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  1. Dandelion and Burdock now thats a blast from the past. JDM
  2. Sausage and beans from a tin I have not seen that for many years. JDM
  3. Q...Whats the difference between a pair of Knickers and an internet forum. A...There's only one c**t in a pair of knickers. JDM
  4. Thats a trick question we all know its all 4 of them 555555 JDM
  5. I was stopped buy a man who said to me "you are a lucky man" before he could move on to the hard sell. I told him.......... Yes I will be if you f**k off and leave me alone. You should have seen the look on his face it was priceless. JDM
  6. Yes I stopped him once and asked if my son could have a photo with him and his bike after which I had a long conversation with him he is clearly a well spoken and pleasant man. JDM
  7. You should not be so quick to assume the worst in everyone . I new one of them and he was totally deaf and worked as an unpayed volunteer at the pattaya deaf school teaching hand sign language to the children. He never asked for money for free he sold a small gift for whatever you wished to pay him. You will not see him there anymore as he was killed crossing 3rd road it is suspected he did not hear ( he could not ) the sound of the 4x4 horn and the driver expected that he would and stop crossing so carried on driving forward hitting and killing him. I went to his funeral there were approximately 200 people Thai and foreigner that attended. JDM
  8. Ouch expect some incoming for that comment 55555. JDM
  9. At the time I would say "James" was one of the most photograph things in Pattaya. I liked him and miss his "Parade " down Beach road . JDM
  10. OMFG whats next telling everyone the Earth is flat 55555555555. JDM
  11. Sorry, however I have to disagree it is not IMO a great location. JDM
  12. JDM

    Som Nam Na

    I agree also the guys blog name "Chuck Wow" would seem accurate as the translation into English is to wank so Wanker is his name. JDM
  13. I know a number of people who have gone to Bumrungrad who live in Pattaya as it is widely considered the best for eye problems. JDM
  14. 3,900tb = 100GBP Them dropping the panties will need to drop the price or go hungry. JDM
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