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  1. Just about to put this on to the rotisserie. Beaver rubbed.
  2. A few Queensland blues in there too.😋
  3. Amazing what a couple of months does. cant keep up now.
  4. Technically speaking,Tuck Andress,of Tuck and Patty fame is one of the best in the world. But he’s a jazz player,so he doesn’t have the popularity of rock guitarists. But he can play what Clapton can play....not the other way around.
  5. 1 cucumber. 2 apples 1 lemon chunk of ginger kale spinach 2 carrots 2 sticks of celery. through the juicer and straight to the colon.
  6. A wise man once told me.. ”once a cop,never a man.”.
  7. Skalliwag


    It’s right.👍
  8. Skalliwag


    She eats his ass,and let’s him f**k other broads. Keeper.
  9. Skalliwag


    Can’t hit a fucking ball out of sight on a dark night,but yeah.Nice guy.🤣🤣
  10. Skalliwag


    If you’ve never been to Pebble,you have no idea how small the greens are,how much slope is on them and how difficult the rest of the golf course is. If they run the greens at US Open speed it would be f***d up. its fucking really hard. 1’s green is quite sloped from back to front. Hole 2 is a par 5,but they push the tee way back,and play it as a par 4. the tee is about the size of a table tennis table. Hole 3 tee shot across the road is blind.Its fucking brutal. We were standing on hole 4 when DUSTIN Johnson hit 4 iron onto the green,The gap between the bunkers in front is tiny. Par 5,14th Green is so fucking small up top,I couldn’t hold it down wind from 80 yards,it went 3 yards off the back. Played it four times now and it’s one the hardest I’ve seen. It looks like 18 has lots of room out there,but you really don’t. the tee is tucked away back in the left,you have to start it out over the rocks. Lovely golf course and of course,tremendous service. Might pop back down at Christmas with Mama and the lad in Thailand.
  11. Skalliwag


    True that.👍
  12. Skalliwag


    He ain’t been through that much.If you’re talking about the loss of his missus,he had that covered before she departed. Being Northern Irish is probably the worst of it.😊
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