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  1. Lunch... After 2 months of "no have anymore" the local supermarket restocked pies and quiche.
  2. Somebody had another great dream last night.... Pattaya City plans to construct new subterranean bathroom facilities on Pattaya and Jomtien beaches as part of a larger project to upgrade the city’s infrastructure. https://www.pattayamail.com/thailandnews/underground-toilets-planned-for-beachgoers-264621 Lets hope they will think of surelevating the entrance by 1 or 2 meter to avoid the flooding ? Anyway...new business 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵
  3. Watched the S1 and S2 yesterday (Youtube). Interesting, although not really my thing. What I noted with many British series or movies is they are nearly always on the dark side, a lot of desperation in them, and limit depressive . Mostly happening in an underprivileged social environment. Maybe reflecting a certain actual british socio culturel society ? And the very negative inward look that most Brit have of their country ? Like views being reflected often on this forum "UK is f*cked, I'll never go back, its a shithole, a disgrace, etc...." Speaking pretty well the language, having lived there a bit, and hanged out a lot.with Brits, I think I have a rather fair understanding of this thing. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Ok mate, sorry if.my answer sounded a bit direct. But I agree, my worry every time was that you are at the mercy of.some immigration officers mood, hence I always prepared documents for.worst case scenario. In fact I also made a letter with my HKG ID, and later my Indo Kitas, to justify their travel "to visit dad"
  5. 1) Noted. But check the dates of the latest regulations..... 2) Of course, if entering LOS on a foreign psp, you're foreign tourist. But the OP question is another subject. Its about immigration letting leave the country of birth with just one parent. A similar thing existed many years ago in France. For a young child (French national) to leave the country with only one parent, an approval letter of the other parent was required. Target was to avoid Algerian / Maroccan dad to "kidnap" a kid (French psp) back to A / M without the approval of the French Mom. It was abolished many years ago. Here it is the same story, but for Thai kids with a foreign dad / mom. But what do I know, I have only 3 kids ....
  6. @grayray, Double nationality is not officially recognized in Thailand. (Same here in Indo) Of course there is a lot of "closing the eyes" but you have to be a minimum carefull....
  7. Be carefull with them Bitcoin investments in Pattaya.... https://www.stickboybkk.com/news/brit-attacks-fellow-countryman-pattaya-bar-failed-bitcoin-investment/ FFS, 50 and 60 y olds, getting in a fight for 7500 B .... Although, Russell seems to have a pretty nice house (ok, the girlfriend is another matter....)
  8. If entering on foreign passport, better exit on the same passport. If not it will leave a trace in immigration records of a foreigner who entered but never left, and may cause a problem next time you / he / she wants to enter again on that passport.
  9. Hi, Remember my kids regulary came to visit me in HKG alone ? Youngest being 16 at the time. Indeed, in theory a letter is needed, its a document signed at the amphoe, not a big deal. Note that they never were asked for it by immigration at the airport. I think it maybe depends a bit on the age of the kid (very young ?). In my case it was even a bit more complicated as the kids travelling alone I myself also needed to make an autorisation letter at the French Consulate in HKG authorizing the mother to apply for the letter in Thailand. FYI, they travelled on their Thai passport. This requirement (letter) was reactivated after some cases of surrogate kids "kidnapping", and some case of farang papa taking kids back home without the mother knowing if I remember well.
  10. Lunch at my Belgian cantine yesterday .... 329 k = 700 Thb. Bloody Stella is expensive ...... But they even have some good old Flemish / Dutch comics in their library ! Sure our Dutch BM will remember ? Todays dinner at home. Miss Indo not here, so at least I escape the cream sauce ....
  11. Done it in France 2 or 3 times. Wasn't a major problem. 60 or 90 d visa. UK seems to be more difficult?
  12. They tend to all stick to a limited area, if you avoid that zone, you avoid them. Last week, speaking with a decent Aussie (even spoke real English) his words were "dont judge Australia because of them, even we dont like them and they wouldn't dare behave in Australia like they do here"
  13. Sitting in a very quiete bar in Seminyak enjoying a beer. No loud Aussie sport on TV, thats exeptional in this area ! To our Aussie BM, seeing the average middle age Aussie women here I understand you visit Thailand.... Hell, and they all drink beer by the bottle at 11.00 am as well ...😱😱😱
  14. Hotels / Airlines offering low or reasonnable price, but it is for the basic, minimal service. All the "add ons" they can think of will be at ridiculous prices. It is a pain.
  15. All this would be too much trouble for me.... I dont want to retire in a place where I need to go through all this admin shit.
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