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  1. Nice looking burger I see the use of a small stick to hold it together. It reminds The time I ordered club sandwich when drunk and bit into one forgetting to take the tooth pick out of it and ended up stabbing myself in my tongue 5555 JDM
  2. Well, I am going to hold my hands up I had taken my eye off the ball and this was the result even my dogs turned them down 55555. JDM
  3. JDM

    Transferring money to bkk

    Thats interesting, I always check the box Transfer in GBP and also the box I will pay the UK HSBC fees. One time I fogot to check the send GBP and the transfer defaulted to TB the exchange rate was very bad. I am not sure if Kbank charge me I will need to check. JDM
  4. JDM

    Transferring money to bkk

    HSBC only charge 4 GBP on All Transfers and you can send it in GBP. It normally Arrives the next day but can sometimes arrive the same day. JDM
  5. JDM

    Getting lemon

    Yes, I found them very bitter. I am told most eat them after they are cut in half and pickled. JDM
  6. Stripper My Dick is far too Small 5555. JDM
  7. I know of at least one BM that likes old cars with a lot of miles on the clock 5555. Pictures like this may be to his liking 5555. JDM
  8. Curry is always a good fall back plan555 JDM
  9. I decided the stake was too big even for me ( I am a big guy ) so I decided to make a for the plater for two. I also decided no gravy as to not cloud the taste of the meal. Glass of Red wine job done. JDM
  10. JDM

    Newbee here

    Welcome Milo, Enjoy the forum. JDM
  11. Picked up a nice steak 1.2 kilogram for dinner tonight. JDM
  12. Now thats what I call " thinking outside the box " Nice one . JDM
  13. JDM

    Le Pub soi Diamond Pattaya

    Marmite JDM
  14. Too late 555 By the way I have a French rifle for sale never fired dropped once 5555 For the record I have the upmost respect for french service personnel however I could not resist posting the above old joke. JDM
  15. JDM

    estate agents in pattaya

    The price of corrugated galvanised sheets has gone up a lot over the last few years, so I am not surprised the remaining 3 are worth 3 time their original cost 5555. Only joking I have seen them very nice big houses in a nice area. JDM