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  1. Just ordered this on Amazon. Wanted to add this one also but couldn't find it at a decent price : This is the kind of books I prefer the real paper book and not the e-book version.
  2. No, I am aware of it. But there was a 30 second hesitation when I saw the picture. Not the same uniform as LOS !
  3. Good luck banning the Chinese, as they are funding the big projects....
  4. As I am a person for who environment and presentation have a importance when dinning, I like this.
  5. Strange, as you replied on a tram subject …… see post 6 https://thailand-247.com/index.php?/topic/2194-final-design-for-phuket-light-rail/&tab=comments#comment-68158 Enjoy your day off......
  6. Rolleyes.... Dont pay attention, he just trolls for the sake of it. And being bored... FFS, ANYBODY except born and living in the bush knows what a trolley bus or trolley tram is.... Guess, he hasn't discovered Google neither ?
  7. Breakfast, ..brioche... like a real HiSo ! Hahaha
  8. Dad's Viva, granddad's Viva... Bloody hell, I had a Viva....Am I that old ? 🤔🤔😪😪
  9. China's position on HKG is not new. Listen in this "vigourous" interview what the guy says about who "owns" HKG ...... Obviously he was in a bad day, and the journalist really get on his nerves ! Would be fun to see him meeting Trump ....
  10. @Jambo, not wanting to high jack your tread, but I think this belongs here rather than opening a new tread. https://www.stickmanbangkok.com/readers-submissions/2019/07/forced-out-of-thailand-by-a-visa-issue/ Now, I have a few comments / critics on the details ofthis story and his handling it, but that is not the point. Fact is again another guy with a seemingly previous clean story of visa renewal got in trouble.
  11. FFS, get back to work.....instead of boring us all on here ! Its like reading C.F. posts on Shh in the old days. Bored grumpy old man. If you want to post positively, tell us a bit about the new job, your new lodging, first impressions of being back in LOS with a job, your plans, etc.... With a few pics. NOW THAT would be positive contribution instead of your grumpy shit. Except if its all a dream as well of course.....
  12. Can you tell me when last time Aussies were killed by an earthquake in Indo ? Now by drunken driving on a bike, or ending up in jail for drugs...yep , a certain number every year.
  13. The Sihanouville "evolution" is a typical example why you should never invest too much, and always be ready to pack. In this case, I guess the first ones who saw it coming could probably sell at a decent price. Those who waited till being surrounded by Chinese had less choice, take what you get offered, or just watch your business die, go broke and leave with zilch. Story repeated again and again in "colonial" Africa. Except in Africa, many considered themselves lucky to be able to leave alive.
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