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  1. VAT was reduced at the time of the Asian Currency Crisis of about 2000, it was supposed to go back up and is "reviewed" every year or so. Needless to say it always too sensitive to restore to correct level.
  2. Security managed to use their radios, that is about it.
  3. Just had a couple of fillings and a clean at Dental For You opposite Tukcom, 2300B. The cleaning (900B) cost more than the fillings because a lot of build up. Getting a crown, 6/8000B(?) will have it installed this afternoon. The first stage with moulding and lots of grinding was OK the dentist used pain killer when I complained. 2 visits about 3 days apart for the crown. Was quoted 8K but they only asked for 3K as half payment, maybe the quote included the cleaning and fillings too. Will know better after today's visit. They take credit cards, which in my case is good as the card I use does not charge for overseas use and is giving a better exchange rate than I can get for cash. ** Added in** Went in, new fang installed and out again in under 20 minutes, 3K baht lighter. Was told not to eat for 2 hours, so off to the Beer Garden for a while. 2 hours just completed as meal arrived.
  4. Poor soul, they have to go and visit mummy and daddy. I would have thought a trip to buy some new underwear would be first order of business.
  5. That lot hit Jomtien a couple of minutes ago too.
  6. @Thai Spice The fruit trees you mentioned will grow, but not produce fruit worth eating if any at all. Most of those trees need certain low(ish) temperatures for a few weeks to activate the conditions needed to produce fruit, the temperature required varies from species to species. This is why the fruit are not grown in the tropics and need to be imported. They will make very nice ornamental trees but not producing fruit trees.
  7. Great news. I hope this keeps coming. BTW you are allowed to a little american with the hyperbole and tell the world it is Fucking great news!!!! Or The best day ever!!
  8. Just been on a resurface job for local council here in planet Perth. It has been upsetting the locals with disruptions for the last 2 months. It does not come close to that standard. It looks pretty now, but I am sure we will be back in the not so distant future.
  9. 5 days 18 hours, but who is counting
  10. So will I become a sexy man when I arrive next week? I was getting papa and pompui the last couple of visits.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, I will follow them up. I know the one on Sukumvit as I used to catch the songtao from just there to my shop in Pong. Was not sure if it was still there.
  12. I am familiar with avoiding cars. In planet Perth they usually do not see bikes which I can deal with, it is the ones that target cyclists that cause most issue. Having been a cab driver for almost 10 years dealing with the other drivers prefer to cycle on cycle paths when possible. I realise that this is less of an option in Pattaya, but there are some paths from what I have seen.I have been hit by motorcycles walking in Pattaya, I have walked all over the darkside and Pattaya when I lived there, so have an understanding of the drivers there. Hell I like living dangerously, some take up adventure sports, I get on a bicycle.
  13. I'm due to visit the temples and beaches of Pattaya next week for a few weeks. Having been inspired by @forcebwithu and his pictorial essays of cycling in the general area I thought I would give it a go. Rather than lug my bike I would like to rent a bicycle (not motorbike). Anyone with experience with this? There was a website suggested for Venture Cycles, but the site is parked and dead. I think it was in Jomtien, I am not afraid to go exploring to find a place, it is all part of the adventure of a holiday.
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