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    Take note that Oman will no longer carry the immigration cards on the 2nd sector into Bangkok. Stopped last week supposedly. I grabbed a couple spare at the desks on the slope up to immigration on the left. Immigration itself was quiet at 06.50 but I spent probably the longest ever time in the queues not helped certainly by both hands fingerprinting and the usual dozy sods in the final desk queues. The main problem was clearly the Indians were presenting reams of documents for inspection. I breezed through in around 60 seconds but the average was over 5 minutes plus. You'd have to expect a 3 hour wait in the weeks before Christmas for sure
  2. RR007


    Just spoke to their 24 hour number to call. They have literally last few days introduced a change seats icon if you relog back into their online check in for that 2nd sector. Have just closed the tab now and it allowed me to add the 2nd sector aisle seat into my booking without charge and have emailed the boarding passes back to myself. Having flown 27 different carriers London Bangkok its the first airline I've been on thats had this system. (Oman when they had 24 hour opening of check in didnt only when they switched to 48 hours) However none of Finnair KLM or Air France have I ever been on but appreciate what you say
  3. RR007


    Well I dont know how many flights I've checked in online for since that service became available am guessing around turn of the century (?) but only Oman has this insanity. Previously when check in online opened 24 hours in advance with Oman they like everyone else was fine. You selected both sectors at the 24 hour point. This time last year they changed it to 48 hours and the problems began Friend who flew the evening departure Sunday last said about it again at check in desk and the lady apparently said sir you and many others complain every day about it. Oman told me back in March/April 2019 they were reviewing it due to complaints. Nothing has been done. Problem is now when I started using them around 7 years ago every flight was a third full. Now every flight is absolutely rammed because they are consistently the cheapest ME carrier 95% of the time. Service has hugely declined across the board and as my Silver card will expire in new year this will be my last return flight with them
  4. RR007


    lol absolute tossers are Oman Exactly the same issue as 6 months ago. Check in for first sector no problem at 48 hours to wheels up. 2nd sector nope unless you want to pay for any seat now (not just aisle)....went for what one of you guys suggested which was to leave the tab open till 2nd sector reached 48 hours to wheels up. Nope lol timed out after 30 minutes ! Absolute last time I'm flying with these wankers.... Back to Emirates in February
  5. I use Ebay extensively but absolutely everything is via "buy it now". Reasons are amply provided by this thread. Biggest laughs when selling back around 2005 was selling Arsenal shirts from Pattaya. I only did it originally to see if I could get away with it. Over 87 sold. The unbelievable bit was I had Jiffy bags bought for a few baht from the shop at bottom of Pattaya klang where it meets Beach Rd and was taking them 10 at a time to Naklua post office. Clearly Thai stamps on them obviously. They were taking about 5 days to arrive (which every single one did) and yet of the 87 only TWO people queried the Thai post lol...positive feedback from 86 and one neutral remark that the colour appeared slightly wrong You couldnt do it these days for sure lol
  6. Dollar/Baht getting nearer and nearer that 29 The Thais are pulling their hair out here. They simply cant manipulate it weaker without incurring the wrath of the states.
  7. That top left should be worrying everyone ! If interbank breaks 30 it will take a lot of "stops" with it likely pushing it sharply lower into the 29's
  8. See what may turn some into zombies and be described as dreadful drugs could certainly be aimed at Tramadol. Yet I've taken 200 mg a day for now 18 years (never increased) and never ever once had the slightest side effect claimed by 100s of others. I had that Gabapentin that Tommy mentioned above for several months. Again no side effects other doing what its meant to. All these tabs effect us all differently When I originally was diagnosed with chronic fibromylgia the quack put me on Zoplicone for sleep. Useless lol. Increased the dose to 15mg nightly....useless lol. Had no effect at all. At one point I had to take 10mg valium every 4 hours so four doses a day. After 3 days I'm asking is this meant to be actually doing something. No effect whatsoever on me. So 4 drugs I've mentioned all reacting on me differently to what others think they probably should do
  9. Quoting myself it was quite close on this occasion with Agoda at 1131 baht slightly more expensive though (albeit am assuming there was no additional add on at Agoda final price) so 39 Baht more Normally around 150-200 cheaper via hotels own website
  10. Heres an example of one of the hotel I use part of the Sabai Group. Take Sabai Lodge down Soi 2 popular hotel. Have just had a look at what they're charging from their own website for Superior B rooms (which I normally would take) for November. No minimum stay on anything. Its 1150 Baht minus 5% for using their own site equalling 1092 Baht Now I havent hit Agoda or all the rest to compare yet (will look later) but I bet you have one helluva job to find it lower exact room for room
  11. I assure you am not joking but every since the likes of Agoda and all the rest started I have NEVER once got it cheaper by using these sites than going direct via email to my hotels (who know me I acknowledge) or using their own websites. Never not once. More to the point why would you ! Hotels paying commision to the booking sites. Am not saying others wont have the opposite experience but for me every single time. I even in 2016 booked a hotel in Yasathon when I was seeing a nurse from out there. She wanted to stay this particular Green Park or something forget full name...anyway booking sites were around 1050 to 1225 give or take. They had an email link for contact Sent email.....850 Baht lol
  12. Settle well in my opinion overall. Very few abort once once they are here. interesting the OP mentioned Philippines I have a female lodger from Manila originally came to uk as a 15 year old with English father and Philippine mother. Shes a little gem so thoughtful (shes not been with me long couple weeks) to the point I have to keep saying its no problem on everything she thinks I might be annoyed with. Having not been to Manila or Angeles shes quite an eye opener as a difference to the Thais. Seeing as I'm nearly double her age shes very kissy xx on messages etc despite absolutely no encouragement (or desire) from me. I know its been mentioned before the world of difference. She's very taken with my 19 year son who is also half oriental lol (thai mother)
  13. Got a question over Netflix if I can We have a very slow internet connection even though its via Sky (internet only not via satellite) because the house is very old and we've been waiting 4 years now for upgrades to the exchange which is causing it (which we knew).....they are gradually working through the area via BT When you're streaming netflix does it work on like a Youtube type set up whereby the download is always slightly in front of what you're viewing to avoid any buffering ?? Youtube works fine I might add
  14. Overall on all Thai carriers not the best. You simply will never see me on one of their motors when the general population has a mai pen rai attitude. Fortunanely for the national carrier all the major maintenance is done when they fly them to Frankfurt but as I said I wouldnt trust Somchai on the day to day stuff. No way...
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