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  1. That looks nice I will have a go at making some. JDM
  2. Mine too thats some deep shit I bet he can do the times crossword 55555. JDM
  3. Are some people so stupid as to think the Thai authorities will stop the requirement, please, they are just placing a big bullseye their foreheads. JDM
  4. I was a BM there however I never logged on again after that situation with the guy with brain damage that was taken advantage of. And never visited the bar again. JDM
  5. I wonder which one you relate it to 555555. JDM Acronym Definition ACAB Always Carry A Bible (often a tattoo) ACAB All Cats Are Beautiful ACAB All Cops Are Beautifull ACAB Acht Cola Acht Bier (German: All Cops Are Bastards) ACAB All Communists Are Bastards (group) ACAB All Coppers Are Bastards (common British tattoo) ACAB Associació contra l'Anorèxia i la Bulímia (Catalan: Association against Anorexia and Bulimia) ACAB Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology (USDA) ACAB Applied Composites AB (Sweden) ACAB Atraumatic Coronary Artery Bypass (cardiology) ACAB All Croatians Are Beautiful ACAB Association of Community Access Broadcasters (New Zealand) ACAB Association of Cargo Agents of Bangladesh ACAB Arts & Crafts Association Bornholm (Bornholm, Denmark) ACAB Association du Cheval Arabe Bedouin (French: Bedouin Arabian Horse Association; est. 2006) ACAB Air Cavalry Attack Brigade ACAB All Colors Are Beautiful ACAB Alaska Contemporary Art Bank (est. 1975; Alaska State Council on the Arts; Alaska Department of Educationand Early Development) ACAB Associació Cultural Armènia de Barcelona (Spanish: Armenian Cultural Association of Barcelona; Barcelona,Spain)
  6. I do not however I just joined and made a post. looks like a few giving bad advice over there. The usual Keyboard experts Ha Ha. One fool even posted a copy of the Retirement visa extension rules as stated by immigration. And told me this is whats required. JDM
  7. Not good news, I went to immigration yesterday to speak to an officer reference the renewal of my retirement visa extension. I had a print out from my UK bank HSBC advice of debit payed into my Thailand bank Kasikorn. I had one for every month starting last Jul 2018 to date. I also told him I could get a report from K bank showing it was deposited and was always above 80,000tb . He told me no it would not be allowed only a letter from my Embassy or 800,000tb in the bank. lucky for me its not due until Dec2019. So I have time to transfer the 800,000tb. JDM
  8. The word on the street is its 14,000tb 😉 JDM
  9. No TM30 needed when renewing your Retirement Visa extension. Unless you have changed your address from the one that you gave when you first obtained the retirement Visa. JDM
  10. Some ? the challenge will be getting staff( BGs ) to work there when the word on the street is you don't pay owed wages then there are not many that will start work ( unless payed up front ). JDM
  11. You may also consider providing two sets of bedding and towels as a part of the inventory as standard ( not a loan ). In my experience it is expected and can be a deal breaker for some. Also at this price range renters only like to pay one months security. And many don't like add ons why don't you just add 450tb to the rental price. I see a internet router in the photo you have not mentioned internet in your post again I have found this can be a deal breaker if its not already installed. Just a few things for you to consider. You have dropped the price to the point that I think reflects what it is ( a budget rental ). And I think it should now rent out however with a few more changes it will be easier for you to do so. JDM
  12. No problem my mate. Egg Heads, have to stick together 55555. JDM
  13. Hard to see but it looks like he has a ( bikers ) T-shirt on and decides to remove it when a lot of filming starts. All I see is him shouting a lot he peacefully complies after stating his case. JDM
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