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  1. Half way through Ep1 and it's a bit too slow for me so hoping it will pick up as the whole saga intrigues me but especially the conspiracy of rich and famous nonces. I sincerely hope prince Andrew et al get exposed the way they should.
  2. Sounds plausible to me. Just this week they've pulled forward to opening date for gyms here from September 1st to July 1st due to mounting pressure from businesses and the public, I suspect Thailand will do similar.
  3. I spoke with one my colleagues in Bkk yesterday who has a friend in quarantine in one of the government provided facilities. Apparently the accommodation is quite good ("3 star") with comfy beds, decent grub and wifi all provided for free. It's not like people are sleeping in tents.
  4. A good few of those in Pattaya too mate. Some people just know better than others how to keep themselves entertained.
  5. Gained 12 pounds, drink every day, and still a sexy motherfucker.
  6. I assumed TQ as well but Baccara? I thought the Pattaya branch opened up fairly recently.
  7. Apparently only Pattaya and Phuket beaches are closed, other beaches are open which would explain the travel of local tourist to Hua Hin at least.
  8. Is there no bar in the vicinity? In Buriram I hop on my bike and go for a couple whenever the mood takes me. I dont get bored but enjoy doing stuff online from researching stocks to learning Thai and watching movies.
  9. While that may be true, many folk living in villages rely on money being sent to them from family working in Bkk and Pattaya. Going back home may not be the simple option we might think it is as there will be more people with less money/food to share.
  10. I don't think they care for the bars but what about the beach? Is it open or closed in HH?
  11. Plenty of people like to enjoy a beer in peace and quite but guys like you won't let them 😄
  12. Not saying you are wrong but what about the likes of Classroom and Far East Rock.
  13. Absolutely no reason to extend it. In much worse hit countries all over Europe everything is slowly getting back to normal. Why on earth would Thailand be any different with hardly any cases? Mind boggling.
  14. Not exactly but I'll take that drink mate cheers.
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