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I will fly out from Zürich the day after tomorrow, and at the moment I am handling final preperations. The last week I spent working in the most beautiful location in Switzerland. Check out the chalet I lived in...

I also got some chopper time, so I had a chance to view the siss alps from the top.

But before I continue I want to talk a bit about who am I.

I am a 51 year old austrian, living and working in  switzerland (the one and only country in the world where people are part of the desicion process). I came here 15 years ago, and in my opinion switzerland is the best country to live in. I work as an IT development teamleader in a big financial institution.

And by work I mean I worked my ass off. The money I earned went straight to a woman and her kid that I supported for all those years. In the past I used to travel a lot. I have seen around 50 countries, i have seen beautiful places and i have done some really stupid things. In the last 15 years? Not so much. So a few month ago I told the girl i gonna leave, and told my boss I need away time. One of those proposals did not went so well...








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Thanks for the info, I do agree that Switzerland is a beautiful country. I was there a few years ago staying with a good friend in Zug near Zurich. He too has a beautiful house overlooking Zug, his next door neighbour is Kimi Raikkonen. Google Kimi's house and an aerial photo will show my mate's house.

Lovely part of the world.  Did a 12 hour first class train ride into Lucerne and then Italy and back, breath taking scenery. You are a lucky man to be living there.

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