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  1. Esco

    Secrets forum

    I'm told they're arguing in level 14 on which board needs to grant you asylum 🙂
  2. Esco

    Secrets forum

    Irony can be a bugger indeed. Like if the mods would bin you here the same day they pull the plug on the Secrets forum... lol
  3. Esco

    What are you doing right now..?

    We have one like that over here too. Very popular attraction even during the cold winter.
  4. Esco

    What are you doing right now..?

    Stay in Rotterdam instead. It's only 45 mins by train and much cheaper than Amsterdam. Our city also isn't overrun by tourists yet but certainly worth a visit.
  5. Penang, pad med mamuang and somtam Thai for dinner tonight. Lush. Now feet up and Netflix time.
  6. Bit of krapow gai and pad pak boon for dinner. Simple yet delicious.
  7. It's like mrs Esco ordering a 350 baht Magners while I'm sipping 99 baht Tiger pints... bless her. As for the bottled water, I too taste the difference and usually get the Chang/Singha bottles now.
  8. Esco

    Best Ocean View Condos in Pattaya

    The Markland though is known for balcony jumpers and many Thais won't dream of staying there because of all the ghosts....
  9. Here's a really good dish my mrs just made called Pad Fak (fcuk) Tong Sai Kai, which is stir fry pumpkin with egg. You won't find it in most restaurants but if you've got a Thai missus ask her to give it a try as it's simply delicious.
  10. Esco

    Hiit/Circuits training

    Getting wound up behind your PC with a six pack burns major calories I'm told.
  11. Esco

    Hiit/Circuits training

    4 is quite a lot. Would recommend switching it up a bit and do only 2 some weeks. The body needs time to recover too, at your age.
  12. AJ isn't even excited about his next fight, just watch the clip he posted on Twitter this week. The fight to make is AJ vs Fury imo, assuming they both beat their next opponents, then maybe 2nd half of this or next year. They're fighting Americans first to increase the PPV buys and their purses, as evidently it's all about the money.
  13. Would give a kidney to have been ringside at Gatti vs Ward 1. The beginning of an epic trilogy in boxing.
  14. Esco

    Pattaya Beach Nourishment

    Wow! Looking good. How far along are they? In December they still had a big part of beach road towards PBG to cover. Edit: nevermind just saw the pics above. Great job.
  15. Esco


    I don't know mate. I'd consider 18 or even 21 in football still youth and many lads are pressured to play for their parents' home country, while they may much rather want to play for UK/NL/Germany etc given the chance. Perhaps draw the line at e.g. 5 or 10 tournament games including qualifying?