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  1. If you abstain from food and drink for say 24 hours in advance you could probably do it but it would be hard to avoid a pee on a 12 hour non stop flight ??
  2. Fair enough thought I was going senile lol
  3. Yep and I looked for one immediately prior to posting. No sweat
  4. lol what happened there. I was the OP not that it matters per se couple hours ago ?? I even added Eva as a tag !
  5. RR007


    I normally just eat a deliberately spicy Thai Green Curry which evacuates the bowels quicker than any chemicals. Flipper Lodges used to work within 4 minutes
  6. Great shout out for Eva who finished 2nd in the list Not a single British or American carrier in the top 30 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-6822251/The-worlds-cleanest-airlines-revealed-Japans-ANA-No1.html
  7. I've watched the Rise of the Footsoldier 3 films multiple times and eagerly await the 4th installment later this year set in Marbella. All of first 3 based on true story with Carlton Leach Pat Tate and co
  8. I tried to sell mine couple years ago after a 1 off trip on Qatar but came up against this
  9. RR007

    737 Max

    No and the black boxes are showing huge similarity to the Lion Air crash
  10. @JDM What deposit do you require from your Condos please....??
  11. RR007

    Refused Entry

    I never cross border without at least 3 large on me as back up even if I am using Thai Bank cash but have seen an Indian guy being led poilitely away and as I was next in queue so could hear most of the animated discussion over the 20k issue. I think guys do indeed take a chance relying on cards solely when it takes just one nibble by Immigration to give you a bad day because as far as I know there are no ATM's airside to rectify the issue (happy to be corrected but am sure there is not)
  12. You can view the value of the miles here. It DOES vary literally week by week. Sometime Cigs can be cheap other times they double. The 800 Rothmans I had have gone up 400 odd miles from when I had ordered in February http://sindbad.muscatdutyfree.com/
  13. Frankly so do I..............................😂😂
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