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  1. I like to think my English is close to that of a native speaker but must admit I'm not familiar with the concept of a person being expired. What's your expiry date Gary if you don't mind me asking?
  2. I beg to differ. I think they'll question you traveling alone with her coming in and leaving the country regardless which passport you use mate, so best have documentation ready and you may even want to have it in Thai and English.
  3. I meant leaving and returning to the UK on a British passport and doing the same in Thailand on a Thai passport. That's how my missus does it anyway.
  4. Entering Thailand on a British or any foreign passport and leaving (before or after) on a Thai one shouldn't raise any flags, but yes, you traveling alone with Kat might.
  5. Have a look on Facebook for Jimmy's Sports cafe in Buriram. It's on the main road, easy to find and shows most sports. He's got a minix box or something similar so should be able to get it for you.
  6. Watched ep 1. Let's just say some parts nearer the end feel very real to me, and I expect you'll agree lol. Will watch again later. Mrs is currently on Ep 23665345 of prison break bless her.
  7. I've stayed there before. Hotel is nice, clean and new-ish. Don't recall going for breakfast. They did have a good happy hour deal when we were there. Normal prices round the pool were silly. It's actually quite a walk from the main Suk to the hotel. No worries if its dry, but shit if it rains. They do have a shuttle service but only 1 car from memory so we usually walked. The Korean plaza on Sukhumvit is excellent for food and there's cabbages n condoms as well.
  8. Time to clean your camera or get a new phone young man.
  9. Surprised to see Italy ranked 63rd while Spain and Portugal are in the top 10, as expected.
  10. There are 1000s of people making their money online and looking for a good place to live and work abroad, who welcome such an elaborate study. I presume the law firm specializes in an area related to this.
  11. What will the rest of the gays in your cross fit class think of this?
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