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TouchDown in Chiang Mai



The flight was not bad, I even got a couple of hours sleep. Arrival in CM was hectic. I arrived at around 10AM local time. And so did the Prime Minister of Thailand. They shut down the whole airport and the surrounding streets for about 1 hour. The cabdriver (150 Bath into downtown) laconically said "I dont like this guy" 😀


(touchdown at CM Airport)

After I arrived at my hotel (dusit princess hotel, booked at agoda) I got some sleep, and after that I took off to the night bazar to get some food at SILA-AAT (good selection of Thai- and Seafood and also local specialties)



(SILA-AAT restaurant)


(green stuff)


I was hungry, so I had dinner. Well actually I had 3 dinner...


I started with a nice Pork Noodle Soup


followed by a plate of panaeng


and a local dish called Si Oua. Its a special sausage of the north served with stuffed pigskin. Never had it before - highly recommended!


oh yeah and it rained - a lot


Not much to do, except drinking.

Ok thats it for today, I hope you enjoy my little stories and sorry again for my english, I have a hard time blogging in english.


All the best, see U tomorrow



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