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  1. That is heartbreaking, difficult to see how many of them can ever open again.
  2. Enjoyable day watching united and Liverpool getting thumped but if that`s a red card then football is dead in the water. seriously back in the day there wouldn`t be any players left on the pitch. F*cking soft pussies.
  3. Doesn`t look to be a single outstanding side in the championship this season, could be the most open contest in years.
  4. A desperately depressing read, when we finally get back Pattaya will have a whole new look to it for sure. only the strong will survive.
  5. Always try to hold out till the end of October. then off the end of April 6 months of each.
  6. Am I the only one that's gets the pesky quote box every time I try to reply to a topic? what the hell am I doing wrong???
  7. I tried, god I tried, but I can`t handle it when they are talking a different language but English voices have been added, the lip movements are different from whats coming out.
  8. How is LKM looking? notice i.rover webcam is still down.
  9. The GBP in absolute freefall again, when brexit was sorted we thought that was the end of the nightmare, then along comes this virus to f**k us all up again. its lost around 10% of its value against the USD in the last 5 trading days. Glad I postponed my trip that was due to start next week now.
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