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  1. Thai Spice

    737 Max

    It also strongly suspected Boeing was a bit "liberal" in self certifying this plane. And they have a precedent in this area :
  2. Thai Spice

    737 Max

    That plane should never have been allowed to fly the next day...
  3. Well, most of the Aussies here should start learn to speak English ! I mean they speak to the locals as they would speak to a mate in an Australian pub ! I cant even be bothered anymore to speak to them. Crocodile Dundees most of them. At least he had a shirt on.....
  4. Dutch, or "Hollanders" used to be a great maritime nation. Even now they are still known for sea rescue, salvaging, dykes etc...
  5. Going to the post office to make a call.
  6. Monday I decided to leave a bit the pensioners club that is Sanur, and I headed for Kuta for lunch and a little walk around. Easily done with Bluebird taxi, cost 100 K IDR (220 b) for a 30 min ride. Had him drop me off at Discovery Mall, located near the beach (in fact in Kuta you're never far away from the beach..) Nothing special, just went around to see what kind of shops they had. Mainly fashion and souvenirs but I found a electronic shop with prices, good to know. There is a "computer center" somewhere in Kuta, I visited once. Most of the shops are run by Indians and no price indicated anywhere, so you better know the cost of what you want, if not you are guaranteed to be ripped of. A pic of the main gallery of Discovery mall main hall. Usual lay out : cheap stuff and souvenir at the ground floor, clothes shops on the 2nd fl, restaurants and game center on the 3rd. Place is of course full of mainland locusts, so 10 min was enough for me ….. Walk through the place and you arrive on the beach walk. Kites are a favorite hobby, and they come in all shapes specially for the tourists. A short walk from there is one of my favorite restaurants "The Beach walk", part of a hotel with the same name. I like the colonial style of the place, food is OK, service good. A look at the menu (add 10% tax and 5% service !) And of course all imported spirits are expensive as everywhere here. I had the shrimp / avocado salad : Lamb shank as main : Yeah, presentation was not top, but the meat was tender. And as dessert I treated myself to an Irish coffee...….. Total cost 500 k (1,100 Thb) with 1 beer and 2 glasses of rose . Not bad. After that I went for a little walk along the beach. Now from this view it looks OK But the beach walk behind the trees is the usual crap tourist trap with vendors of all sorts. I hate this kind of places, the calm of Sanur is 100 times better. This giant turtle is the entrance of a "turtle park", needless to say I am not interested. Later went on for a few beers in a bar on the main street, but I definitively lack of training and at 3pm I jumped in a taxi back home !
  7. Well Gray, I see plenty of them here every day and mmmmmmm.....let me think....Not sure it applies to them ... hahahaha
  8. @MrDK, as I mentionned on a previous occasion , arguing just for the sake of it or because you are bored is not the objective of this forum, hence I let you continue your monologue alone.... BTW, I did not even mention the technical aspect of the matter, as I am clueless in this subject, but only the "tone" of your answer.
  9. The tone of your answer, limit agressive, for after all a very simple subject ? Ha, and the fact that you question my "confused" click !
  10. Yep, I saw that yesterday. I understand Atlanta is THE big hub in the US, hence the numbers ?
  11. Never a dull moment here..... Just in the few past days. https://coconuts.co/bali/news/balis-mount-agung-erupts-alert-level-remains/ https://coconuts.co/bali/news/least-two-dead-dozens-injured-lombok-quake/
  12. In a different style this guy is good considering his age ! Still having agile fingers. Seems he was a bit famous in his days ?
  13. Unknown to me, but she is good. And looks good as well ..... And Chloé is a lovely name !
  14. Lunch at Kuta beach. Place called Beachwalk.
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