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  1. Painting the kitchen then watching it dry...👍
  2. Use a laptop for travel, and a desktop at home as cheaper for a high spec.Have an old tablet the 2014 Samsung but hardly use it.
  3. Just back from a trip with cycling group to a typical old English country fare. Brass bands, cakes, tea and vintage machinery. Stopped for a pint in the sun..
  4. Lady who stayed with me last year in the UK, asked if she could borrow my car??? I explained she has no international licence but she was angry and said her brother stated she is a good driver!!! I tried to make her understand the police in the UK don't know your brother..lol
  5. Given some other currencies are struggling against the Baht, when the Brexit problems are resolved will the pound gain that much?
  6. Farang mistakenly repeat their behaviour from their homeland in Thailand, consequences often different.
  7. Priest was taken out to dinner by a friend who ordered two steaks. Priest wanted rare so the friend asked for two bloody steaks. Priest was shocked at the use of bloody but was assured this was the correct way to order. Week later the pope visited, and the priest took him to the same diner. Pope expressed interest in a rare steak. Priest promptly ordered two bloody steaks. Pope said…" and plenty of fuck1ng chips!!"
  8. Remember back in 1973😪 (was it that long ago) seeing Thin Lizzy in Cork. Staying in a place called Summer cove, not far from Kinsale. Whisky in the Jar was just released and was the dawn of their fame.
  9. Nowhere near when I was younger, but still on trips in the car with made up compilations.
  10. Just woke up from a planned hour nap....three hours😲 Never used to need sleep like this.
  11. I have higher blood sugar type 2 and it can be a pain especially if cycling or walking in groups. In our younger days we take so much for granted health being something you never think will be an issue. Older age isn't nice.
  12. So much discord amongst government individuals just prolongs the agony for many. Rumour has it some have made small fortunes from weakening currencies.😐
  13. Yea, I really hope that this is temporary re Brexit, US-China trade issues which should get resolved. I certainly don't want a break and have to watch day to day spending closely.
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