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  1. Just received this via my NextDoor Neighbourhood forum..... "SCAM NHS track and Trace call. BEWARE. This was just passed to me. Worth warning others and any elderly neighbours. And so it begins!......😡 ‘Good afternoon I'm calling from the NHS track and trace service. According to our system, you are likely to have been in close proximity to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. This means that you now need to self-isolate for 7 days and take a COVID-19 test.' ' OK. Can you tell me who that person was?' 'I'm not able to tell you that. That is confidential information.' 'Right. Um... so ....' 'But you do need to be tested within the next 72 hours. So can I just get the best mailing address so that we can send a kit to you?' 'Ok (gives address)' 'Thank you - and I just need to take a payment card so that we can finalize this and send the kit to you.' 'Sorry - a payment card? I thought this was all free?' 'No - I'm afraid not. There is a one-off fee of £50 for the kit and test results. Could you read off the long card number for me, please, when you're ready.' 'No - that's not right. This is part of the NHS so there's no charge.' 'I'm afraid there is. Can you give me the card number please - this is very important, and there are penalties for not complying.' Puts the phone down. This is how scammers work. And vulnerable people will fall for it.” Don't fall for it...! Please share. COPY and PASTE I'm in the UK, but they could try it on anywhere
  2. You're right - that part of the Thames is tidal as far as Teddington Lock (Teddington=Tide End Town)
  3. That seemed to be normal everywhere I have transitted - I guessed it was some international regulation to cope with flights arriving from less secure areas. I've been waved past on a few occasions when a late arriving flight would have delayed the onward flight. I wonder if this is just a Covid-19 thing or whether it's now permanent.
  4. I think those have been the rules for some years, now. Certainly off-sales in the supermarkets, 7-11's etc stuck to those hours, although I can think of a few afternoon gogo's that didn't bother keeping to them.
  5. You may well be right, but I can see a future for hybrids outside the cities, and it's city driving with its constant stop/start that uses up much more fuel than on motorways or quiet country roars. As for a complete ban, that does seem ambitious.
  6. It's being implemented in London, now. Three charging stations have recently appeared within a tem minute walk of my place in SW19. and I saw one near Tower Bridge a couple of years ago.
  7. I think I remember the place you mean. It had a swiss flag as its sign over the doorway. I can't remember the name either, but I think it moved to Naklua when the rent got silly.
  8. I applied for a new one on the 20th December. They said it would take three weeks. It arrived on the 4th January. It's red without the EU logo, but that's very good service, given the christmas/new year break.
  9. I've always had good service from Southall Travel and https://www.traveltrolley.co.uk/ Prices seem OK, and the one occasion I had a problem, it was sorted within 12 hours.
  10. Ah, yes - a really beautiful city. Do they still have the bands busking and selling their CDs on Karlovy Most every Sunday?
  11. I've been using TravelTrolley for the last few years - never any problems, but I've never needed to change anything.
  12. The thing to remember here is that the airport exchanges run a cartel. Those that give the best rate are in the railway station concourse, past the ticket machines, and so technically not in the airport.
  13. I believe this may have something to do with the Parsee religion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parsis
  14. But only if you are wearing a brown suit
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