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  1. farangme

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Ok, great answer. Have a good day.
  2. farangme

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    John Luke, you should be in bed with the dirtiest girls from a walking st agogo. Get a grip man. Walking around with a camera at 7am in Pattaya. Enjoy....
  3. farangme

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Living in this frozen cold shit hole is more damaging to health. Give me Pattaya anytime. The air is fine, chimpers everywhere.
  4. farangme

    Tony Candy's shop 2nd road, still open?

    Oof... Copyright pirate, tut tut.
  5. farangme

    estate agents in pattaya

    I blame the government for making a calculated disaster of Brexit.
  6. farangme

    estate agents in pattaya

    I'll find a buyer Tommy, but not daft enough to hang on for market value. Get as close as I can. Had two sales fall through for a property, lenders getting more difficult up here. Both potential buyers failed to secure mortgages. Tough gig for sure.
  7. farangme

    estate agents in pattaya

    Scotland's a mixed bag Tommy. Of course the affluent areas in Glasgow and Scotland the property prices hold value, in areas even a few miles out of the city, the prices tumble. Fife, Ayrshire etc prices are rock bottom for ex council stock. Even new builds here can have 3 beds and a double garage for £150k in certain areas. There's simply no work Tommy, and the work there is, low skilled jobs taken by Eastern Europeans. Plenty DSS rentals and property cheap buy companies, but they will offer anything from 20 to 50 percent of your properties value. There are flats in port Glasgow for £10k when it was booming 20 years ago with IBM now closed these properties were £50k. Sad reality mate.
  8. farangme

    estate agents in pattaya

    London is a different world. Some areas in Scotland, the private housing estates the prices are firm. The council estates where I live the prices very bad. Lots of unemployment up here, 30 percent in my town. Nobody can afford a mortgage, apart from investors and they offer £30k under market value. Facts of life up here.
  9. farangme

    estate agents in pattaya

    But that's just a graph. Depends on areas, types of property etc. Sure, in affluent southern England but in many parts of Scotland, property prices are lower than what they were in 1999. I know, trying to sell one at the moment, 15 minutes bus ride to Glasgow city centre. 2 bed flat they were changing hands at 65k in 2002 now top home report price £55k.
  10. farangme

    estate agents in pattaya

    Where? Certainly not up here outside Glasgow. Prices way below 2007 prices and difficult to sell.
  11. farangme

    Death toll rises to 236

    Super dangerous drivers, record holders.
  12. farangme

    Tipping ~ An outdated and patronizing practice?

    No problems tipping in the USA, fantastic place. Problems tipping any Kent in this shithole.
  13. farangme

    On a Somber Note

    Never a truer word spoken Matty.
  14. farangme

    Do you like going out on NYE?

    Naw... can't be bothered with that. I'm having a laugh, watching the yellow vests run amok in France. Quite entertaining. But I'll give your Police some credit, they have lasted longer against the yellow shirts than they did the Glorious German Army. We conquered France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands combined, in 6 weeks. We would have over ran France in a bank holiday weekend but had other battles. Good to see you boys are learning how to Police and Soldier. Well done.
  15. farangme

    Do you like going out on NYE?

    I'll be picking her up from work at midnight. Straight to bed, I don't like people, don't talk to people, don't socialise with people. Can stick new year up their arse.