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  1. I thought this was an interesting article and worth sharing. https://spectator.us/salem-thanksgiving-coronavirus-panic-safetyism/?fbclid=IwAR33zzgwNMYsOQs_ixNYCRT4tYIJk6ST6Oaca97xji3yO2aJR5gpOYoKOwM
  2. All of the All Black team tested positive for crow flu but will be allowed home if they self quarantine.
  3. I've just finished the Poke Rafferty series by Timothy Hallinan and have start on the Simeon Grist series. Good dialogues and quite funny in places.
  4. I can't understand why anyone would jump through all these hoops to come to Pattaya when there is little open and the whole place looks rundown and dirty now unless they had family waiting for them.
  5. Thanks for posting. Just finished downloading it.
  6. I was about to recommend The Gentlemen as well but beaten to it. Well worth a watch.
  7. Probably going to jack the price up.
  8. If you travel from Phuket to Trang you will know when you enter Trang province as the countryside changes a lot in both appearance and feel.
  9. Wing clipping isn't illegal in the UK.
  10. karon steve


    Especially the day after 2 LA cops, one of whom was female, were shot by a black guy whilst sitting in their car.
  11. I am getting the impression that this is exactly what the Generals want. Thailand for Thais and no foreign interference.
  12. karon steve


    I saw this on Face Book. True or not?
  13. I'm no football fan but I think he's got Paul Gascoigne by the scruff?
  14. karon steve


    Oh the irony of Hamilton taking the knee etc and then losing a podium and wrecking a good finish for the only other person with a tan in the race.
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