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Gear Acquisition Syndrome



I admit I suffer from Gear Acquisition Syndrome.
Gadgets really kill me. And as I love photography and film-making, I collected a lot of gear. Most of it I do not use, but I just cant sell it...

I always try to keep the stuff that I take with me at a minimum, but it doesn't work well. At least I switched from huge SLR Bodies and Lenses to Fuji gear, it really make a difference in terms of weight and size. And the quality is excellent.

The fact that i will be travelling on a motorbike for 3 weeks makes it even more difficult for me to cut down on stuff I take with me.

So in this post I am going to show you what I am going to bring to Thailand.

Photography and Film Gear (body and lenses)
Fuji XPro2 (rangefinder style camera, leica for cheap charlies 🙂)
Fujinon XF56 1.2 (Portraits)
Fujinon XF23 1.4 (Street)
Fujinon XF18-55 2.8-4.0 (all around lens)
Apple iPhone 8plus (surprisingly good quality for videos if you do not need a shallow depth of field)
DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal (makes iPhone footage so much better, and is quite cheap)
GoPro 5
GoPro 7
Manfrotto BFree Video Tripod (small, light, good quality)
DJI Mavic Air (red) + ND Filters (the smallest drone with good quality videos)
Asus Zenbook for Video and Photo Editing (I am using DaVinci Resolve, its free and really great)
Mini Fuji Instax printer (to be able to give away picture as gifts)

I though about leaving the XF56 and the XF23 at home, but i just love the images those lenses produce too much. I also use the X-Pro for filming, the large sensor produces lovely "bokeh" footage.

What do you think? Madness? Too much gear? Something missing? What gear do you take with you?

All the best








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I wanted to do this so much while i lived in Thailand and I made my self that busy i never had the time to do it.

We moved back to the UK and my self and Puang planned on city visited with all our gear and then into Europe.

But we have changed our plans now and for the better as the little one will be with us towards the end of this year.

So now we are thinking of using our gear to take loads of shots with the baby growing up and visiting places in the UK

Im going to follow this blog with interest... 👍🏻

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when I came to Thailand TO LIVE all I brought with me was four duffel bags full of clothes, a laptop, iPhone, iPad, Luminox 3000 watch and a Canon Power Shot SX50 with 50X optical zoom. A very simple camera with one amazing feature, its incredibly powerful but compact zoom lens. No tripod and only a shoulder strap, battery charger, and a very small carrying case. 

I was a professional editor working in Hollywood and owned two Sony Cinema Pro cameras worth $150,000 each. I got to travel a lot using those cameras and I worked for a very long time so I was very burned out on shooting. But taking a simple photo on my phone is still my favorite way of expressing myself.

After I retired I did not want to be controlled by my possessions including about $15,000 worth of Ham radio gear which is so much tech your can't believe it. Much of it surplus military radios. Most of that gear is restricted in Thailand. 

So I sold EVERYTHING I owned in the USA which was a long and interesting process.

I promised myself I would not buy anymore stuff, instead i was going to have many experiences and cameras, photos and media was secondary to that. Anyway after four years of not having so much as a TV or Netflix or anything like that in Thailand I slowing started buying things again. A horrible habit.

I travel a lot all over Thailand and if it does not fit into my medium size backpack it is not going. :)


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