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  1. I hope there is a future for the place, always like staying there, so close for Walking street.
  2. Understandable I guess, shame though as we always enjoyed coming downstairs early from the hotel rooms for our breakfast in there
  3. Excellent! Have had such wonderful times in those places. Thanks for the pictures Larry! Brings such fond memories back to mind. Hopefully Babydolls will continue, albeit in another name but still keeping its vibe. I'm really hoping the Secrets(scooters) bar will re open, as promised.....Any news?
  4. Are you staying at Secrets Brian? Pauly
  5. And used to see him quite often in Secrets late night when we were there. Always liked him, and enjoyed times in his 'Easy ' bar. Sad he fell on hard times. Last time I saw him I didn't recognise him, he was a fraction of his previous size.
  6. Always had breakfast there when we'd be there for the month, often dinner and/or a late meal in there too. I hope it will re-open and gain success with the bar & kitchen, it's been all part of the experience for our stays. Its still a great location for us, as WS is our favourite area. Would be strange staying there without the bar/club/girls/food/partying etc downstairs though.
  7. Yes I agree, that is the way I negotiate bars also 👍🏻 I am inferring that in Secrets hay day there were good managers there that socialised and promoted the bar (including forum promotion) it encouraged customers to visit, especially as it's location is not directly on Walking Street. From the looks of things there were many girls there when it first transformed into Scooters, yet it appears it might not have attracted a mass of clientele, and from the photos etc. at a guess it would seem to have seen a large reduction in girls. It certainly is a very low season, however some bars
  8. So....is there actually not a fallang manager there at all ?
  9. i hope it survives, I like the bar, and always stay in the hotel. The location is great as my favourite places to visit are in WS I'm keen to know what is going to happen....
  10. Is there a falang manager in Scooters/Secrets... Or is it still down to Moulie?
  11. Recently went to see Bootleg Blondie, featuring the original Blondie drummer Clem Burke playing, Great performance & recommended 👍🏻
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