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  1. monkey_omelette

    share your pattaya secrets.

    I have frequented a little known bar for about the past 10 years where they have 2 shifts of girls and they are open 24 hours. One shift starts at 6am so if I am up early and want a nicely showered girl at that time in the morning i know where to go.
  2. monkey_omelette

    European health card

    I was in Hungary and thought i'd had a heart attack as i woke up and it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. They wouldn't let me upstairs to see the doctor in the hospital without my EHIC card or a credit card. Luckily i had my EHIC card with me. Found out it was actually a popped rib from doing something stupid when i was pissed the night before.
  3. monkey_omelette

    what would be your best advice to a newbie

    Always ensure you have a plentiful supply of scotch tape.
  4. monkey_omelette

    Word is secrets is to become scooters..

    Nooooo, where will i get my power trips if that happens? 😜😥
  5. monkey_omelette

    How do you make roast Potatoes

    I had breakfast in a Toby Carvery the other day they do breakfast yorkshire puds with onion and bacon bits and breakfast gravy. They were ok but took up half your plate so i had to go back for another plate full.
  6. monkey_omelette

    Some pics from the holidays....

    Fantastic photos Mike I like the girl in the black gloves on Cowboy
  7. monkey_omelette

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    That burger looks good.
  8. monkey_omelette

    Where was I? 23/12/18

    Should have gone, it's worth it.
  9. monkey_omelette

    Le Pub soi Diamond Pattaya

    A great lady she is too. Paul says she is the best member of staff he worked with in Mistys.
  10. monkey_omelette

    What are you doing right now..?

    Fixed that for ya. 😜
  11. monkey_omelette

    what is your favourite place in thailand,and why.?

    I was pleased i got a room at the back, the view from the front was of McDonalds!!
  12. monkey_omelette

    what is your favourite place in thailand,and why.?

    Ao Nang Krabi is my fav, it's stunning.
  13. monkey_omelette

    Introduce yourself to the forum

    It was scotch tape. 😕
  14. monkey_omelette

    Introduce yourself to the forum

    Either or Thanks, but can you stop posting my picture here without my permission please. 😜 Thankyou, it wouldn't let me have 2 letters so i had to revert to my old forum name.
  15. monkey_omelette

    new in today at tescos

    That sounds similar to the sauce in the book "The Curry Secret". You can buy it from Amazon or read it for free here. https://archive.org/stream/CurrySecrets/The_Curry_Secret_-_Indian_Restaurant_Cookery_at_Home_djvu.txt