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  1. "The country has largely brought the virus under control."
  2. They are saying no refunds because it is not cancelled - only delayed.
  3. Similar situation here in Colorado. I found out what is worse than wearing a mask when working out at the gym ---------- wearing a wet mask. I lasted all of 15 minutes before my perspiration had my mask thoroughly wet to where breathing through it became intolerable.
  4. I spent 8 days in China on a business trip in the early 90s. A taxi driver told me that you save on gas by driving with the lights off.
  5. What is a syrup? Google didn't help.
  6. 4. Comply with the Health Protocols Travelers must abide by the predetermined health protocols against COVID-19 transmission, such as wearing face masks, washing hands with soap and running water or with hand sanitizer, maintaining distance from each other, and adopting a clean and healthy lifestyle.
  7. A movie that was a disappointment for me.
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