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  1. There's nothing better than a fire or a sinking to recover your loses past and future !!!!!. JDM
  2. Bit of a shower at the moment lots of grey clouds. Huey Yai. JDM
  3. Personally, I don't give a fxxk what is posted here I for one am looking forward to again going to Mr Eggs bar and drinking an ice cold pint of cider in good company. JDM
  4. JDM


    There are many different types and quality some not uv proof. So best you do your research and not go for the lowest cost. It was laid at my sons school 6 years ago outside and looks like it was just placed there. JDM
  5. its La Pub for me nice pint of ice cold cider a reasonable price. JDM
  6. Its 0247hrs and it just started pissing down big time in Huay Yai. JDM
  7. JDM

    Free mobile data

    My wife just got it she is using AIS seems its a one off 30 day give away. JDM
  8. JDM

    Free mobile data

    I will get the wife to try to get it and report the findings. JDM
  9. JDM

    Free mobile data

    Guys it was posted on April the 1st. JDM 🙄
  10. The area you are working in to protect yourself, you should really be using better IPE at minimum a N95 rated face mask a face shield and disposable gloves. Best wishes to you that you stay safe you are doing a job many would not. JDM
  11. JDM

    Moose Cider

    Yes 4 x 330ml bottles in a pack. JDM
  12. JDM

    Moose Cider

    I went to Macro yesterday to do a big shop of non perishables ( just to be on the safe side ) protein and carbs. I had a look at the cider. Looks like Macro is emptying the cooler of the stock of many items many on sale at knockdown prices I purchased some nice AU beef at a good price. JDM
  13. The situation Really I would have started with "The Stated Situation ". JDM
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