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  1. Kinda, it's their mobile app.
  2. Airlines that previously made money, were run well, professionally, by people who knew what they were doing are on the edge. Thai is going under.
  3. Bookings being taken from 1st Dec.
  4. If it was credible/realistic it would just have been people on the telephone for hour after hour and then a handover in a car park. 😁
  5. Most important thing when staying at Hilton Pattaya. REQUEST A ROOM ON THE QUIET SIDE. Not the Soi 7/8 side.
  6. I opened this topic to post this! Great movie.
  7. https://www.tomhartleyjnr.com/car/stock/1996/mclaren/f1-gtr-longtail/72137/ £15 million.
  8. Ahhhh good old bullshit beardy Branson....can always rely on him to support UK industry....except when he specced the GE engines on all Virgin's new 744's instead of RR. Screw him and his £500 million bailout.
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