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  1. john1000

    Bah humbug thread

    Better time for families with young children. I guess worse for those who are on their own, looking on as all media, retail, businesses, engulf all around them with you must be happy at Christmas.
  2. john1000

    Do you send Christmas cards?

    Yes I do, but sometimes wonder why. Many old friends who I haven't seen for years, still write and say we must meet up...every year without fail. Takes longer to write a card than pick up the phone..
  3. Don't weaken and marry for the wrong reasons. ( Because you think its traditional and normal ) No excuses for doing it three times and three times half a house to forfeit.🙁
  4. Been a few times. Nice pics.
  5. john1000

    Snow in Kiev

    Great pics thanks.
  6. john1000

    Right, time to man up and admit it!

    Going to my sisters as I live on my own, complete with her grandkids friends etc..spend the day eating food that's not good for me. Buy presents they don't really want, and receive same. TBH, I would like to join a group who are going up Snowdon probably enjoy more.
  7. john1000

    What are you doing right now..?

    Preparing for a walk the will make cauliflower rice..part of my healthy diet plan..if it works.
  8. john1000

    Bar girl talk ,nudity and mongering

    A quick break from any routine is good thing. Can easily get boring..or maybe thats an age thing.
  9. john1000

    2 weeks and not one cigarette..

    Sorry mate to hear this. I gave up four years ago, and worked on the principle the urge to have a fag will cease after 10-15 minutes. This worked for me with the help of occasional vaping ( which I don't know if this is good or bad ) But you are now aware, and can do something. You have a lady and child in your life; worth the effort and as I said, after that initial urge it WILL get easier.
  10. john1000

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    Barista coffee and Marmite.
  11. john1000

    Norwegian Arrested in Pattaya

    Years ago, I was told many Scandinavians when abroad, go for it re booze as alcohol is prohibitively expensive in their native country.
  12. john1000

    Hotel, Condo or Guesthouse?

    Condo for the last half a dozen trips which are 48sqm. VT6 is fairly central as I am not comfortable on a moped so use Baht bus/ occasionally motorbike taxi. Not really that cheap, but my trips are once a year for three months at a time. Added bonus, I use the stairs for a morning workout.
  13. john1000

    Iraq 2018

    Really good thread and very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  14. Most of Eastern Europe looked similar after years of communist rule. Romania lost many beautiful villages and towns, replaced y grey concrete blocks which decayed fairly quickly.
  15. john1000

    Your Cool New Gadget

    Just purchased Nvidia Shield Android box. Will post some pics when installed.