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  1. Thread cleaned up to some extent. There is a section for US politics. Please address the contents of posts rather than insult or wind up other posters Thanks.
  2. Gents - This thread is about the Corvid 19 virus and its effects outside Thailand. It is not about US or French Politics. I have hidden a number of posts, the aim of which was nothing more than to wind up one member of this forum. Thank you.
  3. Gents - Mod decisions should not be discussed on the forum. Please see Rule 32 Please also see Rules 20 and 21, which relate to : Posts that are racist or targeted against any religious group. Any type of ‘Hate Speech’ targeted against minority groups.
  4. Thread cleaned up. Posts should address the contents of other posts or give information for the benefit of other posters. Petty bickering and insulting other members is not acceptable.
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