date: 24th Apr 2019 01:03:57 Inception Date: 24th Apr 2019 01:02:57 Total Premium (inc IPT): £47.02 About Your Cover UK, Europe and Worldwide Sum Insured Notes Additional Lead Named Drivers Section 1: Excess Reimbursement £5,000 Total for the term of the policy Increased Excess Reimbursement Cover in USA and Canada Not selected Towing Costs £1,000 Administration Charges £5,000 Section 2: Personal Possessions £300 Maximum £75 per item Section 3: Personal Accident £10,000 Loss of Limb £5,000 Loss of Sight £5,000 Permanent Total disablement £10,000 Death £10,000 Section 4: Lockout & Key Cover £500 Maximum £100 for Locksmith Charges Section 5: Misfuelling £500 Section 6: Curtailment of Rental £300 Maximum £30 per day Section 7: Drop Off Charges £300 Section 8: Road Rage & Car Jacking
  2. I am going back to AC after a 4-5 yrs gap so expecting some changes. i used to stay at Tiger Hotel but this time opted for https://www.hotels.com/ho701566/?q-check-out=2019-09-01&tab=description&q-room-0-adults=2&YGF=14&q-check-in=2019-08-29&MGT=3&WOE=7&WOD=4&ZSX=0&SYE=3&q-room-0-children=0 I'm hoping that there will be more freelancers, as i think the gogo bars are dying due to the heavy corruption imposed over the last 6-7yrs.
  3. I've book this trip to Pattaya, but my next trip I may be going to AC. I've wanted to go ever since they banned smoking, But I was waiting until there was direct flight to Clarke. But in view of the exchange rates, I think I might consider flying to Manila. The Peso is still 65 to the £.
  4. Thanks for the link, that has made me feel better seeing the avarage price for simular bikes at about 25000b. Some in corate province at 30,000! Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. I see that bikes in Bkk appear to hold there value better than the provinces. Interestingly the bike I bought was 50km from Buriram at a price of 16000b. So I am happy I was not taken for a RIDE!
  6. I think you are well and truly progressing to chav status.☺️
  7. Be patient, I would like a few more opinions before I show my shame
  8. Well I am definitely safe then, as I do not fall under that category, plus I will not be riding it!
  9. eyes4thais


    When I first saw this I thought it was my post! My dad built our house in 1965, he was a plumber and my mum worked in the co-op warehouse.
  10. eyes4thais


    Perhaps we could meet up on a PARK BENCH with a 3L bottle of 8% white cider and 5grs of roll up tobacco. With a Pizza on the side. Or would you prefer to slum it?
  11. eyes4thais


    I was trying to relate it to Pattaya Chavs. lol
  12. eyes4thais


    I must be a chav them, I have never watch EastEnders, brookside, Coronation str........ shit I cant think of any more!
  13. eyes4thais


    Nothing I had a pint tonight ....... ah but it was from a pub and a glass bottle! No more concrete tables and 3L plastic bottles for me! lol
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