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  1. Single came back a few days ago from Thailand. Got to say I thought I wanted to settle down but after a Thai gf stayed in the UK for five months, was relieved when she went home. Lovely girl, quiet easy going but it was just I preferred on my own. I have been married a few times before which may be the reason. Sometimes what we want, and what we need is very different.
  2. Doing baked potato in oven...90 minutes😐
  3. Remember seeing the original. Bloody good film and realistic. The quality of McQueen and Hoffman were brilliant.
  4. A terrorist will not change his agenda no matter how long he is locked up for. As soon as he is out he will do what he believes his goal is. Don't know the answer. Deportation or life are the only options that could be realistically achieved. Given no death penalty exists.
  5. john1000


    Not a really stern test for England. SA ranked 5th I think.
  6. Because its a new virus nobody know too much about it hence maybe the attention. It is killing people, so happy there is a sharp focus at the moment.
  7. Swopped a PC I built, for a Yamaha guitar with a friend. Never played any musical piece before but always on my bucket list. . As usual its something I wanted to do but never got around to do. YouTube vids will help but ultimately a few lessons seem like a good idea.
  8. Remember the Brave Sir Robin song in the Holy Grail. Classic. Sad loss.
  9. Just watched a documentary on operation Barbarossa. Very brutal conflict without rules.
  10. Good thread as very relative to our mental well being. I retired at 53 and now have state pension plus two private pensions. Inherited some cash so not unduly worried about finances. But very aware that it is easy to screw up and make mistakes. No debts and mortgage free helps.
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