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  1. Noticed Iron club was closed on Monday night. Asked a girl in the bar about it and she said that it had been closed for 2 months? It was open 2 weeks ago, l don't think I can use her as a trusted source. It appears just closdd for renovations.
  2. As an addendum to my walk.l recall back in October a news article about the electrical transformer boxes down near the pumping station needing to be moved before the construction could be completed. Well here we are 4 months on and not much seems to have been done.
  3. I think we can agree that this won't be completed by tomorrow. Perhaps by Songkran. Certainly before my next trip in July.
  4. As you can see, they pipes are in the ground but the road, guttering and path a long way from finishing, in fact as one of the photo's show they are still digging up more road. The last photos show the digging up and crushing of the road up to Soi 3.
  5. As you can see, there are 3 big holes outside Big Mike which need filling, (although there are always big holes outside there which need filling but I don't think we can blame the construction for that.) And after that it becomes varied in how far they have got to go. The next group are from Soi 7 to Soi 6.
  6. As you can see, the road and grating is complete, guttering coming along slowly, beach path no action. The next group are from Big Mike to Soi 7.
  7. Took my tablet on the morning walk today for an update. The first group of pictures is from Soi 13/4 heading North.
  8. Just returned from my morning walk.0800 to 0900 . So much more pleasant without the Chinese clogging the place up. Only counted 4 parasails. To early for the Indians to be up and about. My friend lives in North Pattaya near a 400 room hotel catering for Chinese tour groups. No buses, no customers, will probably have to close until this is over. Shouldn't really affect the bars as mostly the Chinese don't frequent the bars that many BMs do
  9. I got back from Vietnam today and caught a baht bus along beach road from the start down to walking street. I guess it depends on your definition of complete. Get the pipes in the ground by the 13th, maybe. Repave the road, install the gutters, refurbish the pathway. NOT A CHANCE.
  10. As l only venture further north of Soi 6 on my morning walk l could care less about that part. Just get the road fixed from Soi 6 to walking street finished so I don't have to get stuck in traffic after visiting it. And don't start working on Walking Street until after February.
  11. On the other hand, they did not have airtravel back then to help things along.
  12. I know there is a thread about this but Feb 8 is Makha Bucha day. No alcohol sales for 24 hours my bar owning friends inform me. But forewarned is forearmed.
  13. I stopped by the Baku Bar in Soi 6 to see what had changed from the Jack Tar days. Firstly everything is black in colour with a few blue edging lights. There is a pool table. No food service. No cheap drinks, small Leo 80baht, bottle of water 60baht. However they did have something I haven't seen before. Apparently you can buy something called a Daft beer, l think l would feel a bit silly if l had a Daft beer. Now l will have to visit the other Baku establishment on Soi 6 and see if they also sell it there. Mondays task that.
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