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I have so many happy memories of my 12 stays at the RG between 2003 -06.

All that pussy went to my head back in the first couple of years and I used to sit by the pool during the day time making notes on the day/night before and then post ongoing X Certificate trip reports in the FLB Bar forum complete with photo's. Many  of the photo's featuring the interior and balcony and often the girl draped over the sofa in the living room. 

One forum member  (who also used the RG) took me to task saying it was disgusting that we used the sofa for sex instead of the bedroom. I immediately assured him we used the bedroom as well and that I always checked for skid marks on the sofa afterwards.

A funny RG story. 

I had just watched from the balcony my previous night's "plat de jour" walk past the swimming pool to get her motorbike taxi home. 

I went back into the room and started to tidy up a bit and noticed behind the room phone a pair of expensive looking earings. The girl was away by then but as she came from Living Dolls where I frequented regularly I decided to return them that very evening.

So back I went that night and took my usual seat. The girl was dancing but was soon sitting opposite me. 

"I have something for you." producing from my pocket the earings which I had put in a small bag.

She opened the bag, looked at the earings and said

"You bought me a present. Thank you, thank you, they are lovely." and gave me a big kiss.


Must of been the one from Catz. 

Or maybe Peppermint?:default_dirol:

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