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  1. Mirrors my feelings about the place---liked it better in those days but the passing years have made the town a little more user friendly. Still, that old feeling of getting into town and knowing that just about everyone you saw anywhere was focused on the same thing-- the ladies!--is long gone. It was that "Man's Town" aspect that made it so much fun and so different than any other place. That character of the city has vanished and been replaced by hundreds of tour buses, throngs of tourists for whom Pattaya is just another stop on a pre-packaged holiday. The ladies are still here and easily found if wanted, but that old character has been swamped by the new and makes the town seem far less unique.
  2. Missing was good but his movie about race car driver N. Lauda was terrific. Watch it if available somewhere.
  3. Just finished it. Very, very good.
  4. Yep. Great series, Idris Alba is top notch.
  5. Was excellent! Hope they do another season. First series excellent. Hope the follow up is as good.
  6. Gave it a try, just didn't grab me. But the original Narcos is fabulous, binged it and sad when it ended.
  7. First season excellent, second not so much.
  8. Have not tried this place but been to both Patricks and Beefeater twice and both disappointing. Best steak in town for me is at Andre, Thappraya soi 6, also Belgian and has an attached bar specializing in Belgian beers. Try the filet, excellent and very reasonably priced.
  9. Must be around San Jose? Or farther south?
  10. Love Rome. Haven't been in over 10 years. Thread made me check out flights from BKK in the fall, not as expensive as my flights back to California so now seriously considering it.
  11. Stopped in once last year. Some attractive ladies but the atmosphere left more than a little to be desired. Rather pick one up off the street.
  12. Blix99

    Direct Hit

    I'm bald. Usually land on my head. Easy to wipe off.
  13. Frank, Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax. Boyhood heroes.
  14. Just a darn minute here! Still exists as do I and still use it. Never found a compelling reason to change.
  15. Hello to all. Nice little forum you've got going here. Will enjoy looking around .
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