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  1. buffalo

    UK Spouse Visa - English Test

    Made me laugh after we had jumped through all the hops and paid all the money my mrs had to go for an interview in Reading at some immagration office before her citizenship would be awarded I went along with but wasnt allowed to sit in the interview, The guy who did the interview was Indian chap in full turban and spoke worse english than my mrs and she was having trouble understanding him.
  2. buffalo

    UK Spouse Visa - English Test

    Cost me and the mrs about £3500 from arriving in the UK to citizenship and passport, That was about 8 years ago doing everything ourselves.
  3. buffalo

    boxing day

    Gonna have a nose around the sales looking at cameras
  4. buffalo

    2 weeks and not one cigarette..

    So sorry to hear this terrible news Phil, What a rollarcoaster you been on the last year what with moving country, new job new house moving Paung and new baby any one of these things is difficult and stressful and now this. Im preying things work out for you and your lovely family, Keep strong. Best wishes Dave.
  5. buffalo

    Little Lanza Arriving In Leeds

    Congrats and best wishes matey.
  6. buffalo


    Tossers at coinbase terminated my account because I paid for some IPTV sub using bitcoin, I use blockchain.com now much better with a great phone app and they dont scrutinise what transactions you make unlike coinbase.
  7. buffalo

    Those with children to Thai partners

    I thought about it for 2 mins but then again my 2 farang children were never christened so its a no from me.
  8. buffalo

    A Thai star in Formula 1.

    I was pleased by this news, I wonder if the Red bull Thai connections played apart.
  9. buffalo


    Just been looking at the historical prices with a view to buying some more, If you had bought in Dec 2011 at $2 a coin and sold in 2017 at $19,600 If you bought $1000 worth of coins 7 years ago it would of cost about £650 you could of pocketed around £6,650,000 selling in 2017, Wish I had a time machine.
  10. buffalo

    Who's the most famous person

    Met Larry in secrets once and Emma in jenny star bar long time ago.
  11. Thai police currently have a position going for a new grass.
  12. buffalo

    Direct Flight V Stopover Flight

    Direct as have a young child.
  13. I was vaping my one at the jomtien night market whilst having a beer couple of months ago, A copper walking past and waved his finger at me in a No signal then walked away, I was abit more careful after that.
  14. buffalo

    Am I missing something here..!

    Insane price for Udon You can get a nice detached 3 bed house for that much in Udon, Probabley some Farang chancer hoping to catch a naive newbie.
  15. buffalo

    Today at Stansted Airport !!

    Just be careful at superich some bitch in there stole 1000B of are money when we changed up £1000, Me and my wife headed downstairs to change some money £500 each when we arrived a couple of months back We watched her put the money in the counting machine 42 x 1000B correct she takes it out puts it on her desk which is out of view for about 2 seconds then hands it to me, Off we went upstairs to get a quick coffee before we head out, So I count out the money 21 for wifey and 20 for me, No i didnt pay for the coffee with a 1000, Dammit too late to go back. Moral of the story count your money at the desk in front of them before you leave.