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  1. Does anyone know what the pricing at the boxing stadium on Suk in Pattaya is. Some Thai ladies I know were saying it was free for Thais and 2000Baht for Farang. That seemed a little excessive, maybe they were confusing it with 200Baht. Either way I said if I was that interested in watching Thai boxing I could watch it on tv for free.
  2. This both depressing and fascinating book about the long and futile War on Drugs. .
  3. I don't think the guy holding the bag wanted to be the guy holding the bag either.
  4. Fascinating, not a job I will be applying for. I don't believe in the unnecessary killing of animals but in those cases I would have lopped the heads off and barbequed the rest.
  5. Presumably after all the construction is finished they will go back to no parking on the beach side of the road.
  6. I like them both but if I had to pick I would go with Dorsey. His books are based on his main character, Serge A Storms. Serge is a Florida nut and serial killer, but only of people who deserve it. Overbearing sports parents, drivers who don't give way to emergency vehicles, rich people who got rich praying on the poor and elderly, and other such people. The books are written at high speed as Serge races around Florida documenting everything he sees, killing scumbags along the way, usually in very interesting and elaborate ways. Generally accompanied by his alcoholic and stoned sidekick Coleman as well as some very interesting female characters. So although I like Hiaasen I like Dorsey better. Hiaasen's book Bad Monkey is probably the closest he gets to Dorsey. Thanks for reminding me about Carl to as I see he has a new book coming out soon, I'II have to add it to my list.
  7. In normal times I read old fashioned books when at home. Usually obtained free from libraries although I do like to rummage through second hand stores to see what can be picked up cheap. When travelling I use my Kindle to save room, although now that I have figured out how to borrow ebooks I will probably do that as well. Currently rereading my Tim Dorsey books in between others.
  8. This, a bit of heavy ISO reading. ..
  9. Well if they enforce that just as diligently as they enforce the no smoking in bars law then nothing for smokers to worry about really.
  10. Here in Victoria where I live, when people were required to self isolate for 14 days when returning from overseas the police figures showed that 25% of them didn't. Thats why we moved to mandatory, and policed, quarantine in hotels. Even then peopled tried to sneak out.
  11. And he may very well be right. I'm not in construction either. Also maybe they feel that just like the path itself, they will have to dig parts of it up on a regular basis and figure why make it harder than it needs to be.
  12. Well if you do the job properly the first time the maintenance budget will be very small, and how are you going to buy another property off skimming that.
  13. I received a care package from the library today and now have seven books to read. I am starting with this.
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