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  1. Pressing news. An Indiana homeowner was investigating a break-in at his home — when he uncovered the burglar dead beneath a 900-pound safe in his garage.George Hollingsworth found the body on Wednesday during a sweep of his home to see if any items had been taken. "My mind couldn’t comprehend it. This can’t be real. It’s like some strange tale," Hollingsworth told WXIN. According to a statement by the Marion Police Department, “Upon cleaning [his garage], he found that his antique floor safe weight over 900 pounds was knocked over. Upon further inspection Mr. Hollingsworth found a body lying underneath the safe.”
  2. Agreed. I'd shoot the cnuts setting them.
  3. Well Phil what can I say that has not been said already. Absolutely fantastic news, not just for you but all the family. I'll raise a glass to you tonight.
  4. When wearing long pants it's OK, but not shorts.
  5. ^Not just Yorkshire. My old man taught me the same in Lancashire back in the 60's.
  6. Hard to not admire a bloke who does not take himself too seriously.
  7. Hopefully under new management since the last time I went in there. A good few years ago now. Ordered a roast beef, it was absolute shi&e. Gravy was like dishwater.
  8. Yes Phil. This was last trip in 2017. It was 50 the year before. Lucky I read the customs declaration as I was carrying 50 so went through the "Something to Declare" asile. When he asked what I told him I had 50 and asked him when it had changed. "Last week" he said. I was just back from a month in Patts. He did let me through. It used to be 200 but the tight Aussie government just want too much $$ for themselves.
  9. 25 cigs is all the miserable aussie passport twats will let you bring in.
  10. Moved to Leeds in 74 from the lake district. The first time a bloke called me luv I wanted to deck him.
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