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  1. Apparently Jack Reynolds has written 51 books. https://www.goodreads.com/author/list/121130.Jack_Reynolds This link has a synopsis of A Sort of Beauty https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6648825-a-sort-of-beauty If you search the net there are a few places selling copies of this book.
  2. I didn't have that problem. In fact it was the driver who suggested that I had a look first.
  3. An advantage of using cash on delivery is that you can check that you are getting the item you ordered and that it's not damaged before paying.
  4. This lady offers a highly recommended service to get your licence in a day for 3,500 baht. Door to door service. https://www.mots-services.com/mots-services1?fbclid=IwAR2O_cjXQMJJpw1PPScUMJI542oyxImkAHIfbOocCrPSUIUqo9K1Qfhtc4Q
  5. Whichever policy you decide on ensure that you are covered for the engine size you will be renting. UK policy standard used to be 125 cc and most mopeds for hire are over that.
  6. Big C Extra on Central Road (Pattaya Klang) sell the best baguettes I have ever had from a Thai supermarket. When I bought mine on Friday by chance the baker came out to re-stock. He is French. English style (french bread) 45 baht. French style baguette 38 baht. I also bought a baguette from La Boulange around the corner on Third road and subjectively the Big C bread was better.
  7. When there is a ban on selling alcohol as today and next weekend would the following be allowed? Would proprietors allow it? I go to a restaurant at 17.30 order a meal to be served at 20.00, I also order X bottles of wine which are delivered to my table all of which I pay for before 18.00. Am I allowed to sit and drink the wine in the restaurant after 18.00? Choose any permutation of location and booze that you like. I go to a bar with X bottles of beer of a brand or size which the bar does not sell. I have a receipt dated and timed before 18.00 from the store where I bought it. Can I sit and drink them in the bar? These are purely rhetorical questions as I am sat in my bungalow with a very well stocked fridge waiting for the 6 Nations to start and I'm bored.
  8. Thai Airways has now been given permission to re-route over Syria. The bad news is that all Thai flights will be rammed until the backlog is cleared.
  9. No passport shown. Just a don't do it again or else. Else wasn't explained.
  10. I usually fly Oman and that was my impression of the Oman early flight until my last flight back where I, along with others, was pulled aside and they found 500g of baccy and 1.5 litres of vodka. Thankfully all I got was a warning and was allowed to keep my stuff.
  11. Thanks for the information. Duty Free it is.
  12. I don't smoke but have two sons who do and they appreciate me taking rolling tobacco home for them. I usually buy Golden Virginia or similar in duty free on my way out. Is duty free the best purchase option? Thanks.
  13. I had a friend at school who was German. He spoke very good English but kept asking me why "Bill stickers will be prosecuted"?
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