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  1. might just be me but with the quomem still have a strong sour after taste, started on about day 5 now been off the tablets about 60 days, like i say might just be me
  2. Don't think you can get champix at least that's what boots told me. local pharmacy gave me Quomem, but would only give me 2 blister packs 15 tablets in each pack, 1 a day for 3 days, 2 a day for 4 days, stopped on day 8 took 1 tablet a day till they were finished. smoked 20> 30 a day for the last 40 odd years, been off them for 28 days now. wasn't as bad as i thought it would be but its still early days.
  3. i hear you, try telling the missus everyday, let her advance at her own pace
  4. Living on the darkside and have a daughter attending an international school, cost 82,500 baht a term 3 terms. Now the daughter is only 6 yr old and would say about mid table in her learning, the maths and english teachers want her to do extra lessons at a cost of 400 Baht per lesson, 2 lessons of english and 2 lessons of maths per week, basically adding an extra 57,000> 58,000 per school year. question is would you pay or consider private tutition, remembering extra curricula at school would not be one on one. Next question would be are there any private tutors on the Darkside willing to teach at private home, searched the net nearly all seem to be based central pattaya
  5. feck who am i going to listen too taking the nipper to school
  6. watched IO the other night what an utter load of shite
  7. Machine numbers Sitting looking out the office window at them
  8. been living on the dark side since 2007, first koi noi , now on nern plerbwan some cracking bars if ya know where to look . was it not lee who named it the darkside
  9. been coming to thailand for 19yr married to a thai, haven't been active on the forums for a while due to the usual keyboard warriors, hope its all good here
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