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  1. It's a revelation, i've never lasted that long before 😆
  2. Yep. I drove from London to the Lake District once with a bird i was seeing. £100 of fuel gone. Drove around the Lakes for a few days. Another £100 of fuel gone. Probably the funniest memory of it actually was on the last day when we were at the zoo, we came back to the 348 and it was surrounded by about a dozen people looking at it. I smiled and said "Sorry, excuse me...." One of the guys turns round and says "Hey up fella, wait yer turn int it". So I just stood back looking at my bird, both of us trying to keep straight faces, I was 21, she was 18 at the time. When the folks h
  3. Agreed, couldn't go wrong with the old school Rover V8 in it. Apart from sitting in traffic in hot weather, lol, did get a bit hot then, like. The AJPV8 and Speed Six engines were nothing but trouble.
  4. I used to work with the lady who now owns that exact car.
  5. I dunno, the non-PAS car steering was lightish at speed but when manoeuvring at low speed or parking it was quite heavy. Talking about weight at the front....did you ever have the need (misfortune) to have to check where the battery was? 😁
  6. Or ever again. I know (knew) three lads who died in TVR's.
  7. The chips are RFID. BUT....ATM's are not RFID so they read the chips via the contact points.
  8. This was the best pre-2000 Ferrari I have ever driven. 1984 308 GTS QV. Note, all important "Big Knob" mod 😁
  9. Was that the Donnington meetup, per chance?
  10. At one point in the mid-late 2000's, 348TB's were down to £20-25k and 355GTB's were under £30k.
  11. Went to pick up onw of these with a mate a week or so ago, a lot of motor for the money now!
  12. Cool, the one i had many times was 1992 but non-PAS...I guess it had been manufactured a cpl years before it was first sold and registered maybe. It wasn't far off Lotus Elise levels of steering directness and feedback. Every Ferrari I'd driven up to that point had the "Dog-Leg" box, and indeed so did a lot of other cars i was driving around that time......928 S2, E30 M3, 190 Cosworth, Aston V8 Vantage.....any sports car with a front engine/rear transaxle/5manual setup was dog-leg pretty much. Perfecting that up-right-up 1 -> 2 shift in a Ferrari and dropping the clutch, nailing the th
  13. Did you have an early one with the non-assisted steering? That was really good, ultra-direct and loads of feedback. They spoiled it when they added PAS. A Ferrari isn't a Ferrari for me unless it's got the gated shift, and even better if it's a dogleg :-0) Getting the cross plane shifts absolutely click-click spot on is what it's all about for me driving old Ferrari's. The 348tb was the first "modern" V8 Ferrari, first longitudinal engine mounting which really made a huge difference over the 308/328. They didn't get the weight dist and suspension setup quite right though first go, i
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