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  1. Joe Abercrombies latest. Full of blood, violence and a certain amount of crude sex. All in all a very pleasant read.
  2. Ah yes the original Peppermint. Had many lovely ladies out of there.
  3. Dominion by Tom Holland. A very heavy read as to be expected from a book spanning 2500 years. So much so that I stopped after the 1st 1000 years. Interesting but there is only so much religious discussion l can take at any one time.
  4. andycoll


    For those who believe Cheats should never prosper, you are going to be disappointed. Unfortunately David Warner has just scored 335 not out. Admittedly it was against a very pedestrian Pakistan attack, but, nevertheless, there it is
  5. Good question. In the interview with Lee Child he asked that same question and asked his many fans to put forward suggestions. The only person I could think of was Sam Elliot but he is to old. Steven Seagal is also to old, as well as fat for mine. Also I don't know if there will be a next movie as he said they are turning it into a TV series, which with 23 books and numerous short stories makes sense.
  6. This. I reckon Reacher is getting more blood thirsty as he goes along. I think he killed about 60 people in 4 days without a cop in sight. On the plus side Lee Child has said no more Tom Cruise playing Reacher in any further movies, to short.
  7. That story about Hidden a go go was interesting because of a conversation I had with a lady friend who used to work their before it closed and then reopened. She left, as did quite a few of the other dancers and staff, due to trouble with the boss, a Korean, and one of the Mamasans. According to her, when he went to reopen it he tried to get a lot of his staff to come back, at higher salaries, but none of them would. I asked her if she wanted to go in for a drink after it reopened and she got very animated. Said she would never go into a bar he ran and hoped to see him out in the street so she could attack him. Apparently some of the other ladies felt the same. Now it looks like he has made more enemies. I hope they fix the fucker up.
  8. I know that it's cheating but I'll go see "Rocketman" the movie instead.
  9. If the game goes ahead l might drop in. Although I am more of a tea drinker.
  10. If they divert your flight ask if they can take you to Bangkok.
  11. Does anyone know if the Retox bar in Soi Honey is open on dry day's. I want to watch the Japan Scotland rugby game as it should be a good game with both sides having a lot to play for.
  12. I was reading the Pattaya Mail today and it said that the 13th is the 3rd aniversary of the passing of the old King and it was a dry day last year. Buddhist lent is the Monday and will just be a Government Public Holiday, probably not a dry day.
  13. Those Chinese are pretty smart putting an Exchange booth at the front door. Now all they need is an ATM inside.
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