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  1. Phil, Let me tell you, you can't make money selling any food to expats in the current climate. We had a unique space in the market and honest truth, we never lost in any month. But, it's too much like hard work, backstabbers everywhere. Cheap Charlie's everywhere. Some nights we did 4k others 12k in a takeaway. Bar restaurant some nights 25 to 40k. But the outlays are massive, Thais absolutely USELESS I every aspect of work. Here in Scotland an average Chinese can do £1200 to £2000 a week top about £800 to £1200 profit from a hole in the wall operation. Some can do much more. If you use just eat you can take £5000 a week here easy. Farang food is not worth it. Pattaya is full of sex, drug, alcohol addicted cheapos. Plenty decent folk too but not enough to go around.
  2. Food's not easy in Thailand. Do it yourself, never take partners. Many of these folk are criminals that slipped away to start a new life. Mixed bag there of genuinely nice people to down right sewer rats. And many sewer rats in Pattaya.
  3. Lovely drink and nice chimp. Poofs I'd do away with.
  4. None of you have any idea the shitty weather up here. Absolute frozen today, strong winds and under freezing point. Hey, no problem. People walking around in shorts and t-shirts. It's Scotland, nobody feels the cold.
  5. More Chinese cooking from the Wife. The amazing beef and tomato. I ate it very quick.
  6. Her night off from the restaurant and it's chicken chow mein in the house!
  7. Liver again. Liver, bacon, onions and chips.
  8. Have a look down soi 6. You might or might not find one but your visit worthwhile 😄 Loads of Aircon places on thepressit road, just off Sukhumvit.
  9. farangme


    Correct, me either. I wouldn't give them one penny.
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