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  1. Very very cool. I had the pleasure of the turbo model couple of times.....alongside the Maserati Bi-Turbo and original (930) 911 Turbo it was the laggiest most whhhhhaaaaaatttttt thhhheeeeeeeee faaaaawwwwwwwkkkkk old school firist generation turbocharged road car i ever nearly killed myself in.
  2. Higher (Beyond Therapy Extended Rave Mix) - YouTube
  3. BA are using 787-8's on the LHR/BKK route now, I'd go with them as the direct option purely because of this. I was sceptical about all the fresh air, better pressurisation etc claims about the 787 but after experiencing it many times over the last few years i agree completely, you arrive feeling fresher, more awake, less fatigued and ready to hit the ground running.
  4. Shaksey


    McLaren have MB-HPP power units next year. The cars will be the same as this year, few tweaks. I'm looking to see what markets are available for specific bets based around Lando's strengths aligned with every different circuits specific characteristics.
  5. Shaksey


    The reason Russell was on it from the get go is because the car was already perfectly set up for the circuit ( i know it was a different track layout but the surface, temps and track characteristics play a huge part) and local conditions by Hamilton the week before. All the dynamics, load, and balance spanners guys at Mclaren and M-B say Hamilton is the best driver they have worked with to be able to get the car set up as good as it can be. That was a huge advantage for Russell. Russell is also good, really good. He has that rare thing where he can drive a car on the edge, it's limits but
  6. I have no idea mate, it's still showing in the thread fine for me 🤔
  7. Saw one of these tonight, GR Supra, first one i've seen, looked cool AF 😎 Didn't take a pic but exactly the same as this...
  8. I just puked a bit in my mouth.
  9. Mixed feelings. Reacher in the books is a 6'5" 250lb lump of iron. Tom Cruise is not. BUT...Cruise had the style and personality to kinda pull the role off. The movies also would not have been made without him in the lead role to attract the studio funding. I still couldn't get past the physical/size issue though, a lot of who Reacher is is down to his size and how that lets him go about things. Clint Eastwood in his 40's would have been a perfect fit. Random fun fact, one of my bessies who used to do a lot of TV work said the most charming, polite, switched on, pleasant,
  10. Absolute top drawer, bloody damn good bloke. Died doing what he loved, way to early but how many people get to go that way at least.
  11. Pfizer didn't need govt funding because they did jack shit to develop this immunization (NOT a vaccine, as no immunization other than that for Smallpox is a vaccine.....VACCINE -< VACCINAE -< VACCINIUS - "of or relating to cows"). Biontech are wholly responsible for the product development and hawked it around all the big pharma co's to get it mass-produced. Pfizer got it. The -70c requirement from manufacture to patient delivery is a HUGE logistical issue that meant a lot of the bigguns did not want to know. It's this same cryogenically freezing necessity that has hindered th
  12. Amazing piece of film. BUT...it's "They shall GROW NOT OLD" NOT "They shall not grow old" The incorrect common usage and acceptance of this is a growing bugbear of mine. The correct, full, fourth stanza is - They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
  13. 20 year awaited sequel to Kill Your Friends. which was THE seminal book about the British Record Industry in the 1990's, when it was at it's peak and worldwide turned over $29 Billion.
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