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  1. Another crazy theorie.... A quick google in french (after all the guy is French) will return a dozen of serious newspapers or websites saying his theorie is very doubtfull to put it politely. And a search in English will probably return the same.
  2. They're just after the Canned beans on my blacklist !
  3. Now we're speaking food ! A nice change from them fluroscent mushy peas ! 😁😁😁
  4. Not boasting. Just saying how I live it. And I'll continue as long as the fear mongerers will continue their panic creating posts. Or till I'll be banned as it is not PC to think different than the herd....
  5. Hahaha...same they try to tell me I should think and behave like them... Well, f**k that. That was valid 50 y ago, and is still now...., Edit : you can tremble and hide at home, that's YOUR choice. Simply.don't try to impose it to others.
  6. "Bodies piling up" FFS, another of those BS statements.... Concerning some people's choice to live in remote and quiete places.... well think about it ? I lived / worked in Paris/London/Cairo/Busan/BKK/SGP/HCMC/KL/HKG just to name a few.. Done all the exciting crazy live, nowadays a slow seaside resort in the tropics is what I want. Ask Code where he lived... And what the mad people do/believe elsewhere, I dont give a shit.... But what I know is very few of them have the balls to make a big move or change of life.
  7. Bro, when all this shit calms down, what about you and the little family come spend some holiday here ? Trying to have mine 3 over for Xmas.
  8. Next step was at the beach cantine... Jim Beam coke, and a plate of French fries. Watcbing the sea and listening to some music.
  9. Agreed on that. Now concerning the Orange dude, lets agree not to speak about him ! But sure all this nonsense fear is BS.
  10. Doing what I want. Now even more then ever, having the sheep herd madness.... And I dont give a shit what others think about it. Simple, easy...
  11. Having a Bintang in a Swedish cafe. Very sexy, tall legged Nordic (young) girl having a coffee but obviously she prefers the local young Balinese surfer boy style .... Well, you can't always win. Off to the beach cantine after.
  12. I know what you mean. But I have my views, and a few ideas why, but expressing them on here would see me send to the goulag (again) ...... BTW, the poor people and those from the low social.level her in Indo have the same complaints against the action / inaction of their government. The Miss was talking to a Grab driver this week, about going back to the village in Java and the guys comment was "i have a wife and 2 kids, so to travel to Java we all need to do the Covid test, total cost of the test is more than the travel cost... How can I go home ? "
  13. FFS, "put their live at risk" ...... mate, it's not like they're driving in Syria or Iraq... Hell, the waitress that served my meal at lunch today put her live at risk also ? It's time all this nonsense thinking stops.
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