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  1. Just completed booking airfares for a trip later in the year. Melbourne - Colombo - Bangkok oneway, $460 AUD.
  2. Thanks, luckily I don't date younger women, I only rent them.
  3. Hmm, I seem to be missing something. Like the article in fact.
  4. I stayed at the Dylan Hotel and was happy with it. The breakfast was okay if you went after 7.30 when the hordes have left. They will clean a table for you and cook fresh eggs if you want. Any where in that area is fine. Don't pay more than 150,000 dong for a taxi. I've also stayed at the Bay Sydney in that area, ok but don't get the breakfast. The Billabong club overlooking the beach is a good spot for a few happy hour beers, 5-7 pm.
  5. Danang has very few tourist attractions itself apart from the beach. If you go there you should stay by the beach. Hue is 2 hours to the north and Hoi An 1/2an hour to the south. Otherwise it is just a place to relax by the beach, best done before 10am and after 4pm, otherwise it is a bit hot at the moment. It is a good option for a quick few days. If you have any specific questions I will answer if I can. At the moment I am in Quang Ngai which is about 2 hours to the south to visit My Lai.
  6. If you are near Don Muang airport you can fly direct to Danang with Airasia and avoid Saigon traffic. I've been here 4 days and although it is hot it is lovely by the beach.
  7. I remember it from about 1988 to 2002. But I haven't been there since. When it changed from the old Thermea to the new I started to lose interest.
  8. Sitting in the departure lounge at Don Monkey waiting to catch my flight to Danang.
  9. Please let me know if the pages turned themselves.
  10. As is usual in these cases, I suspect the first notice we will have of any bar closures will be when the notices appear in the 7/11's and other stores telling us about no alcohol sales. The few bar girls I have asked don't expect closures but it will come down to individual police districts wanting to be seen to be doing the right thing, or more correctly not wanting to be seen doing the wrong thing. Expect the worst but hope to be wrong.
  11. Well, if you like the first one then you have a lot more to go, which is always a good thing.
  12. I am in Sandakan, Borneo, for ANZAC DAY, tomorrow. Went and visited the orangutan sanctuary and Sun Bear conservation parks this morning. Unfortunately I don't know how to transfer my pictures to this tablet so can't show. The orangutan nursery was interesting, although a bit like being at a zoo. Was about a metre away from a mum and her baby whilst on the board walk which was good, although I don't think the mother was all that happy. Unfortunately I couldn't back up to a wider area for her to pass because of the people behind me so in the end she went bush. The sun bears were disappointing. Now I need to find a bar to watch the Richmond Melbourne game at. Sandakan is not a jumping place but I will try the bar at the Four Points in town.
  13. I certainly noticed a difference in the Citadel from my first trip to Hue 20 years ago and my trip last November. They have rebuilt a few things, but the rest of Hue has also changed a lot in that time. It's a nice place to spend a couple of days by the banks of the Perfume River and do a few day tours from.
  14. 'BORDER' by Don Winslow. The final book in the Art Keller series about the futility of the War on Drugs in North America. Excellent three book series.
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