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  1. The most basic argument is that if it was faked then the Soviets would have found out/worked it out and shown and proved it. I met one of the moon walkers who was a figurehead for a company I used to work for years ago. I was certain that man walked on the moon before I met him, I was even more certain afterwards.
  2. Delboy is a damn beast now. Seriously impressed.
  3. Home safe and sound and for the first tine in a long time typing one handed with t'other in jug of ice water. I am glad I am not a young man going out every week nowadays is probably the best thing I can say right now!
  4. I'm listening to this to relax and chill. It's about God. I don't believe in God but I believe in this song.
  5. They could have fooked this up. I thought they would fook this up. But this looks absolutely amazing 😁 You can be my wingman.
  6. Bangkok Eyes has excelled itself this month and nailed down an accurate (he was there) detailed history of all the Bangkok foreigner orientated bar and nightlife areas going back 50 years or so. http://www.bangkokeyes.com/2019jul01.html Outstanding piece of research and publishing, don't think this has ever been done before in this depth and detail.
  7. 12/20 Prem clubs now have betting platforms as their shirt sponsor 🙄 https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/49032116 Some don't even bother to use English words or names.
  8. Some of the JFK - LHR flights I've been on have had a lot of BA folk using their staff concessions as it's the route with the most capacity by some margin. The whole UD on a 747 once other than me and Mum was staff I think who when they boarded were a bit merry. When we made it clear we weren't averse to a jovial atmosphere there was pretty much an audible sigh of relief from them all.
  9. That's not bad. I remember when it was max $100 and there were only about 5 ATM's in Phnom Penh and they were all inside banks so only accessible in working hours.
  10. Shaksey


    Singapore is one of the Grands Prix I want to attend soon. Doing Budapest in a couple of weeks to tick off another one.
  11. I've stayed at the Golden Butterfly Villa a few times, it's near the centre but in a quiet street. I'm normally a 4/5* kinda guy too but this place really impressed me. It's got very high ratings on all the hotel and review sites and they can organise any trips you want. The customer service every time I've been has been as good as the 5* corp chains and sometimes better. Pickup from airport, comp 60 min massage all included in room rate. The fact it's still only US$27 a night for the best room is just hilarious for how good it is overall. https://www.goldenbutterflyvilla.com/
  12. Shaksey

    The Ashes

    They should give him a go at Edgbaston, crowd will be right behind him and with a bit of luck we'll be on top of the Aussies so a good chance for him to relax and get settled without a massive amount of pressure. If he does well then I think he could carry the form through the series.
  13. Shaksey


    Silverstone pretty much overlooked this weekend cause of the cricket and tennis. Great win by Lewis, he would have taken Bottas on track if he hadn't got the luck in the pits or could have just and waited for him to do his second stop anyway. Setting the fastest lap at the end on 32 lap old hard tyres just shows how much they were all pacing and driving to target times though and also that Bottas wouldn't have been able to catch let alone pass him in fresher rubber. The Max and Leclerc battle was awesome from what I saw of it, hard, fair and right on the edge. Vettel. Finished, done, as a top F1 driver now.
  14. Shaksey

    The Ashes

    Can't argue with that. Would like to see Ali sort his batting out and come good again.
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