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  1. Some sports I know little about but were on TV while I was doing something else, have sparked some interest. Volleyball and handball.
  2. Yes. With Diabetes a no brainer. I still want to travel in the future so the risks factor moves up a notch.
  3. Two stand out for me. Horse racing Show jumping
  4. UK wise not sure. My sister's where I usually go, will be full of kids. With Diabetes2 not sure a wise move. Sister said I should go as only one day....I explained that was a reason for not going. Exposing yourself for the sake of one day.
  5. Yea lost a plum tree didn't find out until I removed the tree. Apparently quite common.
  6. Insects at a guess. In the UK box spider causes these issues in box hedges. Other cause could be a fungus but the whole plant would be affected.
  7. Wonder if most of the investment is by Chinese looking long term, or just putting their money outside China.
  8. Hmm you feel old? My first was Led Zepplin2 1970. Cost 37s 6d😱
  9. Beautiful place. Nice pics.
  10. Attempting to upgrade Android to Google TV on a Nvidia Shield. Too many complicated scripts so given up. Tomorrow is another day.. 😶
  11. Thai population especially those not involved in the tourist industry, back the border closures. Government shit scared that any relaxation could trigger mass infections. Vaccine really looking like the only lifeline.
  12. Any vaccine will carry unknown possible issues down the line, but do we have any choice? Lockdowns are destroying the economy plus mental health issues. No golden bullet solution exists or will. Hobsons choice.
  13. One thing about your post, you seem to have a very realistic view of the future and prioritise health and finance. Which IMO, are the two most important factors as we near retirement. Good luck.
  14. https://www.thejakartapost.com/life/2020/11/02/black-actor-turner-smith-to-play-english-queen-anne-boleyn-in-new-drama.html
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