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  1. We're seeing a very slight weakening of the Baht over the last 72 hours against the Greenback. Am hoping its the result of some internal fiscal policy of the Thais 5 day graph here
  2. Normally Tiger but partial to a drop of Gin...........
  3. I can remember paying less in shitholes like Saweedee Court and Sawadee Mansion in the early 90's but it modern times these prices have to reflect the current lack of customers though the door. Sabai lodge in November had 21% occupancy when we were there as well
  4. Read it and weep booking sites.....prices are for 3 nights in standard room in Soi 8 in Eastiny Group......496 baht a night.
  5. Exactly Steelers exactly but more to the point why would anyone expect them to be cheaper when for each booking they pay out a wedge of commission. Find it hard to comprehend. We're off to Angeles next month. Needless to say we booked direct via email etc (never stayed there before) and got it equivalent of 240 Baht cheaper than any of these sites
  6. Down Soi 8 and I kid you not one of the hotels of the Eastiny Group have 76 Square meter suites via own website for 938 baht lol when booking 3 nights. Once again a hotel pisses all over agoda and all the rest on pricing. I've booked for later this year but the prices are no different in February. Their standard rooms are 539 again on 3 days booking basis. There are Indians there before its mentioned Secrets as Evil says want 2200 up Booking.com my arse lol.....yet again Ive never seen the bottom line cheaper on any booking site rather than going direct to hotel via email or in this case completely open on their website I used to use Sabai Lodge frequently and occasionally still do. Whatever room style I had and they had many going via their own website was never less than 200 cheaper. You can add any hotel you like that I've stayed since these sites started as well.
  7. Dear God 5-6 rounds lol.....Your tallywhacker must have been in tatters.
  8. One of the reasons you should always a few minutes before you visit TT check Interbank rate on your phone. Then deduct 20 satang give or take and you got the TT rate. If its wildly different you're probably at an "imposter" booth lol
  9. 2200 night for a place without even a swimming pool and parking. Utterly bonkers and then some
  10. They did and extensively lobbied against it. Definately looks though like just all menthol cigs and flavoured rolling baccy. Still bound to hit a lot I'd imagine
  11. lol theres a bloody great thread within Liverpool going on. They are having a meltdown lol. It is as Lemondropkid says I think just menthol related baccy and Cigs
  12. yes i agree looks like its specifically menthol related gear
  13. No I think its all rolling tobacco. Note the full stop at start of screenshot after "2020"
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