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  1. Phill reference the "sad". Just pulling your leg my mate 5555. JDM
  2. April the 1st has long passed you are a bit late posting this 55555 JDM
  3. If you have seen the clip you can see the 4x4 suddenly moves into the left lane and is rear ended by the vehicle driving in that lane that has the cam that has recorded the impact. There is a vehicle stopped at the side of the road and it would appear that the 4x4 having just seen it decides to pull over to it. Anyway thats my take on it. My point is if the vehicle that hit the 4x4 did not have a cam to show the event then it would have been almost impossible to deny responsibility as normally a rear end hit on a straight road the fault is with the vehicle that has hit the front one. JDM
  4. Not something I would do however for some 15k is pocket change. JDM
  5. JDM

    May Meet Up

    I will stick with staying at Phil's And enjoying the reasonably priced drinks (cider ) then I WILL get the best value for my 10bt bus ride 55555.😅 JDM
  6. In that case I will keep watching this thread and see who gets a ( holiday first 55555 ). 🙄 JDM
  7. Mate, many BM just like to wind people up just for the fun of it and to see if they take the bait. And it would seem you are just let it go over your head don't respond if you have to just say "whatever" and leave it or you will just get into a bun fight as you are doing. JDM
  8. Well I finally got to visiting Phill's bar and I must say it was everything I was expecting it to be and more. The atmosphere is relaxed no high pressure company from the staff however if you would like some company then the staff are very accommodating. I am a cider fan and was a little saddened that it ran out during my visit this is not a stab at Phil clearly its very popular and he had a high turnover combined with a slower than normal resupply. I did get a pint or two and it was ice cold and very well received. I can confirm he has some very nice looking staff a mix that I think will appeal to many tastes , Very Small with Pigtails , to normal ( small ) 5555. The girls you see in the photos are actually staff there ( not one day visit photo shoots ). I tried one of his trademark burgers and it was outstanding my only comment is there were to many chips and I am a big guy with a good appetite 5555 It is my understanding that the burgers are home made by the chief and I congratulate her on her skills. All in all a very pleasant visit and I will most certainly visit again when in that area and highly recommend anyone who is in that area to go visit. JDM
  9. This thread is getting better than watching Eastenders 555555. Time will tell so I think we should all stop this bashing ( deserved or not ) and come back to it in a few months with an update. JDM
  10. 😉 I can see you have taken a lot and I am aware of the time it takes to upload them to the post. JDM
  11. I would be very interested in what you are told. As I and I am sure many others will be. JDM
  12. I suspect the pic was for the file not her face book page 5555. JDM
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