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  1. Esco


    “What time do Man Utd kick-off?" 1.43pm. And 1.58pm. And 2.30pm. And 2.45pm. And 2.53pm.
  2. Just watched Cocaine Island. Most enjoyable.
  3. Esco


    Looks like City will play the decider on Wednesday. Mon United...
  4. Neanderthal. This is what a plate should look like.
  5. Esco


    That makes 1 of us.
  6. Esco


    Cardiff 2-0 up away at Brighton, making Sunday's game against Pool all the more important. Squeaky bum time I reckon.
  7. We'll be in London the weekend of May 11th so may see you for a celebratory pint then.
  8. Only just seen this now mate. Many congrats to you and the family! Glad it all worked out for you.
  9. Esco


    Great game and win by Liverpool. Next week at Cardiff away will be tough I reckon but its City's to lose at this point.
  10. Esco


    Ze Germans... where to begin? I think my hatred for them died together with my grandfather may he RIP. He was a boy from Rotterdam, lived through the 'winterhonger' as you described, and he would never refer to them as Germans, only as 'moffen' and only good moffen were dead moffen per his comments 🙂 I don't mind Germans, have a very close German mate who lives in Benalmadena, but it's always nice to beat them in footy. As for today, the Dutch team are on a roll but may be due a wake up call. Should be a good game lads.
  11. Police caught him though.. "The attacker, Alan Toner, 48, was drinking at a table when he suddenly jumped to his feet and smashed the glass beer bottle over the victim’s head"
  12. Watched it the past week. Excellent work by Ricky indeed.
  13. Would be interested to see what caused this, as he was clearly targeting this guy before he sat down.
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