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  1. Cheers, didn't know that. Still a newby here.
  2. Nice pictures. Why are they all marked Thailand247 though? I thought you were paid by Secrets to take them?
  3. Being a Brit mate I thought you would use those sausages to dam those beans off from touching those eggs. Fail. 😜
  4. Hi mate, where in the government advice does it say you can send your documents to Sheffield instead of going to the VFS in Bangkok with them?
  5. Secrets forum still going strong. 😜
  6. I think those beans are touching that egg. Fail.
  7. If you are a Skywards member you can get free miles if you book through their hotels website Rocket Miles. I've just checked and for a week at The Landmark in Bangkok you get 6000 miles plus a bonus for booking of 3000 miles. You can check it out here https://www.emirates-rocketmiles.com/e/home/en-GB/?t=1550485820019
  8. My old mate Merv came out with this one to me whilst his wife was in ear shot. Tomorrow mate are we going down Soi bakers dozen, minus 1, divided by 2.
  9. Never done it but I know a few of my friends have booked cheap 2 center package holidays to Thailand and never used the hotels but just arrived in Bangkok and got a taxi down to Pattaya.
  10. Just found these at home, I don't know where the rest are.
  11. Nice to see you using the hash brown and mushrooms as a breakwater between the beans and eggs.
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