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  1. jcolorado


    42-30 Vikings over the hapless Lions
  2. My single biggest issue last trip was the humidity. I always sweated a fair amount when in Thailand while out walking about. Each passing year it becomes less tolerable.
  3. I enjoyed watching that a few years ago. Was a bit surprised how much I enjoyed it.
  4. After 48 trips totaling 3 1/2 years throughout the past 22 years I found myself "Thailanded out" at the beginning of this year. Paid for a 2 month stay at VT6 for Jan/Feb but left after only 3 weeks. Thailand and Pattaya have changed. I have changed. Having just achieved the age of 70, I am sure that also is a big hitter. Got plenty of great memories, but some of the stuff I used to enjoy just don't seem to be nearly as much fun now. At this point in time, my priorities are comfort, convenience and control over my own affairs to the extent possible. Thailand just doesn't contribute to those 3 essentials anymore. But never say never. Maybe one day I will get the itch again.
  5. jcolorado


    Utter BS. And it would seem there is no accountability to be held by such rouge acting officials.
  6. I was watching a movie at a theater in Phuket and had to make a toilet break. In the lobby a big screen TV was showing the attacks. I thought it was a trailer for some movie. After the movie ended my TG and I went to a bar and reality set in. We sat there for a couple hours watching the horror. My return flight to the states was cancelled due to the grounding of commercial aircraft. Because of the backlog of people trying to get to the states after commercial flying resumed, I had to extend my stay 11 days. My boss gave me plenty of shit about that.
  7. The PBG has a huge benefit in being so visible from much of Beach Road.
  8. Guess Mo ain't here to comment on this like he overwhelmingly did on shh.
  9. Better off looking into something like Roadkil.net. Free app will wipe everything clean.
  10. Sometimes being lazy can be fun.
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