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  1. john1000

    Everything in a Wok

    Wasn't hungry until I read this.
  2. john1000

    What you reading?

    Picked up a book from the market Saturday. German recalling events when was on the Eastern front. Quite horrific brutality between next door neighbours in the Baltic states.
  3. john1000

    Cash - On the way out.

    The new technology facial recognition is just over the horizon. Some Chinese have it on phones but this is when it starts to get intrusive IMO.
  4. Practical jobs such as carpentry and mechanics. Patience too brittle. My decorating is OK though.
  5. Yes somewhere I have to visit one day. Pics look good.
  6. john1000

    What are you doing right now..?

    So many variations on history. Very good program.
  7. john1000

    What are you doing right now..?

    Not the same by a long chalk...Nuff said
  8. john1000

    What are you doing right now..?

    Just finished daily argument on Skype with GF. Helps to sleep well🙃
  9. john1000

    new car

    Looks nice but is it not a Toyota in disguise?
  10. john1000

    60 Day Tourist Visa Extension

    Make sure you have a letter confirming where you are staying.
  11. Surprising the different food available that's relatively inexpensive.
  12. Massage on demand, feeling relaxed and enjoying a variety of different food. Having multiple breaks as opposed to living in Pattaya suits me. Nice to have contrasts in life.
  13. john1000

    do you cook thai food at home

    Tried a few times, but beyond my capabilities.
  14. john1000

    Where to go for three days with car

    Nan area is very beautiful but maybe too far
  15. john1000

    What are you doing right now..?

    Just back from seeing a band..drinking lots of water to avoid an inevitable hangover.