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Travel app around Thailand and your opinion about it

Anna Kostrova

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The expat is no longer a tourist. He knows the habitat almost as well as the locals born here. Therefore, I appeal to those who live in Thailand. Your experience of living here can be the best support for our project.

We are Itini team, the app that creates exciting routes around Thailand based on your personal preferences. It is free for its users. You probably know every corner of the country with its most interesting places, as well as its surroundings. Would you, please, be an expert and observe how detailed and worthy our application creates routes. What do you like? What would you add and what would you remove?

Download link: https://bit.ly/3Asbu5c  

We create an application for those who prefer to save their time and are looking for ready-made solutions, but there is always an opportunity to do better. Your experience is important. Thanks for your time and appreciation!

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Good idea but after a quick test, I see a lot of improvement.

I set my interest to high level for all activities and planned a road trip from Pattaya to Bangkok for 5 days.

These are the 15 recommendations I got:

Day 1: Pattaya Beach and Yunomori Spa

Day 2: Pattaya floating market, Jomtien Beach and 7 Spa Masha

Day 3: Jomtien Beach and Oasis Spa

Day 4: (now in BKK): Shewa Spa and Kao San Rd.

Day 5: Wat Po massage school and The Grand Palace

Day 6: Yunomori Onsen Spa and Lumpini Park

Day 7: Smile Massage & Spa and Siam Paragon

Day 8: Montra Health & Spa and Central World

Looks like the app is made for women: mostly spa and shopping!

(again, I selected the interest for all activities to the same level)

Then I planned a road trip to Kanchanaburi. It was not possible to select all interests (no nightlife for example).

Result: a message "Can't create trip" appeared. Tried again several times, no success.


Third try:

1 week road trip from Pattaya to Hua Hin:

Day 1: Pattaya beach (what the hell should I do the whole day at that beach? Don't tell me swimming!)

Day 2: 7 Spa Masha, Yoga Pattaya and Jomtien beach (I can't do Yoga!!!!)

Day 3: Sanctuary of truth, Mini Siam and Healthland Spa

Next stop Nakon Pathom:

Day 4: Wat Phra Ngam and Wat Huay Chorake

Next stop Prachuap:

Day 5: Hua Hin, Plearnwan market

Day 6: The Barai Spa, Wat Khao Takiap and Suan Son Beach

Day 7: Wat Huay mongol, Hua Hin Artist Village, Hua Hin Beach.

Day 8: Sam Phan Nam floating market, Hu Hin beach (again?) and another spa "Let`s relax"

Again: too many spas.

Would be better to be able to select something out of a list, rather than getting fixed sugestions. Also one should be allowed to remove a suggested place and get an alternative.

Next step: Uninstall.


Good luck with your project.

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