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  1. None of you have any idea the shitty weather up here. Absolute frozen today, strong winds and under freezing point. Hey, no problem. People walking around in shorts and t-shirts. It's Scotland, nobody feels the cold.
  2. More Chinese cooking from the Wife. The amazing beef and tomato. I ate it very quick.
  3. Her night off from the restaurant and it's chicken chow mein in the house!
  4. Liver again. Liver, bacon, onions and chips.
  5. Have a look down soi 6. You might or might not find one but your visit worthwhile 😄 Loads of Aircon places on thepressit road, just off Sukhumvit.
  6. farangme


    Correct, me either. I wouldn't give them one penny.
  7. I'd be putting a bag over her head before doing the business. Cracking body but that's just scary.
  8. Not at all. My Wife works her fingers to the bone and has kept me for 6 years. She hands over every penny of Her wages every week to me. I earn nothing here. She fits in perfectly, has done since She came here 13.5 years ago.
  9. The one you use to withdraw money from. When you call emergency services in Pattaya you're likely to be asked to pay the cops to intervene, or the Hospital on arrival.
  10. They look different that's for sure. And why not. Good luck.
  11. Most do, too be fair. My friend came close to a mob lynching because He wanted to pay His 5 Baht toilet fee in smaller money. Nearly got wasted for refusing to hand over a 5 Baht coin. Seen it so many times, farangs being beat, gang beaten, sucker punched etc. Not many get away with not paying bins and the Thai way is to attack.
  12. The 4 digit pin number on your atm card is the one to use for emergencies.
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