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  1. If ifs and buts,were crackers and nuts,it’d be Christmas all year long.
  2. The baht bus is 10 baht.....unless...
  3. Doesn’t matter anyways. Rugby without the Southern Hemisphere,is Mickey Mouse playing Donald Duck.👍
  4. Coming home from an early gym to find this in my kitchen. FFS ,I think we can afford a new kit sweetheart.
  5. Coming along nicely matey. Before long,he will have hair on his nuts and thinking he is a rock star.(going through that ATM).🤣🤣🤣
  6. If he comes back with a question after that.....f**k me.
  7. Skalliwag


    Who’s the lispy f**k nut interviewing him.Jesus.
  8. I can’t walk past it at 3am. Even when I make the cut through from LK Metro to the Metropole.....I start leaning right and end up out front.
  9. Funny you should mention Cake.😁😁😁😁😁
  10. I’ll have to wait till someone uploads it to YouTube. Might recognize some of the girls.😁😁
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