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  1. Didn't know him but very sorry to hear. Thailand's roads are deadly.
  2. They most probably are. Along with the Thai go-go's.
  3. Butchers arms closing, well maybe not surprised. In there lots of times and not bad food. Not the best but decent food in what should be a good location. 39.58 Baht to the £ this morning at Bangkok bank. Seems to be hitting new lows constantly. Food groups are all about 70 Baht roasts and it seems the cheaper the better, regardless of taste. These places are selling at a break even or loss to try to get beer sales. It can't continue, many will go out of business. The ones that survive have either deep pockets or selling something else to stay open. Hope the £ improves but can't see it TBH.
  4. She'd have a sore arse after I helped her to her feet:-)
  5. The ambulances get paid more for dropping you off at a private hospital. They will never take you to a Government hospital.
  6. Never ever let them take you to a private hospital, use a Government one. When my Wife arrived at Bangkok Pattaya with a bust arm they told Her '350,000 Baht to fix it' lucky She was still conscious and Her condition was not life threatening, She told the ambulance to take her to Banglamung. Private room, operation, drugs, 24 hour nursing care, total bill 32000 Baht, which our insurance covered anyway. 2 years later Her arm is fine, not an ache or pain and held together with steel plates and pins.
  7. Well, never go to Thailand without good medical cover. The public hospitals are good. A fraction of the cost of private. Would they provide insurance for an 80 year old?
  8. Shocking place to go for a drink. Fugly girls with bad attitudes.
  9. All sounds positive Dave. The myth that Thais can't settle is just that, a myth. Depending on Brexit we're seriously looking at setting up shop in Spain. But holding off until we see what happens. You've done the right thing in your life at your time. Many can't let go of the fantasy life style over there. You could, you've won a watch. Well done.
  10. How are they settling in Dave? Weather half decent at least it wasn't dead of winter when they arrived.
  11. Just the usual UK jabs the people get here. Ebola, monkey death, plague and black death.
  12. That's it! Thais are quite lawless, especially on roads. Bit of common sense, understanding, good policing. Yeah, no chance is there.
  13. Question for you Tony. Can property in Thailand be sold without the owner being in the Country?
  14. Maybe the real chef has vanished! They offered us a deal that if my Wife trained their chef in Chinese cooking (not possible she's been 6 years in Chinese kitchens and still learning) they would take the name and pay x percent on profits.. Hmm the big guy said well it cant be too difficult to do! With that, we decided err... Nope. No cash up front, nothing. Just a promise of profit. And we know in the Pattaya scene what promises mean. Jing jing.
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