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  1. Yep, Maradona was the greatest player of all time. Not the greatest career of all time because he shortened his prime playing years by not taking care of his health. No player before or since has come close to the skill levels Maradona had. His "ceiling" was so much higher than everyone else. Totally avoidable death, but that's the price you pay for not taking care of your health.
  2. No need mate, we prefer to see it with all the blemishes and the dirty stains on the table
  3. I had to re-read that a few times to make sense of that
  4. Ray Clemence RIP https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/54953093 Former England, Liverpool and Tottenham goalkeeper Ray Clemence has died aged 72. Clemence, who won five league titles and three European Cups with Liverpool between 1967 and 1981, was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2005. He also lifted the FA Cup, League Cup and two Uefa Cups during his time at Anfield. In total, he made 470 league appearances for Liverpool before joining Tottenham. During his seven-year spell at Spurs, Clemence helped the club retain the FA Cup in 1982 and clocked up 330 ap
  5. Depression is the usual cause of suicides but it doesn't mean there is an underlying mental health issue. My best mate committed suicide and he was prefectly rational before the event. I had no idea that there was any sort of problem. I found out later that he was traumatized about an incident that lead to someone elses death and he couldn't get over it.
  6. Medical Insurance wouldn't have made any difference.......it doesn't cover a failed suicide attempt.
  7. I was out pumping some iron on the exercise equipment in Benchasiri Park, followed by a 9Km run, and then pulled a nice profit from a couple of trades in the stock market.
  8. To each his own. Personally I don't give a toss about his or anyone elses views on HIV/AIDS. I respect Trink for what he was.....THE source of nighlife information prior to the internet. As John Lennon famously said, before Elvis there was nothing........similarly, before the internet there was Trink. 'Nuff said.
  9. ^^ Very sad but I can't say I'm surprised. I saw him a couple of years back outside Benchasiri Park and he looked really sick even then.
  10. Legendary 'Nite Owl' columnist Bernard Trink dies at 89..........RIP Bernie Bernard Trink, one of the most memorable figures in the long history of the Bangkok Post, has passed away at the age of 89. He had been ill and was being treated at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, where he died of a blood infection on Tuesday night, said his wife Aree Trink. He is survived by his wife and two children, a son and daughter. His cremation will be held at Sala 5, Wat That Thong, at 2pm on Sunday. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1999947/post-legend-bernard-trink-dies-
  11. I picked up a Chiang Rai girl in the Thermae on one of my earlier trips that turned out to be illiterate. I only found out the next day when I took her to the food court in Robinson's - she didn't have a clue what to do with the food coupons and handed them back to me. On another memorable occasion she was pulled by the police for dropping litter at a bus-stop - blissfully unaware of the anti-littering signpost that was opposite. The Cops tried to come after me to pay the fine but I prentended not to know her. Also had an Algerian girl that was illiterate. She was sex mad and a
  12. LOL..........I know that "Better Hold Fast" is your favourite expression......but you're flogging it to death mate
  13. It's a syrup!! He did have a hair transplant (or more correctly a "scalp reduction") in the 90's, but with further hair loss he decided to go down the "hair system" route.
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