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  1. Police have besieged a university campus in Hong Kong occupied by protesters who have been fighting back with arrows and petrol bombs Officers have warned that they could use live ammunition if protesters do not stop attacking them using such weapons. FFS, this is supposed to be a first world police chief ? The puppets at government and police are making every mistake possible in handling the situation. The idea is to defuse the tension, not add to it .... Things seems to turn worse and worse...
  2. Amateurish.... Need to tell them about about a 3/4 or 1" hex nut in slingshot... Much more efficient.
  3. Nothing. Anyway ex was Thai, hence Budhist, so not concerned. Actual Miss is Hindu, so not concerned. Not even postcards nowadays. But I put a Christmas tree.
  4. Look at the similarities.... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-europe-50424469 "There's a danger in France of reducing democracy to a small political game, where only those who want to be elected are playing, and the people are watching," he told me. "The gilets jaunes have again put this huge majority of people at the front of the stage." " But even without changing the government's operation or agenda, the yellow vests have achieved a different political effect: a group of people who say they used to feel invisible have found a way to make their voices heard. "For me personally, nothing much has changed," Stéphanie said. "But it was a great human adventure. We rediscovered generosity, solidarity; people woke up. We found a real family"
  5. Sitting in my regular beach cantine. Now, if.one day Pattaya want to become a family resort, this are the kind of things they should look at. That, and a REAL taxi service....
  6. But democracy was born out of anarchy... And BTW, HK demos is far, far.from anarchy !
  7. Or this one when fire fighters turned their back to the Mayor and walked away during an official ceremony ...
  8. No, they wont. Otherwhile we wouldn't have a subway system, a railway system, anymore ... Open your eyes... Recently french fire fighters clashed violently with riot police . 5th Dec a major demo is planned by French railway, etc... It is called democracy.
  9. You really integrated very well in a military dictatorship...
  10. Wait, maybe Macron will cut my pension and then I will have to switch to Nirun Condo and New Plaza....😱😱 So better enjoy it now while it last !
  11. Had a chat with fav waitress in beach restaurant yesterday. Speaking about age I told her "I am still 30 in my mind" And she killed me by answering "Yes, my dad says same..." It sucks to get old.... No croissants this morning, Bintang will do. Typical expat pensioner Saturday morning !
  12. Hahaha....you would have scared them !
  13. Fully agree. The problem is very deep and goes back several decades. HKG has always been ruled by a few tycoons, owning the city and its business and de facto having a very heavy weight in politics. To put it simply, the rich dont worry...they will stay rich, the poor will stay poor, its the middle class that realizes they have little future, and none at all if they fall under Chinese rule. There is ZERO hope of ever owning a house. And even owning a 400 sg ft flat is a non reachable dream for many. Have a look at costs of rents or purchasing such a flat in HKG.
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