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  1. John, how long did it take to photoshop the cock out of the photo 555. JDM
  2. JDM

    Turkey, yes or no?

    Memories can be a wonderful thing. I remember fresh hot turkey sliced on xmas day , Turkey sliced with chips next day and if any still left turkey curry on the 3rd day. It was back in the day when massive turkeys were cheep to buy. JDM
  3. JDM

    Thai girls with tattoo's

    Top shelf this one 55555555. A keeper for sure and one to take home to meet your mother 5555. JDM
  4. JDM

    Thai girls with tattoo's

    "Specially in Thailand where for any Thai, a girl with a farang is a pro or ex pro" Do you really believe this comment ? JDM
  5. JDM

    What are you doing right now..?

    Saddened to not see any tourists there looks a nice place. JDM
  6. JDM

    Christmas has officially begun!

    It is for the charge of ST LT 5555555 JDM
  7. JDM

    Waterfront condo

    I will ask my mate for an update. JDM
  8. JDM

    Waterfront condo

    Not who You did some work for altho he could afford to have been the guy. The guy (he is a Brit)originally purchased 12 off plan then when the Russian currency crash happened he purchased a further 6 from some Russians. His mate purchased a complete block in Atlantis off plan he was considering to do the same but considered Waterfront a better location. He told me it was the worst decision he has ever made. JDM
  9. Reminds me of the joke: I was driving in Liverpool and had a flat tire I had jacked up my car and was removing the wheel when a guy came to the car sat inside and started removing the radio I asked what are you doing he replied fair play mate if you are having the wheels I am having the radio 5555555. JDM
  10. JDM

    Waterfront condo

    I have a friend who has purchased 18 apartments there he is mega pissed off and I think it was him that started the legal action. JDM
  11. JDM

    What do you call breakfast ..?

    A drop of brown sauce on them and they would be perfect for me. JDM
  12. JDM

    What's your favourite hangover cure?

    GOOD advice above I take a 600mg Ibuprofen as I am a big guy and sometimes have a banging headache. JDM
  13. I have a number of apartments in condos for rent (direct from the owner) In Pattaya. Please take a look at my website: http://www.condopattaya-rent.com JDM
  14. JDM

    Le Pub soi Diamond Pattaya

    What about the rest of the week I ask as I think many may be looking to have an early beer, but think most bars in and about WS only open in the evening. As I for one think your bar would be a very good place to start the night off. JDM