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  1. No..just the thought makes me feel sick.
  2. Many pieces of advice over the years found useful. Contact numbers re airline, good dentist heads up for good food. Staying away from those who make you feel uncomfortable, is a good one. Gut reaction in my experience, is seldom wrong.
  3. Sad story you never know what lies ahead. Best we don't.
  4. Makes sense Thais have been fed up with picking up hospital bills for a while. My three month jaunts I always take out insurance.
  5. Acquired land after network rail have cleared heavy undergrowth overlooking a stream at the bottom of garden. Laying top soil and compost, prior to sowing grass. Certainly don't have the energy I used to have...lol
  6. Many empty condos available. Over supply maybe?
  7. Stroud Glos. They have just been round sprayed water to no avail. Leaks through light socket so no way to tell where the water is coming from. Next, they want to cut a section of the ceiling to check water path. 🙁 Heavy rain sometimes nothing, light rain it comes through also few inches of snow melting it came though. My guess, and I am no builder is that a few hairline cracks could be the culprit. Hate flat roofs
  8. Being pissed off with a flat rook leaking...builder been round a couple of times trying to patch a GRP surface after doing the job last year. I think it needs completely doing again.
  9. Great pics shows how rich and powerful the church was in days gone by.
  10. Mine is couple of feet high after a three month trip. Bloody cold out there..lots of tea breaks😀
  11. Wasn't hungry until I read this.
  12. Picked up a book from the market Saturday. German recalling events when was on the Eastern front. Quite horrific brutality between next door neighbours in the Baltic states.
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