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  1. I pass 5 car wash on taking my son to school 5 days a week and all are still operating. I am not suggesting that the government shut them down ( it the guys living ). But if I run one I would be very concerned. JDM
  2. When I was serving in Cyprus I visited a guys house and he had all three plumbed in to water his garden. He told me best to use bio friendly soap. JDM
  3. I suspect he had no difficulty ( putting the cuffs on a perp ) 55555. JDM
  4. I also have a bore hole water supply its never failed to supply water however I am considering installing a large water tank as a backup. I live in a house in Soi K9 Huay Yai and there is no government water line here. JDM
  5. I thought I would post this as there maybe a few newer BMs who don't know about it. If you move your mouse curser over the bulbs at the top of the page it breaks them 55555. JDM
  6. JDM

    New Nordic

    " but far be it for me to enlighten the overlit " Thats a knew one for me to hear love it . JDM
  7. Luckily it had a fire alarm system that clearly worked. It saved a lot of lives. JDM
  8. I can now spend that 8,000k if I wish to at any time and not lose my visa extension in 90 days. JDM
  9. I think you have misunderstood me I was asked for proof were the over 65k was payed to me from. Not asked to also show 800k in he bank I did not show it I had it in a separate account just in case the over 65k was refused then i could submit it. Sorry if my post was not clear. JDM
  10. No the 90 day report has always been required for the Embassy letter method and the now 65+. I was confirming that it runs ( as is ) and not reset on receiving the new extension. It is my understanding using the 800k method it starts from the date of the extension as it is a new slip inserted into your passport and states you must also show a bank statement showing you still have 800k in the bank post 90 days. JDM
  11. Guys, here is a REAL TIME account of obtaining a retirement visa yearly extension On Wednesday I went to my bank K bank in the avenue and asked for a printout of my account for the last 14 months ( my visa is from Dec 5th to Dec 5th ) so I would qualify regarding the 12 months 65k + transfer from outside Thailand ( HSBC UK ). The lady did this and also made a letter stating the 14 transfers and the amount for each and the total amount deposited from overseas. All transfers were above 65k. I also obtained a letter stating there was over 800k in a second account I have there ( as a back up in case the monthly transfer method was rejected ). Both letters cost 200tb each no charge for the 14 month summary printout. I went to Immigration on Thursday and presented all the usual copy of the normally required documents plus the printout of my account for the last 14 months and bank letter coffering them. The Officer asked me were the money came from I told her it was from my pension it is payed by the MOD she than asked me if I have any documentation to prove this I informed her I have a letter from the Military pension Agency I receive every year stating the current years payments and the next years payments ( it is index linked and increases every year ). I also told her I have a copy of the letter I obtained from the British Embassy last December regarding my pension that I have used for many years stating my pension payment she ask me to return with them for her to look at. I asked if it was necessary for me to provied them she said yes in order that my visa application would be accepted. I returned with them after 45 mins and she looked at them and placed them in my ever growing pile of paper work and gave me a numbered card and told me to collect the passport after 1400hrs the next day. I collected my passport the next day I asked if the 90 day reporting starts from today I was told no it runs as is stated on the slip that is in my passport. All good for another year lets hope no new hoops to jump through next December ?. As a side note I had on a short sleeved shirt long trousers and shoes ( not sure it made any difference however I like to edge my bets ). I hope this is of some use to the BM if any have any questions post here or PM me. I was not asked for any ( tee money ) and only payed the 1,900tb fee. JDM
  12. Back in the days when I was renting out short term I would not check the remotes. You would be surprised how many panic pack last min in the morning and packed a remote or two. In studio its normally 5 you can addd a further 4 if its a 1 bedroom. Also normal replacement due to malfunction. Aircon. Wall fan. ceiling fan. TV. Dvd player. JDM
  13. Yes top place I have bought over 40 remortes there over the years for all sorts of appliances very helpful woman there. JDM
  14. I find it amazing That you need to sit and watch a film on how to drive when you are renewing a 5 year driving licence. You have been driving for 5 years !!!!. I would understand if it showed things that have been introduced in the last 5 years ( roundabouts ) however it don't . JDM
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