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  1. There are more than several bars open here with music and lights low.
  2. I have owned 3 houses and a couple of condos in Thailand with no trouble but I took money over when it was B76 to the pound and moved money back when it was B43 to the pound Same in Cambodia was lucky cause at the time of moving it back to UK I then moved to Cambodia where the US$ was 1.76 to pound and bought some apartments here. I do sometimes think that as the Dollar is strong against the pound maybe I should sell and move money back to UK . The moral is you pay your money you take your choice!!!
  3. Yes in order to qualify to stay open food must be your primary business. Maybe they just stayed open without permission then as several bars did this, I think Secrets is closed now but there are still a few bars open with the lights off.
  4. Some good news for foreigners in Cambodia, the government will automatically extend all tourist visas dated after January 1st and exempt all from overstay charges. https://www.phnompenhpost.com/national/tourists-can-now-prolong-their-stay?fbclid=IwAR3HOYZT1OehvZxweOlIRzpr7xDDs7vjebSSdzgKY75pLJrlPcAQSICNgbs
  5. Ok so I am now going on voluntary lock down, the authorities seem slow to impose it so I will self impose from today. I have gathered supplies that I can eat without the need for cooking. 4kgs Oatmeal 14 tins Tuna 10litres Milk 24 Granola Bars 5kgs Protein Powder 4 Brie cheese various biscuits and crackers 3 tubes Pringles 3 bars of chocolate Teabags, Ovaltine, water, Vit C tabs, Boiled Sweets. I hope this will keep me going for 3 to 4 weeks but I would guess any longer and we will be allowed to go shopping at some point to replenish stocks.
  6. There was but most of them were in Sihanoukville and went home before Christmas when they stopped all the online gambling here.
  7. The girls here can cash their lady drinks in any time they want but most will leave the majority till the end of the month.
  8. Yes due to the fact they have a food license. I think that the sooner we get on total lock down before too many cases the better. It seems the slow a country goes to the inevitable lock down the more cases there are so the more chance of it spreading further. The bars were told to close last Tuesday at around 11pm. William, the owner also my boss, immediately called a meeting with all staff from the 4 bars to explain the situation. We were already due to close for one night on the Wednesday because it was his 10th wedding anniversary and all staff were invited to the party. He told the staff to come to their bars on the Thursday evening and they would all be paid in full including their lady drink commissions!!! The girls that are staying in PP and live above the bars will not have to pay rent for the month also. I would say there are not many Bosses who would do this to make sure the staff are taken care of, William is a very fair and straight guy and that is why I continue to work for him and turned down the job to manage Secrets Cambodia!!! PP is now alot quieter and darker with no lights from bars, there are still restaurants open but I think that may change soon. I am staying home as much as I can and only going out once a day to fetch a take away curry. I have been told that there are more girls around the riverside area looking for business but I tend not to go there as I am not really interested and could call in girls I know if I wanted to. Anyway that is the state of play here and I hope it gets better soon. Stay Safe everyone!
  9. All the bars in PP have just been closed with immediate effect until further notice. I am not sure how this will impact and how much pressure there will be to reopen asap as there are going to be so many people out of work.
  10. It is more difficult to get a good breakfast here, the bacon and sausage can be hit and miss but this is one of the best ones. The Big Breakfast at Molly Malones of street 136 $7
  11. Over the past few weeks it seems to be happening more often that customers are paying their bills with fake notes. It is usually $100's but now $50's aswell. When told the notes are fake they all say the same, I just got them from the ATM. We then ask, did you go for a massage and the answer is always yes!!! So remember guys that when you go for a cheap massage keep you cash close, some places even provide lockers to put your valuables in but they have spare keys and still change the cash. The best advice is to only carry a few dollaras with you when getting a massage. The interesting thing is that this week we have had two separate incidents and both times the guys have gone back to the massage shops with one of our girls who would call our security if necessary, and explained that they know the shop changed the money. They both got their money changed back to real money!!!!! The massage shops hope nobody will remember but when they do they will refund with a sorry to avoid police!!!! We are now trying to get police involved as this is a prevalent thing happening more and more!!!
  12. It is actually 4 bars that I mange now and yes as I said there has been a downturn in Asians across the 4 bars. It is strange as within the four bars there are ones that Asians prefer and ones that Westerners prefer so it is quite easy to recognize the demographics. There is a recognizable downturn across PP, I have heard from customers that many bars in street 104 are lacking customers and have been there myself to confirm it. I don't really know how the next few months will pan out as a lack of customers could mean some girls going back to the province. All I can say is I am sure there will be adequate numbers left here to service the needs of anyone wishing to come.
  13. We do try to accommodate people where ever possible and maybe part of the problem was a lack of understanding as I was not there to explain it. We have rethought our policy now and will only allow guys we know to do it as we know they understand the lady drink part.
  14. There is a drop in Chinese but our main customer base is repeats from people who live here so we are doing ok for the moment Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  15. Oh and Dog The Bounty Hunter came into the bar a few nights ago, he is not as big as he looks on the tv!!!!
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