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  1. In which case I wouldnt have 3 stunning children . Whilst I'm no longer with mum all 3 boys are fanny magnets beyond belief
  2. I have veneers on top jaw shade 3/20 but I swear to God that Darlie toothpaste makes the buggers a shade whiter which is impossible as veneers dont change or absorb colour. The bottom jaw which was perfectly straight anyway without veneers is virtually as white as the veneers with that toothpaste lol. God alone knows whats in it
  3. Dont laugh but I always bring that Darlie toothpaste home. God alone knows what the ingrediants are but pearlie whites are the outcome lol
  4. Should it actually occur and knowing Thailand probably not than they'll simply add 100 Baht to all tickets. No way will airlines and agents start pissing around trying to identify who has proper medical cover etc. Just impossible and notwithstanding that this "idea" is to only cover "emergencies" which could also include where someone does have coverage but the insurer wriggles on the hook Nope everyone no matter what visa status will pay it if flying into the country but again I have my doubts it will be introduced anyway.. Thailand claimed 38 million visitors but is that unique. Guys here coming 6 times a year would obviously than pay £15 a year. Its got lots of Swiss Cheese holes in the plan
  5. Yep would have been a bill all up over £50,000. I simply could not sleep overseas anywhere without knowledge I was fully covered
  6. Easy....Scorpions though are my speciality guzzle in front of Thai Girls lol
  7. lol as you were told in OP I copied and pasted from TV with its source. Its a thread starter.
  8. Lifted from Thaivisa started about 30 minutes ago.......Sounds perfectly reasonable to me ?? ( Edited to add its not replacing travel insurance purely uninsured emergencies) "Every foreign tourist to Thailand set to be charged 100 baht insurance - money for emergencies and return of the dead. Thai media has reported that the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports is proposing that every foreign tourist visiting Thailand should be charged an insurance and life insurance fee. BECTERO reported that this was likely to be about 100 baht per trip and come in within the next six months. The money would be used to insure tourists and stop Thai taxpayers forking out for tourists' emergency medical treatment and the repatriation of people who die while on holiday. This, they said, is costing the country 300 million baht a year. The media said that exactly how much tourists are to be charged is being debated. They referred to Japan's "Sayonara Tax" that levies a charge of 1,000 yen or 300 baht on Japanese and foreigners leaving the country. Whether Thailand would adopt a charge for tourists coming in or leaving was still to be decided. BECTERO conjectured that if the fee was 100 baht this would give the government 3.8 billion baht based on 38 million visitors a year. This would be used for the Thai authorities to insure all tourists. And solve the 300 million baht problem of Thais paying via their taxes for emergency treatment and repatriation of the dead. " Source: BECTERO
  9. Have just noticed as well on the BA that baggage allowance is different outbound/inbound.....
  10. No TT via Eva are 30kgs and shows as such on the listings.......dates are random.....Eva is normally the cheapest albeit not always
  11. Cant help thinking its taking these routings to the extreme. Time effort money all needed prior to even getting on the main motor. If I was the OP I would slash costs get the Coach to Heathrow and buy Evas Elite Class (premium economy) for around £900 all in. Half of Business class and non stop obviously. Job done
  12. Friend of mine is Gold on Thai (but travels economy) but can and does go into multiple lounges. I assume as Business you'd get exactly the same obviously. He popped into Eva last week looked like a bloody disco in there lol Star alliance lounges
  13. Course it is for the one simple reason in that Pattaya and Thailand is no longer cheap. You indulge and most of us do than costs are frankly ludicrous in 2019. God alone knows what guys spend when taking Girls from Go Gos after paying BFs Hotels Drinks Food. Its not sustainable. Guys who come first time these days think christ that was great but shit I never realised how much I would spend. Instead of guys going home and booking the next trip in two months time they're waiting for a year and the cycle rinsed and repeat. I'm off to Greece in June only the second time Ive been anywhere but Pattaya in 29 years. I'm not the only one
  14. lol have never been in there despite walking by a 101 times same as others here because never anyone in there. When I see long standing outlets like that empty it makes me wonder for sure what the motive is.....😏
  15. With the continuing Euro and Sterling weakness against the Dollar the situation will only get worse and worse. Its not the Baht contrary to popular belief as its been trading in a narrow band for several years. Eurozone has financial problems to say the least keeping it weak against the Greenback and Sterling likewise because of the ongoing battle with Brexit Not sure what percentage of "traditional" visitors are from Europe (maybe 80% ?) but until those currencies trade stronger numbers will get less and less as punters seek better "value" elsewhere. I'm going to Greece shortly with one of my lads. Unthinkable going back 30 years for a mid summer trip. (am not expecting it to be cheap lol)
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