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  1. And European tourists from all over the continent travel there to escape winter so safe to say more cases will turn up elsewhere..
  2. KLM Air France Lufthansa Finnair Swiss Turkish To name a few?
  3. Battle for 2nd in full swing!
  4. Ive sold up as I expect it will get worse. Lots of talk about a big recession hitting this year and the gold price going through the roof indicates the stock markets are in for a 'correction'.
  5. Told ya. Wilder out on his feet though hope Tyson knocks him out next round.
  6. Tyson going to get f***d over by the ref..
  7. Cheers, found an online stream for PPTV36.
  8. Thats 6 AM NL time and I trust the wee man will wake me up in time.
  9. I dont think he'll get up a 2nd time from a punch like that. To me this fight is as much about Tyson as it is about his trainer and his ability to keep Fury focused and on his toes the full 12th rounds. Complacency is his biggest foe with a puncher like Wilder.
  10. Its true in the sense that factories are closed and therefore production lines out of operation due to the longer holidays. Lots of major companies use China for production and/or assembly like HP Inc so there's bound to be a shortage in PCs soon as well.
  11. I just realized what I missed in Thailand the past 6 weeks... a fantastic red wine for the equivalent of 400 baht.
  12. Ive found it to be pretty busy overall. In our hotel/appartement block, on the streets, in the bars and in the restaurants. While im sure some bars are suffering others seem to be thriving so I cant help but wonder whether these claims of no tourists mostly come from bar owners without customers and what they are doing wrong? I have hardly spent any time on Beach Road and Walking Street though.
  13. Spent 10 days here and the air didnt really bother me and more importantly the wee man. Glad we gave Bkk a miss this time.
  14. Yes on 4th floor of Terminal 1.
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