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  1. Women's football. Almost as bad as cricket.
  2. I won't f**k this thread any further but to think Governments have no reason to do what they do is laughable. Costing them money? Since when has any politician ever put his own money in government lol.
  3. It doesn't take a genius or a conspiracy theorists to figure out this virus isn't what they make it out to be. 99,4% of people who have tested positive have mild conditions, which doesn't even consider the people who have no symptoms and therefore haven't been tested at all. I'll take the vaccine if its required for travel but don't believe for a second there's no interest from big government and big pharma behind this.
  4. Have you tried for the STV? You may meet the criteria. If not, suppose you're heading back to Scotland?
  5. I'm thinking of spending Christmas up country actually. There's a local bar that will do a Xmas dinner which I surmise will be full with all the local expats so should be good. I'll then return after Xmas to avoid the crazy NYE traffic.
  6. I'm sure it does, just like an Android box. 🙂
  7. Technically your PC is a streaming device.
  8. Another win in the H2H for Bankruat utd.
  9. How many Rangers reruns did you end up watching?
  10. I know just the guy @tommy dee
  11. Says the Oracle of Thailand living in excile in Indonesia lol.
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