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  1. ^ OK Begs the question, how the hell did he get there?
  2. Back in 2009 I did a two month trip. Stayed in this girls room the whole time, it's off Pattaya Klang. She finally gets a win.
  3. What I'm driving ATM. Had it around three years.
  4. This should bring back some memories for some.
  5. South Yorkshire police stuffed up big time with the case after being led astray by that tape from some geordie guy. Even some of the the survivors said the attacker has a Yorkshire accent. Sutcliffe should have been caught much sooner.
  6. You can't re-write history.
  7. ^ Another way of doing the same is to put the car in gear (say 3rd) and rock it forward and back a few times (Ignition off, of course) This can un-stick a starter motor.
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