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  1. Actually I was asleep. Didn't find out until the morning when my partner told me. She had been working the night before at the local Italian but didn't want to wake me when she got home. TV at work was on all the following day.
  2. ^Testament. Cos it's my belief.
  3. It's a testament to everybody that this is still a cool place to be. Long may it remain so.
  4. Calling Tommy. He could play one of the parts as well😊
  5. I bought a Remington NE3850. Brilliant for both nose and ears.
  6. Jambo, he was a bit sore for a good while. His name is Ben and it happened on 25/08/2005. Only reason I was there is cos I drove that big red fire truck.
  7. ^Yes I know it makes you look like a dickhead but have you ever been attacked by a Magpie? It's bloody painful, and you are not allowed to carry a stick or anything to whack them with. I often just put my sunnies on the back of my head.
  8. Folk here use cable ties to make their cycle helmet a bit porcupineish.
  9. ^Looks absolutely fantastic Phil, making my mouth water here.
  10. pic 1 & 3 are a two story gaff. 2 & 4 are a single story place.
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