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  1. I used to get ID90 tickets care of my brother and 3 times on the Bank Holiday in August I flew London Bangkok on BA 9/10 all 3 times the motor was half empty. Brother subsequently said it was always the same on bank holidays. Mind you this was back in the 90's on the bigger 747
  2. RR007


    Rosie Casals reckoned he had the biggest wanger she had every seen. It will come as no surprise.....
  3. It is but if you have a Thai account than sending as and when via Transferwise makes perfect sense.
  4. RR007


    Oldest guy on the seniors tour still playing....73 I think he is. As for the rude remarks lol you can bet yer bottom dollar he was at it as soon as he was old enough to get an erection 😂
  5. RR007


    Wanted the Fed to win but felt he changed tactics on his own two match points on serve. He concentrated on getting the 1st serve in rather than the slicing he had employed previous 2 service games. Both times Djoko got them back with ease and the rest is history He'll be back as will Djoko for sure
  6. Gonna be a great sporting day.....I'm going for England, Federer and Hamilton to do the bizzo.....
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    During the week I had received in the post Ilie Nastase 2005 autobiography. No matter what you think of him he was always a ladies man. The Book prompted me just on the off chance of finding anything on youtube relating to his Final defeat to Stan Smith in 1972 and what he had said in the book Unbelivably there is a video from Stan describing that exact moment of that match point in the 1972 final......if you followed Nastase career as I did you'll laugh out loud at what Stan says starting around from 1 minute in......its a great interview anyway only 2 minutes long
  8. No I do agree with you it seems very strange. On an aside UK Card ATM usage must be hugely down considering the charges on regular cards are horrendous. Neil only arrived a week ago so more than possible its only very recently kicked in. As one of of a group of 5 of us all with at least 150 trips each under our belts he wont have got it wrong
  9. He has just messaged me back literally now and 4 different banks ATM declined more than 10,000. His UK Card has a £500 daily limit so no question its on the up I didnt respond earlier until he replied to me
  10. Seems at least one Bank ATM will allow 15,000 still in a single pull. The guy didnt name the bank so have asked him via PM and will update the thread if they answer
  11. RR007

    Pattaya hotels

    Must admit I like Sabai Lodge down Soi 2 way.....taxis top and bottom of soi go by and many down the one way soi so you can literally wait at entrance to hotel anyway I get the Superior B rooms out the back in my opinion the best kept secret in Pattaya....Low season around 850 high season around 1150 but remember 4 swimming pools and in my opinion the friendliest staff in Pattaya.....Dont get the much higher priced poolside rooms. They are identical in square feet to the ones I suggested but around 400 baht more because they are poolside Ideal for Billabong 2 and Atlantic bar and zero noise and I mean zero if you take the superior B rooms....internet around 10 meg more than enough for most
  12. lol on to facebook from same laptop and there it is top of the page. Someone with more technical ability with the internet will tell us why lol.....have not used her but know 2 others who did for bank accounts https://www.facebook.com/Tiktokservices/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARBIX0G0k6g4xAs1oe9spJh0UPA6VZdokuaNCYWLZSpUUPbFdMFl9Tysl4HH1FPhs4mkLcjwRhiktT4v&hc_ref=ARS1RmoI7l5yd5xmyrOxyNHB3xaC4d7YekcamzPbMDjdjCuT1O51l-RRYFpdw624Fbc&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARC7N_vUiHuwdAKfkeZ9vlGj3HQpP7E0LH2RC0ozBb5kZqkOGj-irA65CUNe5IV2ZZwzyrBLWQ0nodW9RQ0VYraHL2wuN4S6CpcDdUaZUU5IU3om_QBHjE8JYSRtXzPpXlVqFfojfyk5-Z7fy93xxwV5NMzsc3cNL0uM44SOIIRxTonK7PvCZM1dAWomLf6NDumE-fe5LT3_QKo7YlcO0-ugXqnwQKkuNKm9mFTwLWLaBXVT4fVIYJbfgISzcgbyLU6uLVsIMr5HXWL46NJbcxzpZuLg7ZJDbk-ANrfbWBZc8fi1OYt9FtUW7uxB1FIeiwL_nyi6LiZksz9fPB3alH5h8aVdI0ZFEjXuyuRy_JC3lNBNPdyKGw Christ knows why the link is that big lol....it works fine
  13. I noticed on the Clarity (I have one) that they always used Interbank rates if you bit the bullet before and paid the Thai ATM charge but quite a few reports recently that its been slightly lowered and now sits between Interbank and the Mastercard rate. I havent used since those reports so no first hand experience. In light of this lowered 10,000 single pull limit with a foreign card (anyone here actually had experience ?) to me using Transferwise to send to a Thai account is currently a no brainer if you have one. Plenty of FB ads in Pattaya region of local agents charging around 3000 ish to get an account open. If anyone wants a link let me know will dig it out
  14. I dont have personal experience of Nationwides packaged bundle but I do of Halifaxs similar product and you wouldnt wipe your arse on it once you delve into the nitty gritty of what and what isnt covered. If you're relying on that travel cover currently have a good look at what coverage it actually provides
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