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  1. Vespas are quite popular here, and I really would love to have one. But not a good idea, although here it's less crazy than Thailand. If its too hot I wont drive it, if it rains I wont drive it, if I go to the pub or restaurant I wont take it..... so ? Taxi it is. can't even be bothered to rent a car. Forget about buying one, not worth the admin hassle.
  2. After a bread run, at the gym's bar. Ok, I am the only one having Bintang, but feck it ! A few very cute Asian girls in the gym !
  3. Halloween donuts anyone ? TS mini is doing well .....
  4. South Korea is on top of my list (after France) once this pandomenium is over. My first country and first love in Asia. 35 y ago.. 2 1/2 great years. Good I was too young to get married (32) otherwhile .....
  5. Hahahaha and me laughing..... 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  6. Ever heard of "La Toussaint" ? Or "All Saints Day" in English ? It's a long weekend in France. https://www.afrenchcollection.com/all-saints-day-la-toussaint-a-french-tradition/ As the lockdown starts from Friday, the Parisians probably decided to leave on Thursday.... as they know even under lockdown it is autorised to travel BACK home anytime later. You should know we're a bunch of very disciplined people 😁😁😁😁😁 More seriously, same happened in March / April, creating some frictions in the provinces. Same happens on every long weekend, july / august cris cross, etc..
  7. One of the explanations (you'll never know the real truth ..) was somebody picked up a detonator, deemed it useless, and threw it back on the pile ... Now, dont ask how they know that as I guess nobody close to that would have survived. Concerning explosives transportation rules, well, imagine LOS standards 30 y ago .....
  8. They used to have a board full.of that kind of pictures outside the main police station in BKK long time ago.
  9. Nope, just the usual plastic bag, not even bubble paper. But it's a second hand book, and in very decent state. For the moment I stop ordering anything, as there are no international flights shipments takes ages.
  10. I think I watched it and even downloaded it. Will check it again.
  11. Shipped from the US on 17/06, received 10 days ago.. A record !
  12. Far from being the worst one. I remember one when I lived I BKK https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1990_Bangkok_gas_explosion "The gas explosion on New Phetchaburi Road in Bangkok was a major disaster in Thailand. It took place on 24 September 1990, when a liquid petroleum gas tanker truck crashed on the expressway exit at New Phetchaburi Road, causing large explosions and fires that burned through 38 shophouses for over 24 hours. 90 people died, 121 were injured and 43 cars were destroyed, making it one of the deadliest man-made disasters in Thailand.[1]" Next bad one wa
  13. Have a look at this. It explains is a clear and easily understandable way one of the problems with the PCR tests. The Ct ......
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