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  1. I will find so more soon if you guys want to see them
  2. A few photos from the old Sorya Mall before it was redeveloped. It is no where near like it was but gradually girls are returning. I am amazed at how some of these girls have aged in 5 or 6 years.
  3. I need to get a new one in Nov/Dec when I am home. Hope its blue!!!
  4. Well I thought I would post this blast from the past as I no longer have either toys in the photo!!!
  5. Looks pretty good idea
  6. I am 51 and everytime I meet someone about my age or slightly younger I look at them and think f**k I don't look as old as him do I?
  7. Yes mate it was unfortunate. I will also be away from 4th november till nearly February but after that no plans to go anywhere for a year or so. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  8. Yes, I have seen Philippines used for a number of movies set in S.E Asian countries. Interestingly I met a young guy in the bar a few months ago who was staring in a Banged Up Abroad TV doc that was supposedly set in Thailand, He said Thailand would not let them film it there so they came to Cambodia. He told me they made a mock up of a cell in an upstairs room in one of the shop/houses here. He was an ex Scots Guard about 38 so if anyone sees the Docu, let me know
  9. Yes there does still seem to be a dislike of Viets here, I was hoping the the movie First they killed my father would make people realize but I don't think enough people saw it..
  10. Yes there is a huge divide, I think there are about 15 million people here and the average age is only 24 years old so you see it is a very young country still because of the set back of the Khmer Rouge in late 70's
  11. I have found that Cambodia is very different, Here is a lot more friendly and you are not likely to ripped off in the same way as Thailand. The people seem more genuine and as many of the expats here work they are less cynical and really nice and friendly. I have noticed that the people coming from Thailand who have the best time are the relaxed friendly ones who treat the people here with respect. There are also those who find it not so good but generally they are the types who are constantly thinking someone is trying to scam or rip them off. They also tend to be the ones who sit and drink draft beer and complain about everything. Cambodia has a lot of big spending tourists and expats and most nights there are people in the bars I am involved in who spend 200 to 400$ in a night on lady drinks and have a great time. The thing about here is that it is slower and less in your face, if you want instant I go with you 2,000 Baht situation stay in Thailand but if you are happy to work a little to get the girl you want and invest in a few lady drinks you will have a far better girlfriend experience. Many times customers have bought one lady drink for a girl and asked her to go and been either quoted high money or been knocked back only to find with a little perseverance of coming in a few nights running and buying her a few lady drinks she then agrees to go at a lot less money. She will justify it to herself by thinking this is a good guy who likes me!! So really here is more about your attitude, smile, be friendly and polite and you will have a great time!!
  12. Most people in Thailand are under the misconception that Cambodia is a lot poorer than Thailand but there are some very wealthy people here. There is also so much foreign investment here now that PP has increased at an amazing rate in the 7 years I have been here.
  13. The Pub on Street 174 does a great Full English and so does Molly Malones on street 136.
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