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  1. Baht getting stronger once again against the USD.....Foreign currency reserves hugely up despite Covid
  2. Not Sterling strength entirely down to Dollar weakness. Same for Euro highest against the USD in 2 years and same Aussie Dollar. Dollar weak against all major currencies......the yanks are also concerned that Biden will topple Trump and that wont go down well for the USD
  3. Used as the background track to more Lezzer shows in Pattaya than any other.....😂
  4. Exactly. Nothing will be remotely back to normal until 2022 at the earliest if even then. Reading elsewhere that Swissport Ground handling agents announced yesterday redundancies and expected not back to normal till 2024 (not a typo) yet people are thinking they're coming back to as before. Years away simple as
  5. I dunno I have been on long haul Nakonchai air executive coaches several times and they were the dogs bollacks overnight
  6. I think that when the bars do open the restrictions will be so onerous that no one will want to sit their and drink on their own anyway with a mask on 2m from anyone else and obviously no girls. Cant imagine UK and USA nationals getting past immigration until late next year either for obvious reasons
  7. Staggering really that the benchmark for the Baht is still only 31.86 against the Greenback Even back in March early on it had weakened out to 33.17 but ever since strength has returned. If ever there was an thought that the Baht was over valued in light of the current crisis is gone for ever. For Brits the only way to increase our rate is Sterling moving back to pre Brexit levels against the Dollar at $1.54
  8. I'm not trying to troll here but no one on planet earth will put up with that. The vast majority of tourists are 2 weeks or less in the first place !
  9. I'm going Benidorm this winter for two trips assuming its open to all which by all reports is 99% nailed on. Pattaya was in a death spiral pre Covid lets be honest no good saying well LK Metro is or was busy most nights when 90% swathes of Pattaya bars are empty This will muller the situation further. https://www.thaiexaminer.com/thai-news-foreigners/2020/05/25/new-normal-access-to-thailand-even-after-flights-resume-if-virus-persists/?fbclid=IwAR0HZpM3QSj7Mk4pyvnlpUYIrNlHQdJN201oowFhAO-mQiyuBP6jXsQs2Po One extract
  10. Inbound quarantine back into the UK is only in 3 weeks segments reviewed for first time three weeks after June 8th. Seeing Thailand wont be open to Brits in 2020 (and probably well into 2021) will hardly matter to us anyway
  11. The only other one that might "possibly" have matched the description would be Baccara.
  12. Possibly but I wouldnt really call them famous per se. The one I'm deliberately not naming was the very first in Pattaya....
  13. Really ?? What percentage of the normal numbers in Pattaya at any time of the year are Expats ?? 15% tops (and thats being very generous.) Bars were in a death spiral pre covid but with just expats visiting I'd doubt they'll cover the utility bills let alone any salaries
  14. Theres only one "famous" Go Go thats been around for decades having racked my brains and it sits on Beach Rd
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