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  1. The story of the piper is that he was the OIC of that regiments personal piper and brought along by him even though it was against regs. Later when the piper was talking to German POW's he said he couldn't understand why he had not been shot by snipers as he was walking up and down the beach piping? They replied that they all thought he had clearly gone absolutely mad and so they felt sorry for him and had left him alone.
  2. Nope. I haven't had a decent cod n chips for a good long while now.
  3. Someone gave me a cuppa of this the other day - It was bloody awful.
  4. Enfield said John Swire only asked him two questions at his interview to join the company: You didn't get a First did you? (He didn't, he narrowly missed it and got a Second, which was the right answer as John Swire didn't trust people who got Firsts!); What would you like to drink? (Beer was obviously an acceptable answer as he was offered the job on the spot). Enfield said all the Swire family and senior company men were good guys ๐Ÿ‘
  5. We need more Duran Duran in our lives ๐Ÿ˜Ž Nice story about the ketch too - http://medberths.com/2012/02/famous-duran-duran-yacht-now-fully-restored/
  6. They will never be forgotten. Someone mentioned VE day; next year in the UK the early May bank holiday is being moved back to Friday, May 8th for this.
  7. I saw a guy getting the heave-ho from a pretty rough working girl in a pool hall/bar last year. Tears on his face, really upset and broken up about it, she was as cold as ice.
  8. This is a lovely book, written by Edward Enfield (father Of Harry Enfield) about how he grew up in London and the English countryside in the 30's, was evacuated to Canada during the war and returned to Albion where he went to Westminster School, then up to Oxford to read Classics, after which he did his national service as an officer in the BAOR in charge of a tank squadron; which wasn't ideal as he couldn't read a map to save his life and in a rare error of army administration, neither could his sergeant. There are fantastic anecdotes, both humorous and moving, details of life around that time (his parents were on the fringes of the Bloomsbury set), insight into an era that is long lost now. After his national service ended he rather randomly got a job working for the biggest British privately owned, family run company that to this day you've probably never heard of. They sent him to Hong Kong where he romanced the secretary of a wealthy Chinese smuggler who became very very rich and famous when he 'went straight' (his son has been in the news a lot in HK lately), sailed on his yacht, joined the jockey club and may or may not have been the last amateur rider to race at Happy Valley. The details of colonial life in HK are fantastic. His company then sent him to Japan where again he writes with great thought and intellect about his time there, consider as well this was the mid 1950's, emotions were still very fresh and raw. He makes a fantastic observation about the Japanese in general and a senior colleague who visits tells him something very simple about the Japanese that profoundly duly comes to pass. And then..โ€ฆhe is posted to BANGKOK.The company he works for buys a small airline and he is sent to manage the local Bangkok office of it. His observations and stories about Bangkok and the Thai people are brilliant. He narrowly avoids a major diplomatic incident. His secretary is a Princess and he mixes with high society, royalty, spies and senior police/army officers. A lot of the problems and frustrations he encounters in Thailand are exactly the same as we do today, but one thing that was better in the 1950's was, and I quote - "There was none of the grinding poverty that existed in much of the East, including Hong Kong, AND I DO NOT RECALL EVER SEEING A BEGGER IN BANGKOK" ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Oh, and the company he worked for, well, they still own that little airline he was sent to run in Bangkok, and although they had to remove the Union Flag from the tails of their aircraft after '97, their company name/logo can still be seen on the rear of all their planes as I've highlighted in pic below ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. I've known a few girls who did it bad on the Ice in Thailand. Two I knew most, one went one way, one the other. First was a hot gogo girl bitd and got well sponsored by a guy who gave her a condo, good amount to live on etc for her to quit the industry which she did. The two problems with this were that her sponsor didn't live in Thailand full time and she got bored/missed the fun life and so on. She wasn't using at this point but he caught her cheating and ended the relationship with her, kicked her out of the condo etc. She went back to the bar work but had put on a few KG and that's when she started using to help lose weight. I met her a few months after this point but didn't find out about her using until a while later. I stopped seeing her when she delayed a meeting one day with me for hours, turned up obviously having been well on it for god know how many days/nights and was a mess, that's when the full extent of her issues became clear. She lost the cheap room she had been renting, lost her job, wasn't internet savvy so couldn't FL using CL or TF etc like other girls do. I think she was basically living on the street or near to it when I saw her next randomly one morning. I bought her coffee, food, paid for two weeks rent on the by-the-night cheap room she was staying in when she had money. After this I didn't see or hear from her for a good while and when I asked other girls and Mama's etc if she was still around a year or so later none of them knew where she was. She popped up in the Middle-East, I guess she got trafficked out there but had managed to work off her debt and was doing well for herself, totally off the gear, which I guess is near impossible to get where she was living. AFAIK she is still doing OK. Second was a v attractive girl who worked around all the types of job in the industry over a good few years. She was using for many years which I didn't know about but kept it under control well until a couple of years ago when she went off the rails for unknown reasons and descended into a bad state which is when her habit became clear to see. Don't know what happened to her, she went off the grid.
  10. And haven't they built it in a totally different area to where the airport master development plan said it should be built and where all the mains services and supplies were already laid out to?
  11. I quite like how Leo has maintained his record of never continuing to date a woman once she is older than 25 ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Bar girls with a tattoo of a scorpion on their shoulder.
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