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  1. Who cares.I’m sure it comes with a certificate of authenticity 🤣👍
  2. Reminds me of the Short time bar,Rick the rookie opened up.🤣🤣
  3. Skalliwag


    That’s a black thing dude. Black guys like those blonde white broads.
  4. Skalliwag


    You guys should,listen to the Howard Stern interview of Tigers “girlfriends”.He had some fun.
  5. Wonder if the missus and kid will be charged next time they go for a holiday? f**k I hope so.Love to see her have to pay 300 to get back in.Be well worth it.😝😝
  6. Download the app and watch the label tell you his story.Amazing.
  7. Skalliwag


    Odd that a young guy would use the word faggott.Obvioulsy it’s thrown around within his circle of mates so often,he just blurted it out.I mean,in my regular four all,I’m a fag if I leave it short.😁 Oh well,he will find another clothing line to wear I’m sure. good on Nick.Played a couple of holes with him at Bear Mountain a few years back.Nice guy. he was on the par three as a beat the pro,and he stiffed it. He asked us to put his ball off to the side of the green as we left. there were a dozen or so new Taylormades there from previous groups.I picked up a handful,yelled b
  8. There is a an Argentian we have,it’s called 1884.It’s a Malbec. it retails for $18 and is extraordinary for the price. We have a Calwara Australian for $9.99 that is great too. we have noticed that customers are very specific about the wines they drink. one lady came in around two weeks ago and she said “do you have painted turtle Cab Sav”? My guy called me out of the office to talk to her,as he knew we didn’t have it. I said “no ma’am we don’t.Is there something else we can sell you that will be similar?I have some suggestions”. her response.”No,I drink Painted tu
  9. Thanks for the tip.I will look to see if we can stock these. I’ll tell customers that a mate suggested them😁😁
  10. Wine is subjective around the $25 and lower price. You can get a good one,a bad one and something in between.It’s a lottery. if you find something you like for $12,then that’s great.I have some $15 wines that are absolutely superb. but when you want to step it up...a $60 Prisoner is going to blow you away. then an 82 Grange for $1000 will knock your socks off.But,a cold six pack of Tiger light is absolutely fine as well. Im lucky enough to be able to appreciate them all and would never assume to tell someone else what they should enjoy. Its your money,you spend it on
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