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  1. James lee burke love the dave robicheaux clete purcel series of books .
  2. why not old boy why not maybe the rest of them are shite
  3. wouldnt surprise me old boy that was fuckin pathetic 😂
  4. Book direct with either emirites or qatar whoevers doing the best deal at time of booking . Makes some difference if you want to change flights ie stay another week or 2 only £50 or £75. if you book with netflights ect i dont think you have that option ?.
  5. Few big bottles of Staropramen nice drop it is washing down a bottle of devons finest Buckfast 😂 just the usual sunday shift watching shit football on the gogglebox.
  6. wait untill it rains and all the sand gets washed back into the sea :-D
  7. To be honest if id enough money to spend 3 weeks or a month in Bkk id never go back to pattaya or maybe a weekend in the middle of the holiday in pattaya Bkk is the place to be 🙂
  8. Just need to sit in the Pattaya beer garden when its raining , and watch the black water pour in from that big massive fuckin pipe i dont know if its a foul pipe or rainwater but its honking , and their wanting familys to swim in the same bay lol family destination my arse 😄
  9. i do it for a living drive excavators , i stood and watched them crackpots in july trying to sort the beach out made me laugh spreading tonnes and tonnes of sand everywhere hoping for the best as soon as the tide came in the sand dissapeared , laugh i nearly bought a round of drinks 😄
  10. just a half bottle today old boy , work in the morning 😋
  11. Its a shithole end of story , get a few diggers in and spread sand then when it rains the sands fucks off back into the sea 😄
  12. hi been dodging around pattaya and bkk since 2005 nice to be here 🙂
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