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  1. Make no mistake it will surge violently up should this Brexit deal be struck......38 will be a distant memory. You'd expect Sterling to return to $1.40 within 5-6 days which would put us back to around 43 ish give or take Really need that Baht to weaken out to 33 to the USD.....That would mean us Brits back over 46 certainly not brilliant but a lot better
  2. Its clear lot of airlines reacting to lack of bookings on hub to Bangkok bookings from Europe. Emirates Oman Qatar were all sub £400 (just ) for early November when I looked on Travel Trolley earlier this week varies by day obviously
  3. All over facebook feeds as well currently....complete scam
  4. Yep Sterling/Dollar at highest level (edited just below) its been for some time $1.2452 and Baht weakened slightly from earlier post pushing us up Sterling/Baht
  5. Am just looking at Dollar/Baht and rather than weakening out its doing the opposite and gaining strength against the Greenback....at time of post right up to 30.38 interbank. Seeing how Sterling has jumped against the USD was expecting to see 38 interbank on first check for Brits but wildly off because of above
  6. Travel Trolley and no one else for me. Great service. Changed flights inbound twice. Outbound once. On one occasion Oman managed to find themselves massively overbooked when big group of passengers on "open" tickets rescheduled for my homeward flight. Result offloaded. Got hold of TT back in London tell them to deal with it, 30 minutes later phone goes "you're back on check in online as normal" I simply wont book with anyone else. Out of interest people saying they use Kayak, Travel Supermarket, Skyscanner etc etc you're not booking your flights with them. They are just the search engine. Likes of Travel Trolley, Crystal Travel, Westeast Travel etc etc are the actual ticketing agents
  7. Normally black jeans and V neck top. Low profile style slip ons. Cash and Biz card with insurance on reverse. Thats it nothing else
  8. Was 37.69 earlier at TT. Dollar/Baht been in very narrow range last few working days just bouncing around 30.64 interbank. Would be nice if they dropped another 0.25% off their rate and it actually weakened the Baht on this occasion
  9. ^^^ Looks about a 11% drop in the last 4 months. Should cool their ardour !
  10. Apparently TT is 37.58 as of about 5 minutes ago on the ground
  11. RR007

    Air China

    Yes I was more referring to time in the air rather than transit length
  12. RR007

    Air China

    I looked before because quite a few of these Chinese carriers are relatively cheap but all had very long "air" times because of routing via their hubs.
  13. Just what possessed them to give this another go. Words fail me
  14. Hopefully it doesnt sink as far as it did in 1985 in getting close to Parity because Sterling/Baht would be around 32 today if it did
  15. Yes am just watching Sky live in uk and he also said Cable is at lowest since 1985
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