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  1. Its the only one I click on Phil. Well,sometimes I do check in to see what people are saying about me.🤐
  2. Very proud of Canada to be able to offer this. Being able to make the decision,and go out on your own terms,is something that should be afforded to everyone. Everyone deserves dignity.
  3. Good news,wishing you the very best. Skalli.
  4. Jeez,just looking at these pics and feeling a tad melancholy. So many girls over the years.I often wonder where some of them are.Soft spot I guess. Anyways,off to work.
  5. Well,I'm looking through all of the USB drives here this morning and came across some old pics of some travels. This one is in Ubon.My lad and some of his cousins.I like to send him back every couple of years for a tune up.He always comes back well adujsted. This little fucker was hiding under a ledge,as we were walking up some switch backs to get out of the waterfall pond.Was about a 40 minute hike out,I saw him above me and as I walked by,i stuck my hand in under the ledge,and quickly snapped a pic.This was with the first digital camera I ever owned,and when i got home ,to my suprise,I had managed to get it right in the middle of the frame,in perfect focus.Lucky falang T A pic from the early 2000's.Sugar Shack,old man Brians birthday RIP. The girl second from left,worked at Living Dolls 2.Name was Wan.She lived above the Shack in a room,with a bunch of other girls.Was a wonderful girl who had a daughter,with an English lad,who worked in China. She sent the little one to grandma,and when the little one had baby teeth,the grandma had them pulled,and the little girl bled to death. Wan commited suicide a few months later,leaving the English lad on his own.Terrible story sorry,but a stark reminder of what happens in Thailand sometimes. Will update as I come across more pics.I have a box full of negatives that I would like to get turned into digital pics,but it was expensive last time I checked. Maybe the price has come down now. Cheers Skalli. w
  6. We must have been watching at the same time. started at 7.30 pm last night,and finished all 6. Im not a movie or TV guy.I never watched Breaking Bad,Sopranos etc. But that is a superb show,he’s a genius.
  7. Good,now when I’m in Excite,and need something,the girls won’t have far to go.😊
  8. Same flying time for me,plus the missus wouldn’t get to visit her family.The lads I travel with all LT gogo girls no problems. They seem happy.Actually,one LT’d the new blonde from Sapphire,for four days.Paid bar everyday,paid her everyday...she was happy,he was pretty fucking happy I have to say.And I wasn’t bummed out either,cause I got to have a perve at the pool.Good Jesus f**k.What a fine woman. I have no desire to go to Bulgaria,is it?Or Spain for that matter. i may change my tune if Newcastle Unkted make it to Champs.
  9. West Coast BC Canada. Where the igloo’s are.
  10. Not here unfortunately. 19 hours,hotels,taxis and Caddie tips and I’m still in front,by a mile. Electricity is cheaper here.And Toyota’s,strangely enough. good bacon as well.
  11. So,Phibunmangsahan is the last outpost before you gather supplies and head her out to the sticks. Phibun is approx 90 minute drive from Ubon...(East). Phibun has a little hospital,a market of course and a donut and cake shop. The last time I was there,they were just setting up a Lotus Express.👍 Anyways,I got married there in 2002,and have been back many times for a visit. I found a lovely little Thai resort on the Mum river,that had a pool (not swimable),a full Western breakfast (not edible),a zip line (I’m out) and for f**k sakes,HBO on the tele. Ive done my time staying in the sticks,and prefer to stay here,and drive out during the day.The family is Mama and Papa,7 girls and a boy. I guess the old man thought he was on fire,as the boy came out first and got skunked the next 7 times. The village is a literal girl machine.Everytime a new kid is born,it seems to be a girl.Out of the 8 kids,there are four boys and eleven girls. And it took a Falang to make one of the boys.💪💪💪 They are a great crew of peeps,and have never asked me for f**k all,although,the big white guy did set the rules early on,and has kept his end of the bargain so far,so no need to worry at this point. Ive managed to find some flash drives with some earlier pics,so will add them over time. I enjoy visiting the village.I found a little 9 hole golf course right on Sirindon dam,and I head out there for a fleecing from the local Caddies who I play with (and lose to). First order of business is to round up all of the motorcycles and take them down to the local moto/TV repair guy,for some well deserved servicing. my first ever Suzuki Swing is still there and running,although she has been pimped out by several of the little fucker,so it’s barely recognizable. Ubon is a fantastic city,only an hour from Bon Mueang,But 12 hours solid drive from Pattaya,up the 24.I really enjoy Ubon. We usually stay in Surin overnight on the drive up, at the Surin Thani (?) Hotel Which is where we had the offer from a lovely Chang beer promo girl,to take care of both of us one night,an offer that was politely declined by Mrs Wag,much to the disappointment of Mr Wag.🤷‍♂️ Around the second year Mrs Wag was in Canada,there was an awful lot of Thai mail coming and going at our place,over a number of months. Green books,Blue books and lots of Photocpoies were taken and sent back. it was only after our next trip the following year,that I was told,Mrs Wag had secured a lease with a telecommunications company,and they had installed a cell phone tower on property that she had been given from Mama,which she renews every 3 years or so and nets her a nice little egg,for when she returns for a holiday.Of which she has used to extend the family home and put in hot water for Mama,who is not allowed to use it from Papa,because he feels it’s costs too much money.🤪 I have little need to know how much the lease is for,but I do get to handle the courier invoices,at the time of renegotiations. Clever little fucker is Mrs Wag. Both parents are in their 70’s and should start shuffling off in the not too distant future.Mrs Wag has been preparing for them to go,and to be honest,I feel it’s been a miracle that all 8 kids have made it to adulthood,and the old man is still with us,after he falls off his moto pissed,at least twice a month.Miracle if you ask me.I have pics of that.🤦‍♂️ Anywas,any questions,fire away,I will add pics as I come across them. There is a beautiful cave and sandstone waterfall approx 30 minutes up the road from the village.Falang no pay double,but actually negotiated a deal for family members. yes,all those in the pic were in my pick up truck. the twins are my nieces.Cheeky as f**k and smart as a whip.Laways manage to get a few Satan’s out of me when I’m there.
  12. Test to see if i Can post pics from my iMac. Happy bride on her wedding day?
  13. Oh,she’s rural alright.😁
  14. Not surprising.Gets horribly hot.
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