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  1. So who are we going Lean On now that the Sunshine has Gone in these troubled times?
  2. If your a library member you can borrow ebooks through them for free. It is what I am doing now. Not a complete selection but enough to go on with
  3. Big Easy Rawlins and Mouse fan to.
  4. I had just started to reread all the Bernie Gunther series and then all the libraries closed because of the Pangolins curse. Curses.
  5. Didn't think much of Koh Chang. Been once, in no hurry to go again.
  6. I was intending to take three trips overseas the rest of this year. My USA trip in April is cancelled. My Thai trip in July won't go ahead. At this stage l still intend taking a trip in Oct/Nov to Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar, but I won't be in any hurry to book any flights.
  7. I laughed out loud when I read that article. If that Clown seriously thinks the Chinese Government, after all the effort to control it in their own country, will let there citizens travel to other countries who don't have it under control and then bring it back to China. Then he is an even bigger idiot than the rest of clowns who make up the circus that runs Thailand.
  8. The concern about getting stranded overseas is a real one. Also many countries, Australia included, is imposing a 14 day compulsory self isolation for anybody arriving from overseas. It makes a quick two week trip away just not seem a very attractive prospect.
  9. I am going to go out on a limb and say that they will be finished by the time the rains come in May. If they do.
  10. I wonder when they started this if they took into account the damage it would do to the beach path. Perhaps it wasn't anticipated and therefore no plan has been put in place to repair it. No budget either. Maybe we will have to wait awhile for this to be done. I'm sure there are a few powerful people who will be happy to take this on at the right price, perhaps contract it out to a relative.?
  11. Considering Pattaya is in danger of running out of water by the end of April, read the excellent Shrinking Pattaya Reservoirs thread, this is a great decision, virus or not.
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