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Busy Day in Chiang Mai



It was a busy day today in Chiang Mai. I was smart. I brought my Notebook with me from home to be able to edit video and photos and stuff. Unfortunately I was not smart enough to bring the power adapter with me. But luckily Chiang Mai apparently is the world capital for digital nomads only second to Bali so I was told. So I found a shop at the other end of the old city that specializes in notebook repairs and spare parts. So I bought that damn power-adapter (600 Bath). The shop is called Mtek Notebook Service Shop just in case you are stupid enough to leave your power adapter at home...

After that I went to C&P Big Bike Shop and picked up my Yamaha X-MAX 300 Scooter. The Owner (called Lan) is a really nice guy and I totally understand why his shop receives such good ratings by customers. He told me this crazy story about an Italian guy who traveled with 5 or 6 passports, rented a big bike with each passport in different shops in Chiang Mai, and sold all the bikes in Laos. (He was caught 1 year later in pattaya)

There are bigger shops in town, but Lan has a nice selection of bikes, also very new ones like the africa twin adventure sports.

So tomorrow I will start with the Samoeng Loop, a one day trip.



Samoeng Loop

After a few preperations for tomorrow I found some time to walk around. Here are a few impressions:









Khao Soi (Chiang Mai Egg Noodle Curry)


Until tomorrow, take care




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1 hour ago, Lanzalad said:

Great stuff

Are you planning on touring around on the bike..?

Yes I will, hope the weather is ok 😂

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Damn. I miss Chiang Mai. And I just saw on YouTube, there’s a place that rents condos reasonably at even a monthly rate. I might spend a month there next time. 


Have fun. It’s an amazing place. If you’re touring around, we hit the Queen Sirikit Gardens up in the mountains. And the Butterfly and Orchid Park. Had a great day doing that.

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I have been to Chiang Mai 3 times but yet to take my beloved much to her annoyance.  Fantastic place to visit to see so many interesting places, hotels good value, taxis cheap and eating options many.

Getting up to Doi Suthep is well worth it for the view if not too misty, need to be quite fit though as there are a few steps to climb.

I stayed at the M near the eastern gate and bang next door to the Sunday market which itself is well worth the visit alone.



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Guest Naris Sakka


I am Songkla citizen Southern Thailand, in Old Skla licensed guide club. Our club is glade to see you with introducing the histo-socio, cultural, heritage stories.    

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