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  1. I find it amazing That you need to sit and watch a film on how to drive when you are renewing a 5 year driving licence. You have been driving for 5 years !!!!. I would understand if it showed things that have been introduced in the last 5 years ( roundabouts ) however it don't . JDM
  2. Looks sweet, I don't think she would have difficulty getting an offer of "company". JDM
  3. Me thinks its not 6 or 8 its 11. JDM
  4. The only trouble I would have would be deciding which one to f**k first 555555. JDM
  5. Very nice pictures brought back a lot of memories. JDM
  6. Sorry no I don't know of any codes that allow pets. JDM.
  7. Very happy to help you finding it. It is I think exactly what you were looking for. The view is spectacular and the balcony with the large sofas is unusually large. Its bigger than many small apartments. JDM
  8. I see I thought you may be looking for a very high quality real one bedroom condo I have two in VT2B one is available now and one will be soon. I have 4 dogs 2 German Shepherd and 2 Siberian Husky. There are a lot of houses up for rent near me In Huay Yai at very good rental prices if this would interest you I can take a few photos and send you my mate. JDM
  9. I have some nice condo apartments for rent I could cut you a deal. Take a look at my website. JDM
  10. Yes the shop Jambo is referring to. JDM
  11. Last big stage I watched was at the Bulldog Bash in stratford on avon in 2009. The most incredible group I have ever seen was the rock bitch at the same venue a few years before. JDM
  12. JDM

    9 carat gold

    I have some from back in my biker days big ID bracelet and big matching neck chain. I was offered 200,000tb a few years ago but declined the offer as it was just over spot at the time and I did not need to sell them. I had taken them to the Auction to show to a UK guy I know as he sports a lot of 9k gold and I had told him I have a nice set he offered me 190.000tb and a Thai guy that was standing next to us offered 200,000tb. You may wish to put it in the Auction with a reserve price ( make sure you tell them its the lowest hammer price you will let it be sold for ) and don't forget you will need to pay the sale commission ( I think its 15% of the hammer price it sells for). JDM
  13. I use HSBC and alway select the send GBP option. I once forgot and sent TB the exchange rate was very poor. JDM
  14. Just goes to show different offices apply different requirements. JDM
  15. You can send him the forms he needs so sign them you can submit them so if he sends you all that is required then you can go submit them. JDM
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