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  1. Scotters parked right across pavements making you walk in the road so selfish and stupid.
  2. RIP Kev One of the good guys gone way too soon
  3. Happy Birthday Matey 😉
  4. Can just imagine the "Smart motorways" with no hard shoulder in the UK will become even more of a death trap with dozens of abandoned cars that ran out of charge.
  5. 1000 abit steep I would of haggled, The last time I was stopped I told him I only had Cambodia money on me I gave him 4000 riels ($1) and told him it was big money which he seemed very pleased about smiled and wave me on my way, Would of loved to of seen him at the money exchange later.
  6. Yep saw that then they still expected mugs to phone in on there premium line to vote, what a friggin joke, BBC is becoming a joke fake news platform.
  7. Feck that far too freezing at the moment
  8. Should build a few supermax jails for them like the yanks have.
  9. Never really knew Ben other than having a beer with him on a few occasions but he does seem to get a bad rap from people who have been involved in business dealings with him.
  10. buffalo


    Hehe me too, In 2010 it was $0.008–$0.08 per coin Funny story I had to buy some bitcoin to pay for my quaterly IPTV sub 3 months ago 20 euro but my bitcoin app has a min £80 topup so I winged and topped up anyway thinking I can pay later subs anyway logged in the other night to pay for the next iptv sub and my remaining £62 had trebled to £186 lol happy days Might buy some dodgy Kamagra online. 😂
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