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  1. I think you have to play the odds, In this case you have the medical profession recommending it and it is free of charge. Take it and you may have a few side effects or not and possible die, or have long-term disabilities. On the other hand, if you take the smoker, they know smoking is harmful and that every fag is packed with dangerous chemicals (I'm sure there will be a list of all the chemicals for them to read). All medicals professionals will recommend giving up! It costs them a fortune and they will defend their right to smoke, whilst sucking their last breath on the vent
  2. All the drug firms have agreed it is not profit making, not sure about China!
  3. But in the meantime you catch the virus and die! Thats a life saver because that Vaccine gives you a nasty rash for the first 24hrs.
  4. No that was your "Other Half!" 5555555
  5. Some good photos! ..... You have a lot of patience waiting for all the crowds to go before you take a photo!
  6. I used Lazada quite a bit whilst in lock down, got addicted buying bits for my Honda CRF1000 (Africa Twin) in UK. If I remember rightly i did get one Item cancelled, But it was COD so no biggy. I did have another item COD where only half of it came, of course I had already paid the 43b before i realised 55555! I few weeks back I bought a 32" Smart TV for my bar in Sutuk. I just looked on Shopee and it is 300b more. (same spec not same model)
  7. Yes China, but I cant see any western countries until Feb 2021 when there is a vaccine available.
  8. Did she tell you she was a manager at Western Digital and travelled to Europe, India and Japan! But what a great arse!
  9. The Honda Africa Twin was owned by the guy who owned the motorbike shop on Soi Baukow opposite the city hospital. He was trying to sell it for 495kb. It took my interest as I have the same bike. Because I was stranded for 6 months, I used to look at it every time I went by to reminisce.
  10. My lady in village says bars are going to open 15 June in Pattaya. Anyone else hear any rumours? She says she read it, but i'm not sure where?
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