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  1. I applied for a new one on the 20th December. They said it would take three weeks. It arrived on the 4th January. It's red without the EU logo, but that's very good service, given the christmas/new year break.
  2. I've always had good service from Southall Travel and https://www.traveltrolley.co.uk/ Prices seem OK, and the one occasion I had a problem, it was sorted within 12 hours.
  3. Ah, yes - a really beautiful city. Do they still have the bands busking and selling their CDs on Karlovy Most every Sunday?
  4. I've been using TravelTrolley for the last few years - never any problems, but I've never needed to change anything.
  5. The thing to remember here is that the airport exchanges run a cartel. Those that give the best rate are in the railway station concourse, past the ticket machines, and so technically not in the airport.
  6. I believe this may have something to do with the Parsee religion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parsis
  7. But only if you are wearing a brown suit
  8. I've seen it many times in different gogo's, although never with a football. I believe it's a ritual to entice the bad luck spirits out of the bar. The idea seems to be that the noise and the naked girl sprinkling cheap liquor will get their attention they then then follow the bait of the cheap liquor round the bar and out of the door
  9. Looks a bit chewy to me
  10. It smells very much like the "zero dollar" packages that the chinese tourists use. Joiner fees?
  11. It looks as if Jet Airways might not be as tits up as all that. They may have been taken over by Etihad. Extract from an e-mail I received today: ..... Jet Privilege Pvt. Ltd. is a separate, independent entity part of the Etihad Aviation Group formed with the sole purpose to market, develop and grow JetPrivilege – an internationally acclaimed award-winning loyalty and rewards programme. It's our foremost responsibility to safeguard your faith & would like to assure you that your JPMiles are safe and that we are committed to fulfilling your aspirations. So, don’t stop collecting & redeeming your JPMiles for all your favourite rewards and create memories for a lifetime! *For redemption in economy and business #Standard Flight awards on Jet Airways can be booked online through jetairways.com or jetprivilege.com or through the JetPrivilege Service Centre. Standard Flights on Airline Partners can be booked only through the JetPrivilege Service Centre. ##Select Flight awards can be booked only through jetprivilege.com ..... Jet Privilege is/was Jet Airways frequent flyer/loyalty operation and they are offering flights within India,.
  12. I used them several times a few years ago - good on price - comfortable flights in economy - great ground staff and cabin crew - but an administrative shambles. On the last occasion we had a four hour delay leaving heathrow because "someone forgot to refuel the aircraft". This meant an eighteen hour stopover in a lounge at Mumbai (at least they fed us), but I was 24 hours late at Suvarnabhumi. Luckily, I was able to e-mail my hotel that I was still on my way and to expect me when they saw me ad the hotel was happy with this.
  13. I have to agree about the heels - they must do a lot of damage in the long term to feet and ankles. However..... I've mentioned this to a number of strippers that I know i London ad the concensus seems to be that they like wearing them. I like your concept - I look forward to seeing it happen - I could easily become a regular.
  14. Try: https://news.sky.com/story/poacher-eaten-by-lions-after-being-trampled-by-an-elephant-11686959 or https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1111896/rhino-poacher-trampled-elephants-devoured-lion-skull-human-remains-kruger-national-park I think it might have been in the Mail as well
  15. For me, that would be Plum Busby at the Hideaway in Streatham about three months ago. I've known the lead singer for longer than a lady would want to admit. Actually, they are good fun and well worth a visit if you can get there easily.. The Sunday Lunch is good, too.
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