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  1. One of the annoying consequences for secret services... It's making life for spies and secret agents much more complicated. https://news.yahoo.com/shattered-inside-the-secret-battle-to-save-americas-undercover-spies-in-the-digital-age-100029026.html The familiar trope of Jason Bourne movies and John le Carré novels where spies open secret safes filled with false passports and interchangeable identities is already a relic, say former officials — swept away by technological changes so profound that they're forcing the CIA to reconsider everything from how and where it recruits officers to where it trains potential agency personnel. Instead, the spread of new tools like facial recognition at border crossings and airports and widespread internet-connected surveillance cameras in major cities is wiping away in a matter of years carefully honed tradecraft that took intelligence experts decades to perfect
  2. New arrivals of the month : Renault R 4L (1964) scale 1:24. No opening elements on this one, not easy to find a R4 at 1:24 scale, and this was the only one I found. Scale 1:43 BERLIET GBK Horse transport Scale 1:43 PANHARD Movic Arriving at around 60 models now ..... Time to slow down !
  3. A short view..... There was a better D.W. docu, but is has been taken down. Or search for "China social credit system" All possible thanks to this great, new technology !
  4. After I "officially" retired from my French employer, I worked 3 years as free lance under my own Ltd Co in HK. As such I contributed monthly to the HKG MPF retirement system. When I left HKG, I proceeded to clear that pension in cash and received 100k HKD ( 12,800 USD) . Helped pretty well for my "re installation" in Bali (and celebrate my departure in Wanchai..) The process to clear the MPF IN HK is pretty easy. Took 3 weeks from starting the process to receive the cheque.
  5. Wearing a bra with a dress like that would simlly be horrible. And BTW, I cant understand all the fuss about not wearing one. It should be a rule. And it is for my partners, past, present and future. And yep, she is cute.
  6. And next step is what happens in China ....... The point is that ANY technology will at a moment be misused. Being by governments or people with bad intention. Problem is that as little I am worried about a nuclear bomb, I worry much more about this kind of technology specially when governments and authorities are pushing in that direction and that one day it will become impossible to live without it. Same as I strongly dislike the push for a cashless society. It is all nice when it is there and I CAN use it if I want, but i absolutely disagree when at a point I HAVE to use it, as there is no alternative. That is the problem.
  7. As I have said since years, good reason to NOT have any of this shit like FB, Twitter, Instagram. Same reason I download only apps that I absolutely need. Of course you're still exposed but, hey, how less data about you around how better. Just open "gallery" on your phone and click the search icone....It will allow you various option of searches : People :show you all the regular faces in your picture gallery. Expressions : all faces sorted by "Happy, neutral, dislike, suprised" etc... Handy, but scary to know it exist.....
  8. Yep, I read about that one. The way of filming, in constant motion and following the main character's voyage, is one the main points mentionned. Some loved ite, some say it's too much and make the whole watching a dizzy experience. Is on my list anyway !
  9. For 400 b they can go f*ck themselves. Otherwhile, nice T.R., even if temples are not my thing.
  10. Took ours down around 10 or 11th. A bit late, normally i do it at the end of first week of the new year.
  11. Neighbour Complains About Loud Music, Partygoers Pelt Him With Bottles https://www.stickboybkk.com/news/neighbour-complains-about-loud-music-partygoers-pelt-him-with-bottles/
  12. T.B.H., the BKK polution getting worse with the time is one of the things I worry about for my 2 kids still living there.
  13. Same. I have relatively well in 2019 (NYSE), but this is not a normal growth driven by the economics, but by the billions poured in the money market by the FED. Hence I bailed on my good winners, and stay a bit on the side now. At a certain age one need to be carefull, as you dont really have many years to wait for recovery in case it all comes down.
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