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  1. If you are travelling during these times it's worth considering travel insurance or paying for your tickets by credit card.
  2. I phoned the Consulate in Cardiff to ask about having someone else deliver and collect my application and that is what he told me. As an aside I can use another person to submit and collect as long as it is my signature on the application. I have no idea about other Consulates.
  3. RR007....If you are in Cornwall why don't you go to the Consulate in Cardiff? Closer to you and cheaper if you have to stay. If you phone them I think you will find that they are more accommodating and will not use the new system until at least September.
  4. I am English so ranked #9 but on my last trip I walked the length of Soi Chaiyapoon and didn't get a single word spoken to me. I must be in some state.
  5. Have you tried walking it off?
  6. karon steve


    Being the cynical bastard that I am...an almost immediate rematch. So was this fixed to tempt Wilder or Fury in to accepting a match?
  7. The only system that I've used was in Malaysia.No entry forms to fill in, both thumbs on pads, passport stamped and out in about 1 minute. I asked the Immigration Officer why they had changed from the biometric system and she replied that the US government gives the biometric system for free but it all reports back to the US which the Malays didn't like.
  8. The Malays tend to stay in Sadao which is south of Hat Yai and closer to the border. Sadao was an "interesting" place to visit. I haven't been to Hat Yai for years but always enjoyed it and found plenty of bars and company. There was even a live sex show place. The Grand Pink hotel was worth a look with it's fishbowl, singasong show and hostess bar on 3 floors. The only city I have been to in Thailand where it is cheaper to drink spirits than beer. If you look at the bottles none have the excise sticker on so I assume that it is being brought up from the duty free side of Langkawi. I used that train quite a lot when I lived in Nakhon Si Thammarrat but soon learnt that paying the extra for a 1st class sleeper was well worth it.
  9. Apparently Jack Reynolds has written 51 books. https://www.goodreads.com/author/list/121130.Jack_Reynolds This link has a synopsis of A Sort of Beauty https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6648825-a-sort-of-beauty If you search the net there are a few places selling copies of this book.
  10. I didn't have that problem. In fact it was the driver who suggested that I had a look first.
  11. An advantage of using cash on delivery is that you can check that you are getting the item you ordered and that it's not damaged before paying.
  12. This lady offers a highly recommended service to get your licence in a day for 3,500 baht. Door to door service. https://www.mots-services.com/mots-services1?fbclid=IwAR2O_cjXQMJJpw1PPScUMJI542oyxImkAHIfbOocCrPSUIUqo9K1Qfhtc4Q
  13. Whichever policy you decide on ensure that you are covered for the engine size you will be renting. UK policy standard used to be 125 cc and most mopeds for hire are over that.
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