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  1. farangme

    2 weeks and not one cigarette..

    When we're younger we can get away with anything Gerry but it catches up with most of us. Just stay off em mate.
  2. farangme

    2 weeks and not one cigarette..

  3. farangme

    Soi dogs

    I know that, it's called Glasgow humour.
  4. farangme


    Dave, they are ALL in the pay packet of Brussels. Cameron quit instantly when He disappointed and infuriated His Masters in Brussels. On that morning the BBC did a quick interview with an EU leader (Can't remember whom) his only comment was "you are not leaving" as He brushed by the camera team. Our house of commons and electoral system is more crooked than Quasimodo's back. We are not leaving it's simple as that. Brexit will be stopped.
  5. farangme

    What's your favourite takeaway

    Trump supporters are not allowed in the UK you need to take His word on it.
  6. farangme

    Soi dogs

    Big difference mate, I'm feeding, looking after with my cash, made in the UK. If you don't know the difference from me and smelly EU beggars, there's no hope for you. And I don't know what you're laughing at Crappyow, your'e stuck in the jungle down there. If there's a power cut you'll be dazzled with their white ivory teeth.
  7. farangme

    Soi dogs

    So happy I bought a puppy Ovcharka, 5.5 months old now and he's brilliant. Planning on importing another one.
  8. farangme

    Scouser Lee is facing hard time.

    Absolutely. Liverpool's the only place I'd take my wheels off my car and wheel barrow them around the shops with me.
  9. farangme


    All part of the grand plan KhunDon. Brexit could have been straight forward it's intentionally been taken down this route to cancel it.
  10. farangme


    Yeah and a totally heinous act coming towards the folk that voted to leave.
  11. farangme

    Beside a fatty on a Bangkok flight?

    I sat on a flight to Dallas Fort worth from England, there was a huge Nigerian lady sat beside me, She must have weighed 250kg at least. She spoke with an American accent, told me She Married an ex oil guy about ten years ago! Showed me photos of the wedding, She was about 50kg. Holy crap the food in Texas had put about 200kg on, Her Husband quite a small skinny guy! I'm a 100kg and I was squashed in that flight, She occupied about 60% of my seat. Lol lol
  12. farangme


    They had a 2nd referendum in Ireland after losing the 1st.
  13. farangme


    Agreed, there's no chance of the UK being allowed to leave.
  14. farangme


    How? If we go with the deal Theresa May wants the EU has to agree for us to leave. They will never.
  15. farangme


    We ain't leaving mate. The EU has paid enough of the MP's off to get the deal they wrote for May through. We are forever chained to Brussels.