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  1. heard the place had been up for auction, but bids not good enough to cover bank debt, now bids are open to take building down, watch this space
  2. just watched a news clip, Santa claus , has been ok'd to vist all countries....where can I get a jab
  3. Larry's looking fit & healthy
  4. Yep i've cracked, given the house a blast
  5. saw your interview,(trip down memory lane for you)well done, I see you managed to get" Le Pub" name in a few times,also glad to hear your not a sports bar
  6. just my 2p, the sellers agent is acting for the best interest for the seller, not you
  7. tips cap= nod of head, whilst holding your cap, sign of respeck ( that should be right)
  8. err, is it just me , but all ive got is a white screen, did you forget to load the photos
  9. what about all the fumes, from, lorries, coaches, cars, etc......must be really good to exercise breathing in
  10. Hi Phil, useless info, watched a program last nite, build a Brompton bike from start to finish...….really interesting.....sorry must be due too lock down
  11. Here in the uk , we have a few billion/trillion gallons, just lying around, FREE!!!, please help yourselves to it
  12. waiting to leave the EU, tick tock, tick tock...…………………………….etc
  13. yep getting mine done Wednesday, £50, here in the uk. I did think about doing it my self, but was worried in case I messed up, tried t-cut, but no good for my headlights, need some thing more abrasive
  14. Hi Lirchenfield, I like the bit about the Australians, did not think about that
  15. errr, its upside down...………………………………..ha ha
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