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  1. From what I read.in the papers here the reason is that on release he was expected to be deported back to Australia, where another jailterm was.waiting him for drug smuggling .
  2. Thai Spice

    Bangkok Nightlife Prices

    @Esco, Most young people in my field (construction) have shittier salaries than we when we were 30. I am speaking expat packages here. But even in France, the global package is now worse than before. (With the level of unemployment no need to offer big money to attract people). Young guys in finance in HKG, except for a few stars made less money then I did. But on the other hand, in a general way, they party much less than we did. Its all about the gym, an "healthy" livestyle, and drinking low calorie coke.... And all tend to fall in "love" pretty fast. But yes, concerning Thailand, the country is developping, way more oportunities for the young generation, so less girls willing to give it for cheap. I saw the same happening in South Korea. Still no way I would pay those prices, even having the money.
  3. Thai Spice

    Do you have any pets..?

    Sorry, I think you should check the meaning of "love".... From / for a dog ? FFS, I must be abnormal .....
  4. Thai Spice

    New Car: Which one? Buy or lease?

    Just for info : Before really deciding which car / model to buy, rent one similar for a few days. yeah, a bit like before deciding a L.T. gf.......
  5. Thai Spice

    Bangkok Nightlife Prices

    Exactly... people.paying crazy prices are creating inflation....
  6. Thai Spice

    Bangkok Nightlife Prices

    Not any Pattaya princess (i am being diplomatic....) is worth 6k. Not even to speak about the 260b LD..... Feck, barfine, LD, a few drinks for you and her fee 10 k ? Thats more expensive than in HKG ! No way. Not about having the money or not, just about VFM.
  7. Thai Spice

    Do you have any pets..?

    None, had several cats in the past in France when the kids were young. When leaving Thailand with the ex in 1999, we brought her 2 smalls dogs with us (similar to the ones on Black and White bottles). One died 3 years later, the other one abandonned the house short after that. No regrets. At the jungle village 4 dogs, between our house and brother next door. Good for security, but not very much appreciated by the locals (90% muslim....) But they are not allowed inside the house, security belongs outside ! How could they watch coming the burglers if sleeping in the sofa ?
  8. Thai Spice

    How quiet is town

    F.L. is the future IMO (same HKG or SGP) And dont forget that "working" via social media is freelancing.... Bali its freelancing as well (except in the low class brothels serving the locals).
  9. Thai Spice

    Sandals and socks

    No way.... Crocs and socks is not much better, specially with flashy pink or.red ones....
  10. Thai Spice

    Bar girl talk ,nudity and mongering

    Age done that to me as well. Bon, lets say it got me at 63 / 64, but TBH i still cant resist playing a little smile and charm game with the waitress in the restaurant or the cashier at the supermarket... Hence Miss Indo is keeping a very close eye on me.... Even caught me recently "hey, dont look at the young niece when you speak with me"....
  11. Thai Spice

    Bangkok Nightlife Prices

    Ja Mijnheer, I am fully aware..... And if I never have put a foot in Ozland, what I see here just confirms I was right ! But, hey, I dont give a hoot. (Well, except if my daugther brought one home...) Ok, back to topic ?
  12. Thai Spice

    Bangkok Nightlife Prices

    He meant the environment in the place.... The mood, decor, view, type of people, quality of service, etc..... Right now.....
  13. Thai Spice

    Bangkok Nightlife Prices

    God damn....you must be old and bitter ! c/f Lambiks post. Up to you ! I am off for lunch at a beach restaurant.... for the environment ! I dont give a shit a styrofoam box shit meal at 7/11 is cheaper, I just dont do that livestyle !
  14. Thai Spice

    Bangkok Nightlife Prices

    You dont pay for the beer. But mainly for the "environment". Same as if you have a drink in a 5 star hotel, its gonna be more expensive than in 7/11.... The beer is the same, the price difference is for the environment.
  15. Thai Spice

    Bangkok Nightlife Prices

    How much would it be in UK, France, US or Ozland in a bar with naked (or nearly) dancers, music and the girls available for take away ? But yes, I agree, if LOS prices are the same as HKG prices, whats the point to go there ?