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Job offer: Caretaker/Village Manager (Thai national only)


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Our village in Huay Yai may hire a village manager/caretaker (Thai national only). Decision will be made at the next meeting in about a week.

1. Monthly reading of water meters, invoicing and receipt of payments
2. Supervision of the village's water supply
3. Pay monthly/annual bills (electricity, garbage disposal, security, etc.)
4. Carrying out simple repairs (e.g. changing a water tap) and painting work.
5. Organization of larger repair jobs that cannot be carried out by the employee himself (obtaining offers from companies or specialists and monitoring the work)
6. Collect the rubbish from the houses and dispose of it in the communal bins
7. Irrigate and mow the grass
8. Hedge trimming, cutting leaves of palm trees

If basic computer skills are available, additional tasks are added:

9. Organization of the annual meetings, prepare and distribute invitations, minutes of meeting, etc.
10. Income and Expenditure Accounting (Excel)
11. Issuing of invoices and receipts for Village common fees


Salary, working hours, vacation, social benefits, etc. depends on the tasks that can be taken on and have to be worked out in consultation with the committee.
Probably 8 hours, 6 days/week.
The Village has 18 houses only, so there isn't much to do. Items 1-6 can be completed in an average of 1 hour a day. Items 7+8 require a little more time. Items 9+11 will be required once a year only. The rest of the working time should be spent as a security guard at the gate.

If you have a family member who spends all day on the sofa playing with their cell phone and you think he should finally earn some money......please DO NOT contact me.

But if you know someone who has already done a similar task and has no work due to the current situation, or can imagine taking on a large part of the above tasks, please send me a short message via PM, which should contain at least the following:

-Name, Age, place of residence, phone no.
-Information on previous employers/job titles
-Expected salary
-Which vehicle is available, if any?
-What computer skills do you have, if any?

Thank you!

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