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  1. MaYbe I should re join to see what’s going on.🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Runway a great little bar,run by a couple of blokes really trying their arsses off. i would zero problems sending them a bell ring,from here. That bar needs help,I would help.
  3. Run of hot,sunny weather here and everything has exploded. am dangerously low of stored water,will run out by weeks end.Water is cheap here,but still,would’ve loved to have made it. next year will store more. Hothouse is fucking crazy.3 cantaloupe plants have 20 pieces of fruit on them.Mental. Peas are done.We have four massive zip lock bags of frozen peas in the freezer.More than enough for winter. Chillies are doing well. Mama is a very happy cookie right now. Chillies,beans And tomato’s for Som Tam. Correct basil for Phad Kapao. Thai watermelon,cantaloupe and more cucumbers than even she can possibly eat. My work here is done.
  4. Pay someone to teach her to drive,in the new Corolla ya bought her. Once she’s on her way,she’ll be fine.Best thing I ever did.
  5. Lucky to be able to give it a shot. mine would be opposite.
  6. Dinner tomorrow night. FullSizeRender.mov
  7. Bloody lovely.Bees heaven.
  8. That should be on the Facebook page dedicated to him.
  9. Skalliwag


    Been getting out once a week here.The weather isnt that great for July,we’ve had a horrendous stretch of rain,not very warm. Gonna play this Sunday. Had nice weather at Olympic View,the 17th hole.
  10. Good to see ya back open Phil. Not seen any pics of MC Calm in the bar.Chang not cheap enough for him?😉😉
  11. Yep,but best made into a slurry with water and then spread. Uncle had a huge pig farm at Mt George NSW,and he ran it all into a tailing pond,then spread it on his lucerne and oats. Not really worth it if you just have the two in pic.Best breed them twice then knock the fuckers on the head, get them hung,bled, cut and wrapped. Let me know if ya need a hand.
  12. Have had the displeasure of repairing (Painting and putting back together),Every brand in North America.rom Ferrari’s to Minis. I choose to drive a Toyota Tundra,and the wife drives a new Toyota Corolla. There just isn’t any way in fucking hell,you could talk me into an F150,Sierra,RAM or any other pick up truck,including the Nissan Titan. I had a Honda Ridgeline,which was fantastic but was not big enough to haul the boat. For a small four door sedan,The Corolla is perfect for her.But a Mazda or Hyundai would be a close second. The Thai built stuff that they get in Australia ,simply isn’t as good a quality either,but a Hilux would be ok,if I was in Australia.
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