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  1. Thai Spice

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Is this typical American humour ?
  2. Thai Spice

    March 24 set as the national election day

    Yep, should be in politics IMO. Following all this with a smile from far away....
  3. Thai Spice

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    With bad will you can interprete and manipulate the figures the way you want. Of course electricity is not free....
  4. Thai Spice

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    W.T.F. is your problem ?
  5. Thai Spice

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Bloody hell Ray, put Mangobollocks back in the box and close the lid mate ! Let's stick to Ray .
  6. Thai Spice

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

  7. Thai Spice

    what are your best airport photos and from windows

    When working in Myanmar on a gas pipeline project the project had its own airstrip in the jungle and daily flight to Yangon. Pretty relaxed...…. The day we took those pics, the refuelling crew was "late" so the young frog jumped on the forklift to get the drums.... No fecking health and safety bothered me about working overall, helmet etc.....
  8. Thai Spice

    Pattaya Beach

    If any BM ever comes to visit Bali, South part, for the beaches, avoid the rainy season (Dec till March/April) as it is the worst time. Besides daily rains, the tides and winds blow all the garbage from the sea on the beaches and it is horrible. Yep, plenty of it is "natural", wood and bamboo, but it doesn't make it look better. https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2019/01/23/bali-beaches-closed-amid-bad-weather.html
  9. Thai Spice

    What are you doing right now..?

    Drinking breakfast tea, looking at the grey sky.... But the swimming pool is still at 25 / 26C....
  10. Thai Spice

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    @STARGAZER, Dont spoil interesting subjects by mixing politics , etc in it as it makes it boring to read. And we have already one almigthy oracle that teaches us EVERYTHING, so we maybe dont need a 2nd one. All what I post is light hearthed, just hints, a bit of information, but sure never intended to be a lesson. And if everybody does same it will keep the forum environment way more sympathic, a bit like a village place discussion on a Sunday morning . Hoping you appreciate my non native speaker efforts in this answer all while keeping it very sociable...... Good night.
  11. Thai Spice

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Yes, but what do we have in the air ? 150 / 170 ...... And we need to take in consideration not only daily peaks, but yearly accumulation as shown on the "country" tables. Not sure how they calculate those... and not interested in spending hours to search it. Those polution numbers / standards are a headache and even more as everybody is trying to twist them, use different interpretations , twist the tests etc....all this with enormous economical and industrial interests in the background. I have digged a bit in the matter in HKG and roughly everybody is happy to keep this a grey and "flexible" area.
  12. Thai Spice

    What Are You Watching On Netflix?.

    More like a planned rip off, no ? Not went in depth, but read a few articles on this thing.
  13. Thai Spice

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Governements set itself "national" limits, of course some aint daft and set limits (or "targets") so that their existing polution levels fit in or not exceed to much those limits. Hence big differences from one country to another. Note that the USA has set very generous limit for the PM10, same level as China..... WHO has a table that measures the danger for health. But it is only a informative guide line. Countries take them into account or not, or simply close their eyes. Two different things.
  14. Thai Spice

    £15m Premier Player presumed dead!

    The last minutes must have been bad. When you realize its the end. There is a thread on the subject on Pprune aviation forum.
  15. Thai Spice

    What are you doing right now..?

    Bought a few foto albums, and started sorting my old collections of pics till now stored in 40y old cookie boxes.... Amazing I kept looking handsome for more than half a century !