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  1. On a comparative basis then 15,000thb (£362 / US$470) for a night with 2/3/4 girls in a gogo, even if the guy didn't bf any of them, is still pretty good value compared to how much partying with girls in a western strip club all night would cost. Not been to What's Up for a long time myself but I recks that the partying there would be a lot more 'friendly' than in a western club as well. But, still, the same 15,000thb would buy more of a party with potentially even more girls if spent in various other ways; then again it could also buy a much longer party with one chosen girl. Up to you! As they say 😉 The fact that all those options are still readily available, even if the prices aren't as low as they once were in Pattaya, and other places in the LoS, is surely still reason to smile along too 🙂
  2. I'd sell me Nanna for that Blue Diamonds Hunter 😎 The EE Canberra looks in good nick too. In a month or so it will be 70 years since the first Canberra flight...….NASA still uses a couple of them today 👍
  3. The Sea Palace I remember right? Been a couple of times and for a touristy place the food was good.
  4. Great band that deserved more success.
  5. Stripping and re-staining decking most hated. Anything when you have to go on the roof most difficult!
  6. I secretly love to cover my cock in gold leaf and get a Thai bar girl to lick it off; It's my gilty pleasure.
  7. Yes same here, it's still the finest book of the thai (bar) girl did me wrong genre. Private Dancer is the next best because Steve Leather is a damn good thriller/mystery writer who also happened to write a book about a bar girl, not a bitter ex-tourist /expat trying to write as their 2nd/3rd/4th/5th... career. I will try to get hold of A True Friend of China too now then 👍
  8. Yeah same here, it's always nice when you see the look on a FA's face as you tell them you only want two bottles of water and no meals/booze, no headphones etc as they realise you're going to be the easiest passenger on the flight haha. I haven't tried the Q Suites yet. Qatar price increases and Q Suite premium put me off as well as their arsey policy of not allowing anyone but their own F pax in the F lounge at Doha. I know BA do the same with the Conc Room but at least they also have an F Lounge open to all 1W Emerald's. HOWEVER….Qatar are allowing 1W Emerald members to use their new lounge at BKK which is very nice and much like their LHR T4 lounge.
  9. Yeah I did that once too in Eco, so could use Cathay F lounges in HKG for nearly half the price of a Cathay flight. The route is actually AMM-BKK-HKG and back and when I did it last month I was the only person in Biz to disembark in BKK.
  10. Great pics, cheers! I was about to say htf did you get pics in Paris with that few tourists in the background....then remembered, duh. Every time I go to Paris or see pics I think that the best decision the city ever made was to not allow any new tall buildings in the last 50 or so years. I think they may have let one go up and it was hated so there were no more. London looks a mess now with all the ugly glass and steel monstrosities that have proliferated in the city. Paris still looks like it did 100 years ago.
  11. Yep, 560tp's for LHR-DOH-BKK return but hard to find good prices now on Qatar. Royal Jordanian LHR-AMM-BKK return gets you the same 560tp's for £1400/1500 a lot of the time and it's 787 on all sectors. The AMM-BKK part is 8/9 hours too which is long enough to get a good sleep unlike on any of the ME3 carriers. I had a poor experience on them but gave them another go and it was fine.
  12. Same book, same writer, but the original title. He didn't write much else. His real name was Jack Jones. Andrew Hicks researched his life a lot - https://peoplethingsliterature.com/2015/10/07/an-interview-with-andrew-hicks-author-of-jack-jones-a-true-friend-of-china/
  13. When I've lived in Bangkok for a few months at a time I've made myself get into a schedule, made myself do things so that they become normal and a habit. Walks every day, sitting by the pool, gym, massage, visiting different places from a long list, cinema on Wednesday when it's cheap and so on. The best thing, and it will be even easier and more interesting now because of the huge extension projects, is to get on the BTS, MRT, or River Express Boat and get off at a station/stop you've not been to before, then spend a few hours exploring. I have covered every station of the BTS/MRT routes pre their extensions lately doing this and every stop/day was memorable.
  14. Yesterday, I received this, 1956, First Edition, near mint (excuse reflections on cellophane wrap), chuffed to bits 😎
  15. Yes. I've been BA Gold / One World Emerald (BA Gold is equivalent to Diamond/Platinum for other airlines) for a few years now. Also use the BA Black Amex that gets me a free companion flight each year. The money I've saved, perks and upgrades I've got have literally been worth Tens of Thousands of £. If you play it right, using other One World carriers to accrue Tier Points, it is ridiculously easy to reach Gold, I cannot believe BA still allow it tbh.
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