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  1. Thanks for that info Biggles. I will look at doing it that way for my trip next time.
  2. Sorry about the photo, I was trying to find something else. But If your interested, Wyatt Earp is buried in a Jewish cemetry in San Francisco
  3. On my last three trips to Vietnam I have gone the Visa on Arrival route. Easy to get the letter of introduction on the net and only 16USD for the letter plus 25USD at immigration at the airport, total AUD cost of about $60. The only hassle has been the upto half hour delay waiting for the visa at the airport and the fact that is a full page sticker in your passport. For my upcoming trip I decided to move into the 21st Century and get an online visa. Bit of messing around putting it together but now I have done it once it will be easier in future. But the effing cost, $107, what a ripoff, around $47 more allowing for exchange rates. Thank goodness my Sri Lanka visa was free. Still, it was good practice, especially when I have to get a Myanmar visa for a trip there next year for ANZAC day.
  4. As I am now I was then.
  5. Just finished this. Ben Elton back to his best.
  6. Just finished the latest book in John Connolly's marvelous Charlie Parker series. As well as a great read it was a proper book. 690 pages, and not that weak large type and double spacing designed to turn a 200 page book into a 400 page book. You get your money's worth with this book, although as l borrowed it from the library perhaps thats not quite correct in my case.
  7. Man, that guy in the pink shirt sure does like hitting women.
  8. Danang has a beach which goes on and on.
  9. Just got a shock. Went to the toilet, flushed and go to wash my hands. No water. Wtf, I thought that was tomorrow. Go downstairs, apparently just the pump needs work.luckily as I am the only person staying here we should have enough water for tomorrow.
  10. Yes, it's gone. I remember those days, a long time ago, when you could go from SuperGirl to SuperBaby with a pit stop at the Carousel Bar in between. Alas, now just memories.
  11. My gogo friend says that the new owners are the same people that run Panda, and it will be a 'Super' place for the Chinese. Believe it or not.
  12. Just completed booking airfares for a trip later in the year. Melbourne - Colombo - Bangkok oneway, $460 AUD.
  13. Thanks, luckily I don't date younger women, I only rent them.
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