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  1. The Kegaque is in full flight. IMG_2950.MOV
  2. I snapped at the wife today. Passed me the pepper...was asking for the salt. If this shit continues on...I tell ya.
  3. She is usually strictly an OR nurse,but because they are doing very little surgeries ,she has volunteered.......yes,volunteered to go back into the General population of the hospital. Anyone that doesn’t think these peeps are heroes,needs a real thump upside the melon.
  4. Got mine.Needs to be tightened up. you and Strides out for a wander today?
  5. Friends wife is a nurse,he owns grocery stores. He is an asthmatic.In normal times,she goes to work,four days a week and so does he. In these times,she goes to work,so does he,but when she comes home,she lives in their basement. They haven’t touched each other for three weeks. Think about that.What these front line workers do is incredible.
  6. Watching the pros. My job was to hook the mesh,and float it into the concrete. This,is not my job.
  7. Two wifi systems,10 TVs all with their own digi box,plus the alarm systems and automatic doors run through cable. And it’s about $180 US a month.😁Goes the other way.
  8. No,but I cancelled my service to the gym today. my bill is $236 a month,and there is a $70 reconnections fee when we want to get going again.
  9. Our electric company here is forgoing charges for three months if you’re forced to close. It’ll help out peeps for sure.
  10. 120 baht for a Strongbow here,and I have to go to the bottle shop to pick it up. Good deal for Pattaya.👍👍
  11. Wife marinates pork in it,before it goes on the Barbie.
  12. Now he’s told 3M not to ship any of the masks they make to Canada.lolol. I guess the thousands of Americans that we took into,our homes and fed,and cared for during 9/11 means f**k all.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  13. I approve of the new clothes,of course,being a simple man myself,my imagination is running wild.😁
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