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3Bz Burritoz for Delivery

Evil Penevil

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In less than a year,  3Bz Burritoz has established itself as one of (the?) foremost place in Pattaya for Tex-Mex style burritos, tacos and quesadillas. I've never been to the brick-and-restaurant, but I have ordered food for delivery once or twice a month since June.  I've never been disappointed.  The U.S. owner and his wife know how Tex-Mex should taste and look.  Prices are very reasonable.


I particularly enjoy the breakfast burritos, which I agree are the best in Pattaya. They come in three variations and range in price from 99 ฿ to 159 ฿.   The 8-inch tortilla Bebecito (two scrambled eggs, ham and cheese) at 99 ฿ is usually enough for me.  When I've been really hungry, I've ordered El Grande (six eggs(!), ham and cheese in a 12-inch tortilla) at 139 ฿ or De Maximo (four eggs, ham, cheese, fried potatoes and beans in a 12-inch tortilla) at 159 ฿.  De Maximo is a full meal, at least for me.  In the pic below, it's a Bebecito on the left and a 8-inch pork burrito on the right.


The non-breakfast burritos come in variety of styles (chicken, pork, beef, vegetarian, fish, refried beans), with two sizes (8- and 12-inch) for most. The breakfast burritos come with fresh salsa and sour cream, while you have a choice of two salsas and sauces for the other burritos. You can choose between pulled or ground meat.


The Danny burritos are extra large, with double meat. a whole butter sauteed onion and triple cheese.  Depending on the meat, they range in price from 169 ฿ to 269 ฿.  The pics below feature a pork Danny.



On some days the burritos come with a complementary handful of nacho.



The chciken, pork and beef tacos are also great and come in hard corn or soft wheat tortillas.




Quesadillas round out the three main items on the 3Bz Burritoz menu.  It's my favorite in the pics below, the 8-inch cheese quesadilla for 169 ฿.




The burritos, tacos and quesadillas are well seasoned and definitely have a spicy Tex-Mex kick to them. They all have their origins as traditional Mexican street food, but the types offered by 3Bz are Tex-Mex adaptations.  That's not a bad thing.  The "big burritos" that originated in San Francisco are superior to the original Northern Mexican cigar-sized burritos.

The menu for 3Bz Burritoz has a few sides as well, including nachos, hot wings and a bad-ass food truck favorite, loaded Mexi fries.  You can also order extra black beans, fried rice and refried beans.  


I've never had an problems with delivery.  You can order by phone or through 3Bz   Facebook page.  Most of the deliveries I've gotten have arrived in 20 minutes, but the current spate of roadwork is delaying delivery, according to the owner.

In case you want to visit the restaurant, it's located here:


And a pic from the Facebook page:


3Bz does a lot of catering to bars, so you have an opportunity to sample its food for free.


Bottom line:  3Bz Burritoz is an excellent option for burritos, tacos and quesadillas, especially if you favor home delivery.


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