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  1. I remember that one. I can remember talking to one of the owners of the Expat Hotel in Phuket about it. He said that the explosion was caused by the male bystanders gathering around and then lighting up their cigaretts as they usually do and then boom. A good story although I did wonder who survived to tell the tale.
  2. Reading this one. Another good read in a good series.
  3. I guess that shows how much attention I pay to all the talk on the internet.
  4. Certainly a lot of talk on the internet about this book and the supposed passing of the baton from father to son. Looking forward to reading it myself as I have reread most of the old books to pass my Lockdown time.
  5. Yes, an interesting read. Thanks for the link.
  6. As I live in Melbourne and we have been in fairly strict lockdown conditions for 9 weeks now it is very easy as there are lots of testing sights around. I just walked up to the local community health centre about 10 minutes away and said I wanted a Covid test. Waited while they dealt with the two people in front of me, answered their questions as they took my details then waited for the nurse. Took about two minutes for her to do her bit and that was it. The swab up each nostril was a bit unpleasant. Then home to isolate until the results came which took 32 hours.
  7. Just read a very welcome text from the Health Department informing me that my Covid Test was negative. Might have a celebratory drink with that weight off my mind.
  8. Reading this one now, One of my favorite Authors although I think he is channeling Dan Brown a bit here with all the religious talk.
  9. Just finished this. It's not a long book but I read it in one day as it was such a good read.
  10. Just saw on TV that Dean Jones, a great Australian Cricketer has died. Had a heart attack at age 59 whilst covering the IPL in Mumbai.
  11. Turning the pages on this rather ordinary read so far.
  12. Just finished this marvelous read.
  13. I never knew the man but that sounds like a life well lived.
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