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  1. Only tried a few Thai dishes there and always found the food bland. In fairness, I haven't eaten there for a number of years as I gave up on it. A shame, as the location and the people-watching opportunities there are great.
  2. Who can you see beating the All Blacks?
  3. Looks like it's going to plummet from 38.xx to 36.xx in absolutely record time.
  4. "Lek, Big Boobs A Gogo Pattaya, short-time fee" might make for an interesting entry on a credit card statement.... It's not just the control that governments get over you and the massive risks, there are A LOT of terrible unintended consequences if things went entirely cashless.
  5. I'm writing about retirement in this coming week's column so I guess the old part is true!
  6. Livingstone Lodge closed in the second half of 2013 after the German owner sold it to a Frenchman called Frank who renovated it and renamed it Ocean. Frank put a lot of money in to it and had grandiose plans and was aiming more for the Thai market than expats. It did ok for a short period and then sort of petered out. It closed down a few years ago, and things got ugly at the end with the venue locked up, a large fence put around the complex, and a couple of permanent residents' belongings stuck inside. They eventually got their belongings back after a few months. All of the shophouses out front were pulled down late last year and when I was last in town, a couple of months ago it was still a mess with no new business in its place. The owner is retired and enjoying life in Bangkok. The manager, also a German, now owns and runs the superb G's restaurant in Silom soi 4. Here's a snap of what was Livingstone's from right outside, taken in March.
  7. Talk about taking a quote out of context! In the previous week's column I asked readers what they thought about the average price for a beer in a Bangkok gogo bar which now run about 180 baht. Many readers responded and their comments filled the emails section in this week's column. Most felt that 180 baht for a beer in a gogo bar is too much. With regards to this quote, for starters, those words are not mine but clearly listed in the Stick's Inbox section i.e. an email from a reader. I ran this particular email as I felt it was important for balance. Copying and pasting as you did without context makes it sound like these are my words, which they are not.
  8. What a load of horse-shit about Thais trying to f**k you over at any chance. Complete and utter nonsense. The Thais didn't f**k you over at all, it's simply a case that some hotels don't match the Internet booking site's price and duh, it's actually in their terms and conditions that they're not allowed to (even those some breach the contract and do). Perhaps it might have been more accurate to say that while the receptionist didn't have the authority to match the online price, he contacted the boss and was able to offer you a 20% discount on the usual price. Seems fair to me.
  9. Sure does, assuming the place you ant to stay at is responsive to email. Find the best fare online and then go to the hotel with a screen capture and the place I stay at beats the price and then throws in late checkout free too. Obviously, it all depends on the place you wish to stay at and the person at the other end of the email.
  10. I never liked the 380. Only flew on it three times but not a fan at all. Iy took forever to board (each time was boarding at Sydney Airport so maybe that had something to do with it). I can't put my finger on why but I just never enjoyed flying on it. Prefer flying on the Dreamliner, personally.
  11. I am looking at the Sony WH 1000XM3 as that seems to be getting the best reviews at the moment. Local price here is $NZ459, which is a bit over $US300.
  12. I am considering picking up a set of noise cancelling headphones and one of the main reasons for doing so is the apparent benefits they bring when flying. I've read up on all the best models so am clear on the make and model I might go for, so what I'd really like to hear is from anyone who has personal experience using them. Do they work that well? Do they really make a difference when flying? Did it make the flight that bit more comfortable? I'd love to hear if you think they work well and are worth it, or perhaps otherwise!
  13. Yep, I upgraded to the Xs and this is exactly what I found too. It's really fast and nice to use, the screen is fantastic, good battery life and camera is surprisingly good - and I say that as a keen photographer.
  14. Sex, cleaning, cooking, nursing, all for 20K baht / month? He is getting the bargain of the century!
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