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  1. If the game goes ahead l might drop in. Although I am more of a tea drinker.
  2. If they divert your flight ask if they can take you to Bangkok.
  3. Does anyone know if the Retox bar in Soi Honey is open on dry day's. I want to watch the Japan Scotland rugby game as it should be a good game with both sides having a lot to play for.
  4. I was reading the Pattaya Mail today and it said that the 13th is the 3rd aniversary of the passing of the old King and it was a dry day last year. Buddhist lent is the Monday and will just be a Government Public Holiday, probably not a dry day.
  5. Those Chinese are pretty smart putting an Exchange booth at the front door. Now all they need is an ATM inside.
  6. Walked past Sugarbaby at 8.30 last night and it was closed. Anybody know anything about what's happening there? I will stroll by tonight to see if it is still closed.
  7. andycoll

    The Ashes

    For God's sake. Mitch Marsh back again. That man comes back more often than a nasty little rash. And is about as welcome.
  8. Finally finished War and Peace. What a boring, tedious piece of shit. It's hard to believe such a long book only covers 7 years of Russian life during the Napoleonic wars. I thought I was going to burn out my Kindle l was flicking the pages that quick. 25 hours of my life l will never get back.
  9. Good movie. But probably not the same story.
  10. As l am back traveling again and don't have access to my free library books l have fallen back on the trusty Kindle to kep me going. I have just read 'The Black Angel' followed by 'The Unquiet'. Books 5 and 6 in John Connolly's Charlie Parker series. It has been about 14 years since I first read them and l had forgotten how good his early stuff was. Now for a change of pace, and don't laugh, l have started War and Peace by Tolstoy. I still have 39 hours of reading to go. I think I might break this up by reading a few other books here and there. I have 6 more weeks of my trip to go so my aim is to finish it before then.
  11. Only had the lager, not a big stout fan. When I was at the shop buying a few cans today l was sorely tempted to buy a Reggae Rum just to see, but mixed drinks in cans generally aren't up to scratch.
  12. Posting some pics of Galle Fort taken this morning and afternoon in the members photos section if any bodies interested.
  13. There were quite a few male and female monks heading to the temple while I was watch. Many people, certainly in Australia, don't seem to realise that this is a mostly Buddhist country. Anyway, for those of you who like a nice hot curry, this one is for you.
  14. A few sundowners at the Pedlars corner cafe.
  15. It's an elephant wrapped around a Sri Lankan tuktuk. The tuktuks here a more spacious and comfortable than Thai ones. A few more street shots, by the way the bird was stalking the cat, no feathers or fur flew.
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