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  1. Very simple, chicken Kiev, garlic mushrooms, fried potatoes.
  2. Err...NO, It's Thailand and nothing's done right. No permanent fixes etc. I used to drink with a Thai Man in Apple bar Jomtein and He was involved in City Hall and the expenditure. His English was very good and He'd say 'corruption and cheap labour' right through the Government here. His words.
  3. Lovely, well shot photos. I like leeds a lot. A return well overdue.
  4. Nope Dave. Like I mentioned my friend Andy was arrested at Swampy trying to get His boy out, Boy on a British passport. They allowed Him to take the boy back into Thailand when He explained the mother of the child had disappeared. But He was not allowed to take the kid out. P.M. me and I'll put you directly in touch with Him if you want to hear what happened.
  5. Was nice Phil. She boils the liver for a minute, chucks the liver, onions, bacon into a wok and adds oyster sauce, dark soy and a little gravy.
  6. Kids under 15 cannot be done for overstay, regardless of what passport they enter on. Well no it wouldn't. Even a Thai entering on a UK passport would revert to Thai nationality in Thailand, If they haven't revoked it. Just the foreign passport they enter on would have an exit stamp missing. This would cause issues trying to leave on it, but not in the kingdom itself.
  7. If they leave on the same passport, yes. My Wife has entered on a British passport and left on it. Either visa excempt 30 days or a visa.
  8. Absolutely. My friend Andy was cordoned off at check in Swampy. And his son on a UK passport.
  9. We will all appear on this thread, just a matter of time.
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