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  1. When did it change? It looks the same to me. I have the App and it is still a piece of cake on there. I booked a room Saturday. 5 minutes done. It even prompted me to apply my discount and cash pot. I am still happy with it.
  2. That might be not far from the truth. In the new revamped Scooters at Secrets about 9ish last night I was the only punter. Toy bar near Tims with the band playing I made it 3. The complex at the top of 10 had maybe 10 customers but 7 of them were in the end bar watching the Morlam show. A walk through Tree Town revealled about 6 customers in all the bars together. Made in Thailand complex was a bit better but many bars had nobody in. The ladyboy bars boosted the figures. I ended up at the top end of #2. For a while I was the only customer watching the excellent band in Leks Classroom although that filled out a bit to 6 around midnight After midnight Yuth Bar and Toy 2 both with excellent bands had 10 or so between them. Many of the individual stand alone bars scattered around that I passed on my travels were empty. But also all the other stuff that makes Pattaya what it is. The watch sellers, the food carts, the guys punting cuddly toys and the rest were a lot fewer than I would expect.
  3. I once sat next to BB King on an American Eagle flight from LA to Vegas. Which disproves the story that he always booked the seat next to him for Lucille his guitar.
  4. This map is how the complex ended up. In the very early days it was just a load of stand alone beer bars around the edges with a few more in the centre. There were no go-go bars. I used to hang about in the Wild West bar which was either side of the left hand entrance. Suzy and Crazys was a fixture of the place from the start to finish. The toilets were back there next to their bar. I remember standing next to a guy both of us slashing away when a gecko ran up his arm and in shock he pissed all over me. Not pleasant. When the complex was shut down most of the bar owners opened up briefly in the equally illegal patch of swamp on the opposite side of Suk that eventually became Chuwit Gardens. But that is another story.
  5. Did the new place used to be Office Girls? It must be somewhere in that vicinity. That end of the Soi gets a bit dodgy with feral LBs late on.
  6. Didnt it became a gogo for a short while after you sold it. I cant think of its name.
  7. I dont think it was ever inviting. You pretty much had to know it was there. Hence the forum. There is very little footfall up and down the soi. That I can see being a problem for the new owners. I hope they have a solid marketing strategy.
  8. After landing at Don Muang in 2001 during taxi to the gate I was absent mindedly looking out of the window when I was greeted to this sight. An air conditioning unit had overheated on the plane and the recently fueled plane went up. It had happened the day before, some people died. 2 weeks later returning home I was looking out of the terminal window to see if they sorted the mess out when a train of baggage carts whipped round the corner. The last container flew off the cart on to tarmac where a honey truck hit it and scattered the bags everywhere. The baggage train never even stopped. Also at Don Muang a few years later I was on a China Airlines 747 as it was on final approach. We were that close I could clearly see the golfers on the course between the runways. At the last minute the pilot hit the gas and we had a go around. After some muttered excuse from the pilot we went in again. Same again, aborted, except this time the golfers on the course were watching us. Third time in with all the passengers in pieces, praying, screaming, crying you name it he nailed a perfect landing. This time all the golfers and caddies were lined up at the edge of the course with cameras poised. They were sure we were going in hard. So was I. On the way to the gate we got an excuse that the taxiways had been congested and that was the reason for the 2 go arounds. Bullshit of course.
  9. Like many others I am a refugee from Secrets board. I have been a visitor to Thailand for over 25 years. Not a great fan of Pattaya but I still like to keep in the loop.
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